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  1. So, I started writing down Achievements for the DB And wondered if it wouldn't be useful to have them arranged in their categories on the site (like in the achievement window ingame). e.g. Global Regional >Solomon Island >Valley of the Sun God >Transylvania >Tokyo Exploration >Solomon Island >Valley of the Sun God >Transylvania >Tokyo >Hubs >General ...etc
  2. Hey everyone Just starting out with this, so please bear with me if I'm missing 'obvious' things... :3 I've been trying to insert pictures into hint/spoiler Textboxes, which only results in them being scaled with the box, which looks...bad. really bad. Is there a possibility to refrain pictures from scaling with the box? I tried random things like setting the width/height, percentages,....but I guess the div overrides that kind of things. I was also wondering if there's a possibility of opposing two texts, textboxes or similar. alinged left side: "XYZ" - aligned right side: "ABC" (using a table maybe?)