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  1. Build requests

    Ok, sorry for taking so long. I don't use pistol much, except if I have to DABS in dungeon, so it took a little messing around with. Let me know if this doesn't work for you. I tested it in the NM area in CF, but I had a couple of Issue purples. The rest of my gear was QL10 blue. By the way, if you're using big AoE's, I would suggest not using them in the monastery in CF unless you can handle 10 or so NM Deathless at once. Those guys are packed pretty close together. I had a friend point out to me that the best builder for Pistol is something that isn't Pistol (in other words, something that builds resources in general instead of on a specific mob.) This has Bloodsport in it as an afflict toggle. If you Pen a good bit, and you want to replace it with Third Degree, that also works. Bloodsport is primarily there to proc Iron Maiden, which improves your Pen chance. You may find there's too much healing in this build. If you stop having trouble and want to do more damage, you can replace one of the healing passives with Sudden Return or One in the Chamber. My default panic button is Turn the Tables, simply because it's so easy to get. If you're in a group, you might want Win-Win instead. This uses a good bit of Hinder, so you might not have to run around quite as much. Just be careful about the AoE's. You did say you wanted a lot of AoE, right? Uh..."Hot Lead"?: Actives: Wildfire (replace with Arc Flash if you like Chain better than TAoE, or Ignite if you want single target) Set 'Em Up Shootout Shake and Bake Coldwave Turn the Tables Molten Earth Passives: Bloodsport (Third Degree if you Pen often enough) Iron Maiden Immortal Spirit * Elemental Force Critical Control Advantage Me * Live Wire * replace one with something like One in the Chamber or Sudden Return if you find you have too much healing. This should give you some HoT's as you're fighting, and a Panic Button if you need it. Coldwave is a good "I need them to stop following me for a minute" hit. You'll have 3 hinders, a passive that increases crit chance when you hit a hindered target, and an AoE that gives you more resources if you hit a hindered target. You have one HoT when you crit and another when you Pen, and an extra damage ability when you crit. If you don't mind sacrificing the extra damage with Live Wire, you can always swap it for Running Circles. If you do that, you'd probably be better off getting rid of one of the HoT's for Double Dash so that Shake and Bake is up twice as fast. I tried to make this a relatively simple and extremely high survival build. Like I said, though, I don't use pistol that often anymore, so if you have trouble with this, let me know, and I'll see if I can come up with something else for you. I have used Ele/Rifle, although I mostly solo with Chaos/Rifle now.
  2. Gamer Food

    I've been debating adding to these, mostly since my family and friends have general terminology like "some", "a little bit", and "just a pinch." This makes showing people how to make things much easier than writing it down. However, since there are several yummy recipes here that are along the "taco" theme, and since my roommates (who were Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban) showed me how to make some really good food when I was an undergrad, I thought I'd pass it along. Hopefully this will be understandable enough. Note: There are a lot of recipes that say to cook "to taste." I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not tasting something while it's scalding hot, so I cook "to smell." I've found that, since smell and taste are so closely linked, if it smells right, it will probably taste right. So cook these "to smell." Yes, this still means you'll probably have to try it a couple of times before you have it exactly the way you want. Further note: Some people who cook for a living and people that write recipes professionally do something that they call "sauté." My family refers to this as "browning." Basically, this means putting the meat (usually ground beef or chopped chicken) in a frying pan with a little bit of vegetable (or olive, depending on the recipe) oil and cooking it until it's cooked all the way through, which turns it brown (light golden brown in the case of the chicken.) If it's brown before you start, don't cook it. Get rid of it. You've had it in your fridge too long. (Ground beef can get a bit brownish if exposed to oxygen, so you have to play that one by ear, but if it's really brown, it's probably too old.) Chicken quesadillas (not spicy, but high cholesterol) Required cookware and utensils: A large frying pan (non-stick is easier) Another pan (can be frying, can be sauce, as long as you can fit what you need to in it and stir it so it all gets cooked) Paring or similar knife cheese slicer (or you can use the knife, but a slicer is easier) Chopping board Something to lay the chopped food on spatula (or something like that to turn over the tortillas) spoon or other utensil to stir vegetables while cooking Ingredients: 1 - 2 lbs. chicken breasts or chicken fingers or tenders (leaner is better, because it requires less trimming) a couple of medium-sized bell peppers (I use green, but some people like yellow or red) a couple of medium-sized tomatoes (Get fresh garden ones if you can) a small white or yellow onion (You'll probably only use half of it) or onion powder as a substitute about 1 lb. block of Monterey Jack cheese Adobo (I use the Goya variety with the green or blue lid) 1 package really large tortillas (the kind you find in the refrigerated section is best) spreadable butter (or butter substitute if you must, because this is high cholesterol) vegetable oil Directions: Chop up peppers into small (1 inchish) pieces, making sure to remove the inner part with the seeds (and the stem, but hopefully you already knew that.) Chop up about half the onion, unless you're substituting powder. Put vegetable oil in second pan (not large frying pan.) Add peppers and onions (if you're using them.) Cook on medium-low to medium heat until the oil is absorbed and the vegetables are a bit soft, stirring occasionally so they don't burn. While they're cooking, chop chicken into 1 inchish pieces, trimming excess fat as you do it. Set aside for the moment. Also chop up tomatoes into (you guessed it) about 1 inchish pieces. Set aside. Slice cheese. Also set aside. When vegetables are soft enough, add chicken. Coat chicken liberally with Adobo (this is the "to smell" bit - if it smells like there's enough Adobo, there's enough Adobo.) Add onion powder if you're substituting it for onion. Brown chicken. Stir as it's cooking, to avoid burning it. Make sure it's cooked all the way through, because salmonella is bad. Note: These are best if eaten right after they're made, so if you're only using some of it and saving some for later, put the portion you aren't going to use in containers at this point. Put a little butter in frying pan and heat on medium low heat until melted. Butter one side of tortilla. Place in pan. Add mixed chicken and veggies, tomatoes, and a few slices of cheese. Make sure to only put them on half of the tortilla. After it's been cooking long enough that the tortilla is soft (which doesn't take long), use spatula to close tortilla. Cook until bottom side is golden brown and crispy. Turn over tortilla and repeat until the other side is also golden brown and crispy. The cheese should be melted by this point. You may have to repeat turning the tortilla over a couple of times. Repeat this for each quesadilla you're making. Serve as soon as you're finished, so they stay nice and crispy. If you tend to overstuff them, like I do, this makes about 8 extremely filling quesadillas, but mileage may vary.
  3. Build requests

    Hmm...I'm not really a theory-crafter, but I've been trying to test out builds after the meta changes in 15.5, so I'll help out if I can. A couple of questions first: Is this for Tokyo or no? Aegis changes things a bit. Also, do you want an AoE focused build, solo focused, or a bit of both? In the meantime, have you tried Railgun? http://www.tswdb.com/builds/solo/railgun There's also an interesting build by StoneColdDrunk halfway through this reddit thread (which also explains why hinders and impairs are bad in dungeons): https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSecretWorld/comments/41t8k7/elementalpistol_solo_build_where_to_go_beyond_the/ Here's a direct link to that build in tsw-builder: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#86v800672802606631831813p612210830730662834236 If you have trouble with running around while fighting and want to stay still a bit more, or have any other specifics you need, let me know. It might take a bit for me to get back to you, since the semester's starting, but I've been playing around with the old builds a bit, trying to take advantage of some of the changes in elites. Some of the revamped elites really work better in a group setting, though, or in longer fights.
  4. A lot of you may already know this, but just in case you don't...Xbox Live can be eeeevil. Assuming you don't use it to record or stream or anything (which I know you don't, because we all have lots and lots of other ways to do this), open your Xbox app and click on the Settings (gear) icon. Now go to GameDVR and turn it off. This should give you back a couple of fps.
  5. Adjusting Window Size

    This is way late, but...I had to change things in my video settings rather than in the game settings to get side-by-side the way I wanted it. However, you can also change your font size in game. Check out this thread: https://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?41533-Step-by-Step-for-increasing-font-size Hopefully if you follow that, it will help you out.
  6. TSW Database Build Submissions

    Here's the Chaos/Rifle build I've been playing with for solo survival. It's based around QL10.1ish stats. Uh...I hadn't thought about a name, so... "Discordant Lead"? : VDM%-%7094276%-%7094274%-%6377845%-%6806479%-%7094285%-%7494903%-%7094277%-%undefined%-%7094290%-%6942580%-%6943080%-%7080607%-%7080605%-%6307518%-%6863509%-%undefined Link: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#95v550552900920535g02546p530332421143141612636 Actives: Run Rampant * Consequence Safety Off Three Round Burst * Discord Rising Turn the Tables * Eye of Pandemonium Passives: Breakdown Bloodsport * Iron Maiden Fortunate Strike * Elemental Force Sudden Return Live Wire * replace situationally as needed If you need AoE, you can replace Run Rampant with Escalation. For more healing than Turn the Tables, replace Fortunate Strike with Circulation. For even more healing, replace Three Round Burst with Transfuse Anima. For more damage, replace Turn the Tables with Amor Fati. I do priorities rather than rotations, so.... Use Discord Rising and Chaos hits to get Exposed to 10 stacks as quickly as possible. Try to keep it there. Bloodsport should ensure that Afflict is toggled the entire fight, as long as you don't glance. It's not there for damage. If you pen constantly, you might want to change that out for Third Degree, but that's up to you. After using Eye of Pandemonium, you'll apply "Vulnerability to Ranged." Take advantage of that to use your Rifle abilities. Use healing and buffs as needed. And thanks @Daedalus7 for correcting that. Bad copy me. Too many windows open at once.
  7. TSW Database Build Submissions

    Before I forget again, here are a couple of the builds we've come up with in the build testing (post update 15.5) thread (and hopefully we aren't copying any older builds, because at this point there are so many out there in different places that it's hard to tell): This one is by @Daedalus7. It was originally inspired by Claretta's Pistol/Ele build. Pistol/Blade (As he didn't name it, and someone was asking for a "Deadpool" build the other day in Sanctuary chat, let's call it...Maximum Effort? 'Cuz, you know, we don't want sued or anything.) VDM%-%6942474%-%5780017%-%5780051%-%6942465%-%6453670%-%6452081%-%7080574%-%undefined%-%7094290%-%6943091%-%6943080%-%7080613%-%5777459%-%6307518%-%6942479%-%undefined Link: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#18v831106104820802813135p530432421155110612836 This is a solo survival build that should take you up to and through Tokyo, and can be easily changed to add group support. It requires 638 AP with Dancing Blade, and 675 if you replace it with Chop Shop. "Maximum Effort": Actives: Stunning Swirl Dancing Blade (can replace with Chop Shop) Hair Trigger Shootout Shake and Bake * Deadly Aim * Steel Echo * * optionally can be replaced Passives: Breakdown Third Degree Iron Maiden Finish the Movement Immortal Spirit Elemental Force Seal the Deal This build is assuming QL10 purple, although it might work for QL10 blues. It's designed to be relatively beginner friendly, and easy to customize for different situations. Only the first 4 actives are mandatory for the build to work, so if you need more AOE, try swapping in Surging Blades and Trial By Swords with a couple of the optional actives. If you need more on-demand healing and defense, try swapping in Martial Discipline, possibly with the Regeneration passive. If you need cleanses, try swapping in Win-Win, and if you need more backup/group support, you can swap one of the optional actives for Backup Drone. Rotation: SS (applies "Vulnerable to Ranged") -> DB -> HT x 3 ->So -> DB -> HT x 3 -> So -> repeat from beginning. Use other abilities as needed.
  8. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    Back at you You made some great suggestions. I think you're right about Live Wire scaling with crit. I've been using a primarily Pen build, and now I'm switching to a more even distribution between Crit and Pen. It definitely makes a big difference. And, of course, if you can do both on the same hit.... Grats on finding The Parasite Configuration. Haven't found that one yet. Increasing dps is decreasing need for heals, though, so that's a good thing also. I've been told if you have WC, that's enough crit power and you can just worry about hit/crit/pen, but I'm not in a position to be sure. Anyway, I'll post here (and eventually in builds) if I figure anything else out.
  9. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    @Daedalus7 - Do you mind if I post the builds we come up with in the Build database thread (I'll credit you for yours, or you can post it yourself if you prefer)? I think so far we have your Pistol/Blade and my Ele/Rifle (and Rifle/Ele, depending) and Chaos/Rifle. I'm still looking into Hammer, Fist, and Blood builds.
  10. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    Ok, right now I'm using the following: Solo survival AoE Need more heals Just dps Run Rampant Escalation Consequence Safety Off Three Round Burst Transfuse Anima Discord Rising Turn the Tables Amor Fati Eye of Pandemonium Passives: Breakdown Bloodsport Iron Maiden Fortunate Strike Circulation Elemental Force Sudden Return Live Wire I did find out that Escalation will work fast enough for things like the Unbound fight. Still reglyphing, so my stats aren't where I want, but it gives me decent dps and survival, whether in Tokyo or elsewhere. I'm thinking that for group dps (dungeon), one of the builders could be replaced, so I'm still thinking about that one. If using the vulnerability, it would go back and forth between using Rifle while vulnerability is up and Chaos when it isn't (to get 10 stacks of Exposed.) This was actually the fastest Unbound fight I've had, once I swapped in Escalation. For once, he didn't get to go through his whole routine. Chaos is frequently used for tank builds, so I'm working on a leech tank (for duo, I'm not ambitious enough to try to leech tank for a group) variation with my duo character. He really, really needs better gear for that, though. Oy. Too many stats to build up. If I ever get that one working, I'll post it. Note: Chaos may be magic, but it's close range, so be prepared to circle strafe and dodge AoE's. Rifle is nice for when you have to back up.
  11. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    Heh, Chaos/Rifle is better than Blade/Rifle. Blade appears to work better with Pistol now for dps than with Rifle. Hammer/Rifle, on the other hand, isn't bad.
  12. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    Yeah, I think the comment I keep seeing is that instead of every top dps build using Elemental Force, now there are going to be the same 7 passives in all of them. The thing there is, though, that that's for the people that have 10.9.5 gear and all the right purple signets and level 5 augments. There's also the problem of relying on manifestations for high dps, which is bad if you're in a situation where the mob will move out of it, or if you have frame rate issues with too many effects, or if it takes you too long to place ground targets (like me - I hate manis, apart from Ice, which is nice for the frozen effect). Pistol/Blade does look good. I've also heard about Hammer working well with a couple of things. Apparently Molten Steel is even better now, so that's something to look into. The biggest complaint I've seen with that is that it's boring, because you end up spamming your builder. It looks like, in general, having something close range that applies Exposed (Chaos, Blade, or Hammer) with something longer range is a good way to go, and if you can use an elite that gives you vulnerability for your second weapon, it's going to be even better. As for the Afflict stuff...I'll admit I just like afflict builds. Lots of procs. Hinder and impair are good, but I've found there are some places you have to avoid them, so it's good to be able to turn that off if necessary. I haven't seen any "Don't afflict" mobs yet, fortunately. I forgot that I was soloing, so I can use abilities that have increased hate. I'm a goof. Escalation is fine. My basic Chaos/Rifle is single target, but I can swap in Escalation for multiples. I'll post it later today. Still testing, so it might change a bit, but so far, so good. I have a version for solo/survival, one for "I'm not getting hit, so I don't need heals at all", and one that's a bit more leechy. I might add one that's a bit more tanky as well, but I'd need to change gear around a little for that. Mighty Cthulhu hits hard. It looks like we're going to end up with a couple of decent mid-level dps builds, anyway. With so many people focused on endgame dps, it's nice to have a few for those of us that aren't quite there yet. Also, I think we're getting the basic rules of how to make a dps build decent, so if people want a different weapon combo, maybe that'll help. I was also thinking of taking your basic Blade/Pistol build and swapping in a couple Rifle abilities instead of pistol with my duo main. I was already using Blade/Rifle with him, so it wouldn't be too bad to go back to. I just need to talk hubby into playing again, so I can test it out as a duo build. My suspicions are that it will work, but I have to check.
  13. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    Unbound. The Unbound fight. Argh. I swapped in Flamethrower for Dragon's Breath as well. That should help.
  14. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    I like Shellshocker, and I use it in my Shotty/Rifle build, but I was thinking of situations where I need a lot of repeated fast AoE, like in the Undaunted fight. Single kills go well on the adds at the beginning, where there aren't as many, but later you need fast repeated AoE, since the adds spawn a couple of times, you need to move around, and the platform is catching fire. I also like fast AoE for some parts of Tokyo, although it doesn't matter for all of it. Conditional Force is a possibility. I'll have to give that a shot. Thanks for suggesting it. I still need to bring my crit up to balance out my pen. I was doing a high pen build before the changes. I really want glyph solvent now, so I can remove glyphs and swap them to other talis. They have that for signets, but not glyphs. Oh, well. I'm going to be farming bullion like everyone else. PL-VD is definitely an issue if you have any latency. You pretty much have to get it to go off at 8+ stacks to get good value for it. When the mob was exposed (during the golem fights, or lair bosses, for instance), even with 10.2 - 10.3 gear and nobody else's buffs (no SF or anything like that), I was getting 25k+ crits with it, and lots of nice afflict procs to go with it. I know the people with 10.9.5 get much, much higher. It's definitely one of those things that you have to hit at just the right time to make work, though, and you have to watch to make sure you don't move out of range, so it's harder to use in fights where you have to be more mobile. It feels much better for big group (like world boss) or dungeon/raid fights, and not as good for survival. Chaos/Rifle is great for the Expose. I'm easily getting 10 stacks for the majority of the fight. Add that to Afflict procs, multi-hit, and crit/pen, and it does some nice damage. I have to try it with a bit more leech to see how that goes, but so far it's pretty sweet for damage. If I can't stay still, it easily puts out higher dps than my Ele/Rifle build. If you want, I'll post what I have once I've got it a bit more defined. I'm still playing around with a few abilities.
  15. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    @Daedalus7 Hey - do you mind checking something out for me? I need to find a decent AoE skill to throw in for Ele/Rifle (or Rifle/Ele) and one for Chaos/Rifle in situations where I need to kill multiples quickly. In both cases, I'm trying to avoid anything where the mobs will move out of the AoE (which is a problem with a lot of Chaos consumers and Ele manis and chain skills), and anything that draws excessive aggro (like Escalation.) Right now, I'm doing the Wheel of Knives instead of Run Rampant thing for Chaos, and Wildfire instead of Bolt for Ele, but there has to be a better way. If you can think of anything that does better damage, that'd be great. Builders are good, but consumers work if I can use them fast. I'm still really liking Chaos/Rifle, especially since dps is good with Exposed, Leech is possible, and Chaos can be a good tank weapon, so it might even be a good leechtank setup once I finally get everything re-glyphed and upgraded. (Mind you, I don't leechtank dungeons with a group. I'm using that to try to solo/duo the lower level dungeons. Sure, I don't need to since the Sanctuary folks have been cool and I've actually grouped with people for a few things, but I'm just stubborn that way. I will get revenge on Mighty Cthulhu. I will.) I still need to check out the Vulnerability to Melee stuff, since the damage increase is higher than Magic or Ranged. Also, from what has been said in the official forums, vulnerabilities are applied to proc skills based upon the weapon tree they're from, not the weapon you're using, which is interesting. Since several of the nice procs (like Live Wire) are magic, that makes Vulnerability to Magic a bit better than it would be.