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  1. Thank you for your valuable contribution honey.
  2. Thanks for the in-depth report, Kyle! Good job!
  3. Thank you Hreb, that is a pretty solid report actually. And don't worry, you did great tonight, and as you pointed out yourself you made a lot of contributions otherwise. We need all kinds of people on this team. We'd love to work together with you more in the future.
  4. Make that fifty drinks and I'm in. I have to talk to CoV and Board Members first though. And then file all the paperwork for tonight's mission. All the fun stuff in life. If you're bored you can always help me out.
  5. Honey, I asked you for a short introduction... not a whole essay.
  6. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you guys. Don't worry too much about this. Since it'll be the first Sanctuary mission for a lot of you, we'll go easy on you. It should be a relatively quick and stress-free mission. See you all on saturday!
  7. Introduction Thread

    I'm really glad to have you here James!
  8. Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the team, Kuro!
  9. Introduction Thread

    That'll do. Could use a few pictures though.
  10. Introduction Thread

    Well that doesn't really count as an introduction does it? You are the famous Chloe Edwards, one of the smartest minds in the world. Give them a little bit more to go on. Don't tell them about Budapest though. That'd be a bad idea. Anyway... hi guys!
  11. Hello everyone, My name is Evelyne Ryan, and I want to welcome all of you to the Sanctuary Initiative. Sanctuary has been a place of refuge in the Secret World for several years now, and with the Sanctuary Initiative we are taking things to a whole next level. With permission of the Council of Venice, we’ve created an independent ‘think tank’ that all Sanctuary members can join, regardless of which cabal you’ve pledged allegiance to. Together with the other members of the Initiative, you will work together to make Sanctuary and the Secret World a better place, by participating in a variety of events and activities. The Initiative will also host several training programs and exercises that all of our members can attend for free. In order to sign up for the Sanctuary Initiative, you can send me a personal message with the following information: Required: Forum Name Nickname Cabal/Society Optional: Twitter Email More information about the events and activities hosted by the Sanctuary Imitative will become available soon. Have a nice day, Evelyne Ryan