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  1. TSW Database Build Submissions

    Thanks for posting! I like the name. Two slight notes/corrections, though... Trial By Swords isn't for AOE (it's single-target) but for more impair (I like for longer Tokyo/boss fights). The other is that the rotation technically has a second Dancing Blade after the initial Stunning Swirl/Dancing Blade/builder sequence, so it's: SS (VtR) --> (DB --> HT x3 --> DB) --> (SO --> HT x3 --> DB) --> (SO --> HT x3 --> DB) --> REPEAT Note that the actives in parentheses make up 3 8-second intervals, plus the 1-second GCD for the initial Stunning Swirl gets you exactly to the 25-second cool down for SS. I would also add that this build relies much more on PEN, so the Woodcutter's and any additional PEN gear is very helpful. As a survival build, it also relies very heavily (derived from the original Claretta build) on the Signet of Thirst for heals. This means that early on you should almost certainly swap in Martial Discipline/Regeneration and any other active heals you can get while you work towards building your gear. Signet of Echoes/Signet of Thirst are a must, and personal preference for the rest for the most part. I use Laceration on the head, Breaching on the sword, and Fury on the pistol. Essentially over time, you'll be able to push more and more of your healing to things other than your Actives/Passives, giving you more room for building your DPS. The Parasite Configuration from Tokyo container keys is really helpful. I've only just learned about the Redirected Rejuvenation Module, which if I understand correctly does NOT proc Empowerment -- which I presume means it will not proc Thirst, either, but I should probably test anyway just to be sure.
  2. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    I don't mind you posting it at all... Feel free. The only thing I'd suggest for the Pistol/Blade is to mention that really only the four core actives (Stunning Swirl, Dancing Blade/Chop Shop, Hair Trigger, and Shootout) are necessary, and the other three plus auxiliary can be filled to suit your style. Not sure if it matters, but for the record, my stats are along the lines of 300 CR, 300 CP, 550 Hit, and 400 Pen, with all AR talismans except for one minor health plus Woodcutter's Wrath... This is at 10.1 with not all my glyphs or signets yet. I tried switching in Live Wire for my Seal the Deal, but I think I'd need a lot more Crit before it starts to get better than my current. It was about a 200 DPS drop off for me with the same gear. I've kept Shake And Bake, but I've switched out the other two optional actives for Surging Blades and Trial By Swords, so now it has a lot of extra AOE along with the additional Impair. I've also picked up The Parasite Configuration, so I'm not as needy for emergency buttons. Hey, thanks again for your help and input!
  3. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    I'd be interested in that build, sure. Yeah, I think the problem is that Rifle/Ele is going to largely rely on the Elemental side for non-elite AOE, and it just doesn't seem to have the synergy that some other AOE weapons do. I mean, I think it's pretty clear that Ele/anything is able to get really good DPS now, like Arc Flash is doing the same damage as Blade Torrent, but it seems like you need a lot more specific passives to make it work right. But, I guess that's why we're testing things, because "seems like" does not equal "definitely." I know it's a whole different build, but I bet you could tweak that Pistol/Blade build of mine to get similar results as your Rifle/Chaos... You get the procs, afflicts, multi-hits, and expose, plus much better synergy with the AOE stuff. If you look at Focus instead of Burst, especially, you can have Dancing Blade as well as Chop Shop for the AOE needs. (I'd still say most under-geared or progress builds would want CtP instead, but I think we are sort of presuming at least QL10 blues here, if not 10.1.1 or better across the board.) A big part of why I wanted to test that build, honestly, is because I have a suspicion that it can be made to be extremely role-flexible with only minimal changes to gear and abilities... Like the set up I'm using is good for Tokyo/Solo, and would only need say an active or two changed to be good for scenarios, or one talisman and a couple passives for dungeon DPS, and then maybe substitute a single weapon and have a similar set up also for Heals and Tank builds. Obviously this can be done with pretty much anything, but I'm talking about bare minimum changes to get maximum flexibility... And I think Pistol might be where that's at right now. Testing to be done, though. Good luck with the tweaking, I look forward to seeing the results.
  4. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    So I tried the PL-VD thing again, and I think I had a bad first impression... Something about the range to the dummy was causing it to not build stacks, so I never realized that you could continue to use other abilities while it channeled and then come back to activate it. Once I fixed that (stood in melee range), the damage and mechanics were much better. That being said, I still didn't like it as much. The rotation was wonky for me, always seemed to leave like a 2-3 second gap so I wasn't getting the PL-VD off on cooldown, or was skipping around to fill in the gaps making the rotation kind of random or inconsistent. Nothing wrong with that if it's your playstyle (by "your" I mean anyone's) but it's definitely not mine. Plus the overall damage I was getting was a good 400-500 DPS short of my other build. Chaos/Rifle does sound interesting. I do keep thinking there's probably some merit to working out a non-traditional Solo/Tank build with the Vulnerabilities now... Chaos/Rifle, or maybe Pistol/Sword or Pistol/Hammer. I'll keep looking into those a bit, too. As for an AOE ability, my go-to has been Shellshocker, but that's an elite so maybe doesn't do you much good in that build. But the reasoning for it is three-fold... First, it does just monster damage, AOE or single-target. So much so, that I'm using it in a couple builds without even taking advantage of the Vulnerability and not noticing any real drop off in DPS. Second, the longer channel seems to help my rotation... it ends up being pretty much spot-on, so I use it on every cooldown with almost no downtime, and the rest of the rotation is the same so I don't have to improvise anything to fill in gaps. Third, and this is key, it has a long hinder. Combined with my Signet of Detainment (only using a blue, but obviously purple would be slightly better) it's enough to let me spam Conditional Force 5-6 times whenever I use it. That's a lot of AOE. That long hinder also means that if you just go straight builder x5 and then Transfuse Anima, you'll get the bonus leach every time. That leech, plus Thirst, has been good enough for me to largely abandon using Anima Shot or Anima Burst as my builder and replace it with a builder that either does a lot more damage and builds for both weapons (like Safety Off) or an AOE (usually either Suppressing Fire if I'm doing Frenzy stuff, or Arc Flash if I'm doing Chain stuff). So maybe you can use the same "tactic" -- something like Tactical Retreat or Coldwave (or both) at the end of your builder cycle, followed by as many Conditional Force hits as you can get (and maybe a Transfuse Anima at the start or in the middle just to get the leech). They both are doing AOE damage on their own as well. I'm using Seal the Deal in that set up and I'm not sure that it would be anywhere close to as good without it. Oh, the other bit is that I frequently use Pop Shot with Rocket Science in that sort of build just for the extra and frequent AOE option. There's so much "extraneous" AOE in that build that I tend to just use it all up on groups and rarely need any mop up. There's likely some other ways to get the hinder going (maybe signet or passive I haven't looked at?) to make it work as well.
  5. CrazyDogLady's Crazy Build Testing

    I'll keep an eye out here, as well. Thanks for starting this. In response to your observation in the previous thread... I had Shake and Bake purely as situational (I've been spending a lot of time in Tokyo, and I like the movement combined with Hinder better than other hinders or impairs available in Pistol/Blade). It almost certainly could be replaced with something that could work into the rotation for DPS boost. I did try the Voltaic Power Line, a bit with both Pistol and Rifle... especially with Rifle thinking it would be the new Rifle/Blood leach heal. But it just seemed too clunky for me. You are right, I think, that it would be a best choice for dungeons, but that's not my expertise at all. I used a Rifle/Elemental combo with Red Mist to earn my Dance of Death achievement, so that one seems at least plausible. The other combo I'm going to try is a Fist/Pistol build with a leading Gore (along with Gross Anatomy and Double Dash) and maybe Killer Flow and such. A couple other things I think is important to keep in mind with the Vulnerabilities is that A) the three of them have different bonuses, and B) the abilities that apply them have different cooldowns. I think in plenty of cases that may be the difference between a "vulnerability build" being worthwhile or not. I'll be back with some results soon.
  6. Build requests

    Cool, thanks! It looks like I left Elemental Force out of my passives up there... EF is definitely in there. Again, it was kind of an afterthought to put it in since I wasn't going for any sort of special rotation, just an easy one. But sure enough, it out performed everything. The other passives I've tried in as many combinations I could that didn't make the cut included Sudden Return, Bloodsport & Gross Anatomy, Fatal Flourish, Lethality, Fortunate Strike, Criticality, Expose Weakness, Pattern Recognition, and Street Fighter. I also experimented a little bit with the blade and pistol 10% boosts, as well as Seven Samurai and Closer, but not thoroughly I guess. Still... I was running what I thought was a fairly vicious Blade/Fist setup for Tokyo, and switching to this sent my DPS up nearly double (I think I was around 1200 DPS single target, this is giving me 2300 DPS single target consistently). My other current main build is also Rifle/Ele, great minds and all that. I'm finding Shellshocker to be CRAZY good, and I've added the signet for the extra hinder time and start the fight with Anima Charge, then Shellshocker, then spam Conditional Force for like 6 seconds... It's kinda ridiculous. Anyway, thanks again for the input and help. Let us know how it goes!
  7. Build requests

    I have a build I'd like tested... I like playing around with builds as much as anything else in the game, but I don't do much theorycrafting of my own. I am basically a solo player, and I've just finished my wheel and am freshly in 10.1 gear. Since the 15.5 changes, a lot of builds I'd worked out changed in ways that are not viable. I was using some of Critty's builds, and tweaking my own version of the Pistol/Ele leach heal Scenario build when I came up with this (parentheses denote AOE replacement for single-target actives/passives): Pistol/Blade Actives: Shake and Bake, Stunning Swirl, Dancing Blade (Chop Shop), Hair Trigger (Killer Flow), Shootout (Semi-Auto) , Deadly Aim, Steel Echo Passives: Breakdown, Third Degree, Iron Maiden, Finish the Movement (Arterial Pulse), Immortal Spirit, Seal the Deal This uses the Thirst/Echoes signet setup for leach procs, along with the one passive. I have the Woodcutter's Wrath and all AR talismans except for one minor health. The "usual" signets otherwise (Laceration on Head, Breaching/Abuse/Aggression/Fury on weapons - I'm using Breaching on the sword and Fury on the pistols). The rotation is to lead with Stunning Swirl to get the Vulnerable to Ranged applied, then Dancing Blade, Hair Trigger x3, Dancing Blade, Shootout... followed by Hair Trigger x3, Dancing Blade, Shootout repeated until Stunning Swirl is off cooldown (which happens to work out just about exactly). This keeps Shootout at the front of Vulnerable to Ranged on each rotation after the first. Thirst is up pretty much 100% off cooldown as well. I was skeptical to use Third Degree and Seal the Deal instead of Bloodsport and Gross Anatomy, but my own testing has shown it to be much better. I didn't think the new version of Finish the Movement could be much good, but this build is kind of built around it and the shortened builder rotation has boosted my sustained DPS a lot. That's why I'd like someone else to test it. The other thing I really like about this build is that it is simple and "beginner friendly" (although it clearly is an expensive AP/Gear build) with it's very simple rotation (that stays the same each "cycle" - none of that "first, second, third, fourth, etc. rotation business), and also that it is flexible... You can easily swap out one, two, or three actives to go from full on single-target to full on AOE or something in-between. You can also easily adapt the cooldowns to your own style/group/location, like swapping out Steel Echo for Win Win for cleanses, or Backup Drone for group/solo support, or Martial Discipline (and maybe even Regeneration) for extra survivability. Wanna have a go at it? I'm curious to see what other 15.5 builds people are up to (especially solo builds) that are now incorporating the elite actives and vulnerabilities into them. Thanks! Sorry... That should be Claretta's Pistol/Ele leach, I guess?