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  1. Did some elite dungeons with Jennet and her pals, it was awesomely fun and just overall a great time. :) Looking forward to more TSW dungeons now.

  2. -points at pic-  Newish Templar having a weapon identity crises in Kingsmouth.

  3. Yay Me!!!!!! I figured out how to set a forum profile pic! :P


    1. Ciritty


      Needs more ponies!

    2. KierDrakeson


      lol well I will see what I can do, maybe they will add horse mounts in game, or do iron ponnies count?


  4. My wife and I finished issue 11 last night on our Temps. She was gold and I was blue lol. Great issue.

    1. camazotz


      :D congrats to you both then!

    2. KierDrakeson


      Thank you. lol we managed it with skill 3 agies and our highest controler being ql 1.2 or 1.3


  5. After an all nighter, got my Dragon to tokyo. Now after I wake up from passing out will go and do all the misions I skipped past and use the xp to level up my agies skills.


  6. Got my Dragon to besieged farmlands. :)


  7. -grins- My Dragon is heading to scorched desert. He took the gift. >.>

  8. :) Decided on another option, my namesake Dragon, time to get him off Soloman Island.

  9. Trying to decide if I want to play around on my lummie in Tokyo, my dragon in egypt or make another templar to play.

  10. Official forums are getting me down, so hiding in the Sanctuary for a while.

    1. camazotz


      Stay a while.....stay forever


    2. KierDrakeson


      probally will, just alot of back and forth over issue 11 and group content over there right now, and of course the doom and gloomers are out about how the game is going to fail. just only so much I can read before its ok lets go somewhere happier, like the asyl.....Sanctuary.