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  1. Hello, I have found a bit of outdated info in the AEGIS article "You can also purchase Biohazard containers at the cost of Sequins." Sequins don't exist anymore. The sentence should be "You can also purchase Biohazard containers at the cost of Black Bullions." "Leech effects do not work on AEGIS shields." As of 2016/02/25 (Update 1.13.3 Hotfix), leech as been changed : the healing portion of it now works if the attack is done with a matching AEGIS type, and is calculated as if the character damaged a creature without AEGIS. I hope this'll help you make tswdb even better.
  2. Hello, Since you are using a Frenzy builder, you can go grab the Leeching Frenzy passive (Assault Rifle > Ground Control). With it, you'll get healed by a percentage of the damage you deal. With one or two healing minor talismans, it will give you a great deal of self-heal without needing to use any healing active. However, It is a bit costy since you currently have no AR abilities (150+ total AP) If you have a hard time impairing with Helter Skelter, you can use Trial by Swords (Blades > Tearing of the Sky) instead.