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  1. Can I run more than one buff at the same time, ie Anima-Block and Energy Drink-HoT? Is there somewhere that shows what buff/s are active?
  2. Adjusting Window Size

    I run two monitors, one main for the games and one side screen for additional info. With the Secret World the only way I can have both screens active is to run TSW windowed - with TSW in full screen, the side monitor is blacked out. However, I find the information text, like in the N-Ability Wheel Screen, so tiny as to be unreadable. Therefore I experimented and with 1920x1440 the text is conveniently readable. However, the screen is now only filling part of my monitor screen. How can I enlarge the window to fill my monitor screen? The box in the top right of the window does not offer a change in window size.
  3. How to install Addons?

    Thx for the reply, However 1. According to the Curse site, The Secret World is not supported by the Curse Client. 2. There is no Addon Folder in my TSW folder, I ASSUME I should create one? Off to do some experimenting.
  4. How to install Addons?

    Discovered addons over at Curse and I'm cursing. No info at all on how to install. Help