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  1. 10.x gear after i12.

    The Nightwatch Engineer in your faction sells Custom upgrade kits you can use to upgrade your weapons/talismans and glyphs in return for Black Bullion. you can get up to 10.5 with straight black bullion, but will need an extra item specified if you're upgrading from 10.4 to 10.5. The same vendor offers other kits that can boost up to 10.8 but will require marks of the pantheon in addition to BB. The kits that work for 10.8+ require a Supernal item that only drops in NM raids afaik. All the items sold at the nightwatch weapon/talisman vendors next to the engineer are upgradeable "Custom" items. The engineer also sells epic glyph kits for 250BB that make upgradeable glyphs. The 10.1 rewards from issues 6-11 and 14 are also all upgradeable
  2. [SPOILERS] Story Missions with Choices (help)

    Each story mission final tier for New England, Egypt, and Transylvania will present you a choice. The combination of the 3 above choices you make will determine the Ultimate Ability you get when you finish Issue 11 in Kaidan: Each Ultimate is a 9m radius ground target AoE that does 30000 straight damage, 6000 to Aegis, and full heal you over 3 seconds as well as leave a ground AoE in same radius doing 100/sec for 15 seconds to mobs in the AoE, but each has their own style: Celestial: heal upfront, 3 second debuff on mobs in radius that does full damage upon expiry Unchained: 1/3 of total damage/heal per second for 3 seconds. Dreamers: full damage upfront, full heal 3 seconds later.
  3. Kaidan newbie confusion

    Few things: First, run "Tower Defence" mission from the tank near Susanoo's diner ASAP. That will get you second set of controllers so you can attack like normal against the aegis with both weapons. Setup your controllers with 3 you first got on one weapon and the 3 you got from Kurt on your other weapon. Second, prioritize the main story missions from issue 9 as soon as you have both sets of controllers, that will get you 3 QL0 AE Capacitors. With just those, you will jump from doing 5% damage against aegis to like 15%. Capacitors are a much bigger boost to how much of your normal damage can affect Aegis shields compared to your controllers alone. Third, prioritize attack rating talismans except for 1 or 2 health/healing talismans. It is going to take you a lot longer to burn AEGIS if majority of your talis are +HP. While the pre-done build "Decks" ingame are usually rather lackluster, the Agent of Chaos (Elite) deck is very very good for Kaidan. Even ingame, it says it's designed to be used for solo play in Kaidan. It's got 2 really good impairs (The Art of War, Helter Skelter), 2 self-heal abilities (Turn the Tables, Martial Discipline (with the passive)), and a nice AoE builder (Escalation), AoE consumer (Clearing The Path), and single target consumer (Pulling The Strings). Take a look at https://chronicle.thesecretworld.com/character/Kiraalyon if you want to compare. (Luck talisman doesn't show right for some reason, it's an issue tali from Issue 14, Black Pharoah Tarot with Ravaging Glyph and Signet of Set (+1.5% damage) on it).