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  1. Growing Up

    ... oh who am I kidding i won't ever grow up!
  2. Spot the Difference!

    FIXED And I didn't even need a chainsaw. <3
  3. Spot the Difference!

    YUSH total world wide pony occupation starts with forum occupation!
  4. Groundworks healing build

    Healing others through targeting is exclusive to Reap and sew!
  5. Maelstrom does slightly more dmg and cry havoc is ranged! but yes ^^
  6. What I find is that when I give people builds with multiple consumers they'll just use the AoE consumers on single targets anyway, so I tend to not suggest multiple consumers personally! However sound your reasoning is
  7. Lost & Found

    Awh! That's probably what I have the least of... i'll take a look next time i'm in-game.
  8. Build requests

    Thx Pclav! Consider using a Pony avatar!!
  9. Groundworks healing build

    Heya! Looks interesting! Act looked funny because the majority of healing comes from the leeching effects granted by groundwork+veteran+shot of Anima.
  10. Revenge

    Revenge: Best served... ...as a multi-course meal. Wouldn't want them or others try and return the favor now would we?
  11. Build requests

    Try setting up your build here: http://www.tsw-builder.com/ :)
  12. The Secret World: Ultimate Edition

    I won't be buying this pack for the outfit, not about to support this kind of behavior. Definitely suggest new players to get it though!
  13. Gatekeeper Blade/Shotgun Dps

    I wouldn't recommend using an AoE builder for the gatekeeper challenge just so you can use a cheap affliction! AoE builders do 50% less damage than single target builders! Also any passive that does any damage will be better than toxic affinity. I wish they'd make Toxic affinity a decent passive
  14. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    For me it's FF7 Aeris. I'm still in shock... how many years later? I know classic but that was simply the worst thing a game has ever pulled!
  15. What is you most memorable moments in gaming?

    ​Wait this didn't start with skull monkey's? cool RE: Mordin