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  1. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    Pony of Destruction
  2. Vanica's IC Blog

    Another great post.
  3. Vanica's IC Blog

    It was great, realy enjoyed it.
  4. Vanica's IC Blog

    Cooooll -sound fades in the distance as he runs off to read-
  5. The Secret World: Ultimate Edition

    Realy like the outfit, but all ready have all the content, so will be waiting untill I can finish the ability wheel and be satisfied with that outfit instead.
  6. Sword/Ele build

    Hey everyone just a fun build I came up with to show some oni how annoying it is to have your target disappear in front of you. My thanks to Ciritty for the helpfull suggestions to improve it. Actives 1. martial discipline 2. Forking paths 3. clearing the path 4. Blaze 5. flicker 6. spiral of death (changed from surging blades at Ciritty's sugestion) 7. Molten earth Passives 1. double dash 2. regeneration 3. blood sport 4. iron maiden 5. immortal spirit ( changed from circulation at Ciritty's suggestion) 6. sudden return 7. gross anatomy Right now i am useing Dragon's breath and searing magnesium as my aux. So far haveing no issues in Tokyo. I am in mostly 10.1 dps gear with a health head piece. Helpful suggestions are all ways welcome.
  7. Vanica's IC Blog

    Very interesting, I enjoyed everything so far. All I can say is more please.
  8. The 5 Hour Game

    I am a diehard Firefly fan.
  9. Did some elite dungeons with Jennet and her pals, it was awesomely fun and just overall a great time. :) Looking forward to more TSW dungeons now.

  10. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    Auroris and Camazots thank you both for the offers when I get one of the dps dungeon bulds complete will definatly take you up on it.
  11. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    and two zombies
  12. Keepers of Solomon

    When will you be active? And are you looking for members yet?
  13. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    A TSW moment. I still remember the first time my wife and I set foot inside of a TSW dungeon for the first time. It was over a year ago when we had just started playing TSW off and on and we had just gotten our characters to QL10. Both of us were using the premade decks from the ability wheel screen, and we had been in mind set for awhile that we soloed everything with just the two of us in MMO's simply because of bad dungeon experiences in other games. So we do not do dungeons in MMO's unless we can do them duo by being over geared or over leveled. Anyway we took our shiny new QL10 greens into Polaris, and at first it seemed doable we made it past the first two bosses with only one death, the second fight got us with the adds. Then we went up against the big crab guy and he thoroughly kicked our *** until we finally gave it up. Neither of us has set foot in a dungeon since. I have recently been watching the Otterdown stream, and the way they are in dungeons has gotten me to start to reconsider dungeons in TSW. Maybe it is time I give dungeons another chance with a group.
  14. Someone should make a guide "Why blades is a cheating easymode weapon" :P

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    2. KierDrakeson


      Do you use the movement keys or the mouse for movment? I use the mouse because for me I can trigger the skills better/faster with my left hand and move with the mouse useing my right hand.

    3. Pclav


      I use keyboard only.

      RIght hand on arrow keys, left hand for strafe and 1-3 abils. 4 and 8 are redefined to r and f. I usually launch my attacks in a sequence, so i very often stop to do 5-6-7 in a row or if in a more tanky survival build 5-6 or 7 while strafe kiting.  

    4. Ciritty


      Someone should make a guide "Why blades is a cheating easymode weapon"

      Most of my guides on TSWDB use blade for that reason :P People that need help I'd always recommend using blade to - :D