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  1. How to install Addons?

    OK, first I'm a moron. The folder you need is Data > Customised Also, here you are.
  2. How to install Addons?

    Each addon should have a direct download link. The files normally just need to be extracted into the addon's folder in your TSW install folder. Alternatively, you can download the Curse client, and if you install through that, then it will install everything for you, and will also keep track of updates for you. There's advertising and stuff in it, but if you just load it up once a week/month or something, it's not that bothersome. Pretty much every significant addon also has it's own dedicated topic on the TSW official forums too, and they tend to include manual install instructions if you want to avoid the Curse client.
  3. Introduction Thread

    Insein!!! WB!
  4. [SPOILERS] Story Missions with Choices (help)

    OK. So it sounds like you've already seen what the choices are, and what the possible outcomes are at the end of Issue 11. Beyond that little explosion of colour, we don't know. We don't know what is definitively good and evil. We don't really know if there is a good or evil. We know that Gaia chose us, and we know that Gaia is opposed to the Filth/Dreamers, but then, there is a lot of evidence that perhaps Gaia is acting in it's own best interests, not that of the multiverse as a whole. We know what our factions want us to do, but not their ultimate goals (beyond the obvious rule the whole world and kill all the Templar). Several issues recently, most notably the new mission in Issue 15, indicates that we are starting to recognise that IC that our factions do not have our well being in their list of priorities, and that we are starting to act outside and against our factions desires. But so far, the only personalised consequence we know about is the result of I'm sure there will be more consequences further on, but we're not going to get any advance warning of what they will be unless there's an in-universe reason for us to know. PS: I love the fact that there is no warning about the consequences beyond what we can discern in the moment.
  5. James woke up to find the bee was crawling on his face. He tried not to jump and sat very still. He hadn’t opened his eyes yet and decided that it was probably best not to. The bee was exploring. He could feel it’s tiny legs as they crossed the surface of his skin. After a while the bee wandered into his open mouth. He tried not to spit it out and managed to keep his body from reacting. Carefully he waited. After exploring his mouth the bee got up and flew straight down the back of his throat. He coughed and spluttered. But the bee didn’t seem to be coming back up. He waited. Nothing seemed to be happening. He reached for the intercom and said “Well good news is I’ve swallowed a bee. The bad news is nothing is happening” Hmm. That’s unexpected. There is nothing to prevent the bee returning to Gaia if it chooses, and flying down your throat will simply provide additional protein. Give it some time. Unless you’re feeling discomforted? James shook his head “Not discomfort, simply confusion.” He sat trying to wait patiently but now more than ever he wanted this to be done with. He was so close. Thankfully he didn’t need to wait long. He reached out for the intercom again and suddenly a blue flame appeared on his fingertips. He looked at it and smiled. He stood up and pushed the chair to one side and began to experiment with the flame. Turning it off and back on again, transferring it from hand to hand. Just as he was getting used to it he felt a sudden blast of energy flow through his body, lifting him off the ground slightly. It was difficult to describe, the closest he could do was say it felt like being drenched in sun but only if the sun had an end goal and was reaching places the sun never got to see, like the insides of his body. He fell to floor and reached for the intercom, “I think we have contact” James said slightly out of breath. Well about time. Auroris smiled I was starting to arrange the supplies for a coma. You will be staying here under medical observation for a minimum of a week to assess for subsequent side-effects, such as the previously mentioned insanity and psychosis, but assuming you clear out, you can go home in a week. I’ll leave it to you to decide how to break the news to your husband. James laughed. “He’ll just be pleased that I’m not dead. Besides a week in the grand scheme of things is not so bad” He looked at Auroris “As long as I can practice those techniques I’ve been studying I should be ok. I trust you don’t need to keep me in this device for the whole week?” That won’t be necessary, no. Merely in the facility. Obviously you’ll need to maintain a detailed self-analysis the entire time, as well as for several months afterwards, at the least. “I suspect that Kyle will be doing enough analysis for the both of us. However I will keep an eye on things” He smiled. “Right now though I could do with some sleep, this has all been oddly tiring” Hardly surprising. Enjoy your sleep.
  6. So, now that those are done, we’re both going to spend a day going over every bit of data collected so far, and I’ll explain what’s going to happen in the final process. Any questions? So far makes perfect sense. Is there anything specific we are looking for? Anything that might indicate any form of adverse reaction to the higher doses of anima. It may be nothing, but everything needs to be considered. James nodded and started looking through the data. “As far I can see only the initial dose caused issues. Since then it has been relatively smooth sailing.” That agrees with my observations too, however we will check everything again anyway, to be certain. James smiled. “Through. Given that it's my life on the line it's also appreciated.” He returned to the data. Well then, shall we get started. --- After hours of sifting through data they found no additional data. James smiled. “Well I think we've exhausted all possibilities” he said. “Short from actually doing the experiment” I believe so. Very well. The final step will be to try and add the bee. I believe the fundamental problem with the Council’s original work was that they tried to force the bee on their subject. For this to work, the bee itself has to be willing, even if the host isn’t. The aim of this experiment is to suffuse you so completely with anima that when we introduce a bee into the chamber, they will see you as a natural destination. It’s not so much giving you a bee as it is making you an attractive prospect for colonisation. Obviously as a result of that little inconvenience of choice, I can’t make any guarantee that it will work, but I believe this to be the best choice that will not include adverse side-effects such as insanity. James nodded. “Insanity is not an ideal scenario, although we don’t know for sure that the insanity in the previous subject was as a direct result of the bee.” He thought for a moment. “Not to mention the fact that they clearly did not want a bee inside them. But I digress. This sounds like an ideal plan. It will probably be more effective if it’s not forced.” He stood up from the table. “So lets get started shall we” What a wonderful suggestion. I have no real idea how long this phase will take, so I’m going to leave you in there with a supply of food and water until you indicate you’re ready to come out. James chuckled “Exactly what kind of indicators am I looking for?” he looked over to Auroris “I mean I doubt I’ll suddenly be shooting blood magic from my wrists, not that I haven’t studied to get a head start” If Gaia decides to colonise you, then I promise you’ll know all about it. I was less than 2 when it happened to me, so my memories are somewhat unclear, however I’ve studied extensive first-hand accounts, as well as making arrangements to actually view the process a few times. You’ll know. “That is not as reassuring as you think it is. A little heads up would be nice.” He shrugged “Still I suppose some of the mystery needs to remain” He stepped into the chamber and sat down. “This is going to be interesting” Yes, I’m rather interested to see what happens myself. I’ll be here the whole time if circumstances require my intervention. “Yes, please do not hesitate to intervene if it means preventing my death” James laughed. Actual death is quite low on my list of likely side-effects. Gaia-inflicted insanity or a possible self-maiming is a lot more likely, I suspect. “Actual death is not a side effect Auroris…” James said simply. “I would like to avoid all side effects if possible.” It is if the procedure is otherwise successful. Anyway, are we going to get started? James rolled his eyes. “Shall we just get this started before your talk me out of this with all the side effects?” You are legally required to have been informed of them all before we started. You did sign the declaration form listing them, so I assume that if you were going to get talked out of this, it would have happened some time ago. “I wonder about you at times. Were you dropped on your head much as a child? Don’t answer that. Just get the process started” Auroris raised an eyebrow, shut the chamber and started the process, before going to find a book to read. --- Hours seemed to pass, aside from getting peckish nothing appeared to be happening. James began to fidget. He was so close… The bee had been flying about for a little while now, stubbornly sitting on the ceiling of the device taunting him. He sighed. “Am I supposed to be asleep for this?” He asked Auroris over the intercom “Because everything I’ve seen suggests it happens when asleep. The bee seems interested, as much as you can judge the behaviour of a bee, but it seems to be waiting for something…” He continued “Any ideas?” It’s probable, yes. Bees are not predators, and every previous record would indicate that the host was asleep at the time, with a couple of exceptions, but they were in comas at the time. Hmm. If this doesn’t work, we could try a medically induced coma, and see if that works. “Oh fun, a medically induced coma. I am glad Kyle is not around for this” James replied dryly “Lets give it a little more time and see how it goes. I’m not a fan of comas” Most people aren’t, for some obscure reason. Lets go of the intercom James sighed. “Well there’s not much more I can do but wait.” He sat watching the bee. “Do I really have to fall asleep? That’s very impersonal, besides I’m inviting you in…” The bee just stared at him and flapped its wings. A few more hours passed. James was getting tired now and yawning every few minutes. Eventually after a while he said “Fine, you get your way. I’m going to take a nap, happy now?” He closed his eyes and very quickly was asleep.
  7. [Auroris] Indeed. Work can progress much faster now. The next step will be to expose you to a significantly higher dose of Anima than previously, to acclimatise your body to the levels, and to ensure there will be no side-effects. Unless you have any specific objections, I want you to spend 8 hours a day there for the next 3 days. Happily for you, there shouldn’t be an issue with taking something to do, though the shielding will prevent you from getting an internet connection. [James] “Thankfully I don't always need to be online” James smiled. “More Anima. Makes sense. It is probably just as well Kyle is not around to witness any side effects” He stood up. “So when do we start?” Well, assuming you want to at least try and approximate a normal working day, I would suggest you get settled in this afternoon, then we begin tomorrow. I’ve made arrangements for some fully self-contained living quarters. They may not be quite up to your normal standards, but they should suffice. You'd be surprised at some of the conditions I've endured. A models life does not pay the bills. Or at least not when I was at university. Lead the way. Very well. Your quarters are this way.
  8. Work can be arranged. There is always paperwork.
  9. Build requests

    By all means. I can't promise that I'll be able to help very helpfully, but we can certainly try between us.
  10. Build requests

    It's still active. Slowly. For a build to solo the dungeons, you primarily need a leech healing build. Aggro isn't an issue, because nobody is there to compete with you. I don't know specifically what you could use, but try http://www.tswdb.com/builds. You'll be needing an Assault Rifle, at minimum. For group runs, you'll still want to be looking at that list. If it's gonna be just the two of you, then off the top of my head, you would need one person to healtank it, which is Assault Rifle again, and one on buff DPS. Alternatively, you could split the DPS, with one glass cannon tank, and one leech healer. Again, I can't suggest any specific builds, because I've not actually changed a build in about 2 years, but those are the approximate archetypes you want.
  11. Initial tests should now be complete. I will need to review the data, to calibrate the precise rate of anima infusions. That will probably take about a day. Then we can begin properly.
  12. Auroris watched the feeds from the data. There was nothing unusual about the results this time, and Armstrong did not seem to be in any detectable levels of discomfort. The faraday cage seemed to be working. He allowed the program to run it's full course, some 325 minutes, before ending the program and returning to the room.
  13. Spectacular idea. James sat down in the chair, and Auroris closed the seal. He activated the program, and left the room.
  14. More or less the same as last time. I've made adjustments to the chamber to block out any external magical influences, so we will watch to see what happens this time.
  15. Concerned is not the word I would use. It's entirely possible it was a natural reaction. If external magical influences are a factor though, it needs to be eliminated. Doing that sooner rather than later is the most sensible course of action. Now, shall we get started?