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  1. *****FIRST OFF - I AM ASKING FOR SPOILER INFO, IF YOU DON"T WANT TO BE SPOILED, THEN SKIP THIS THREAD******************************** Ok this has been bugging me for a while - What are the choices and their consequences for each and what do those choices equal? Yes, I get it, much of it is intended to be found out by the player, but I don't want to walk in thinking I'm doing something good or evil then find out it is the opposite. I've played games with story choices with serious consequences (Dragon Age Origins at Redcliff Castle when choosing to exercise the child of the demon or kill the child and Mass Effect choosing to either lie to the Council about Tali's father, tell the horrible truth, or dodge it completely with a speech) and the choices they give are pretty obvious, even some of the apparent neutral choices were pretty clear to me, but TSW's story mission choices don't feel clear at all.
  2. There's a Boss type monster in Kingsmouth that is not linked to any quest in the Database, but TSW-GEO (TSW interactive map site) lists this monster as a Rare Monster, even the music that starts up when initiating the fight (same music starts up when I fought Dunwich Horror, Nattfari, and Solomon's Omen). This Rare monster's name is Lutefisk, he looks exactly like the boss roaming in the Kingsmouth Harbor between the three boats near the tower buoy. Here's his location according to http://tsw-geo.com/ and I fought him too at that exact spot.
  3. I'm surprised at the unbelievable amount of info on the Database, but some things appear to be missing, like Society Ranks & an explanation about Runes, Signets, and Glyphs. Society Ranks: How many Ranks are there? Are they progressive (if so, where to look?) or do you have to defeat certain enemies? And are any of the items unlocked after the SS promotion worth getting? Etc. Runes, Glyphs, and Signets: How to get them, Where to get them by QL, What do each of them do, what Rs, Gs, Ss are best for what Build types, and is it wise to hold on to them til QL10 or just use them whenever? I know I'm asking a lot of questions, but I figured I'd ask the important ones than the useless ones like "What are they" lol.
  4. Yeah, I'm new, I'm still trying to figure out how to make a good build that I can agree with but getting there seems to be quite the issue. I'm aiming for a DPS Tank - I want to do as much damage to enemies as while being able to take a considerable beating. So is there a combination of skills (Active & Passive) that could help with that, and which ones should I focus on (Guns, Melee, Spells, or a mix of them)? And just in case, my current setup is Blood + Rifle (one rifle skill to help build my blood resources, the only real useful Blood I've found is Cardiac Arrest (heart crush that causes impaired - ranged) + Exsanguinate (draw blood from enemy adds Afflicted if Impaired) but for the other actives only really used them in desperate situations). For my gear I've been focusing more on Defense stats & Damage stats while not caring much about Healing stats. The Runes, Glyphs, and Signets though I dunno anything about - tried looking for guides that explain Runes & Glyphs, but not really any luck. So can anyone help me on this one or is my desired build impossible right now?