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  1. Since you applied already: Yes, the application form is the place to go to!
  2. Hi everyone! We have recently created a new cabal called "Council of Nephilim". It's about supporting other players,and sharing skills and knowledge. Just like sanctuary! We're aiming for the whole range from normal dungeons to nightmare raids with no particular focus except being newbie-friendly. If you like helping other players, teaching what you know; or if you look for a cabal you can learn everything about the game from, you're right with us! Interested? Here's some more reading material and the application form if you want to join: http://con.bytezero.de/ Got questions? You can join our ingame chat (/chat join Con) or our Discord. Or you just ask in this thread
  3. Anniversary Screenshot Contest

    Great contest! I'm amazed how some of my favourite pictures are pretty similar to screenshots others submitted. I couldn't decide either which one I liked most, so...