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  1. Hi , first post on the forums. I'm a fairly new player in the secret world, I'm almost past the Transylvanian ark of the game and would like to ask some help with some end game builds. I've looked over the builds from here, and I've adapted one and came up with one on my own, and i'dd like some advice or help with them. So far I've focused on Elementalism (not used in any of the current builds), Blood, Pistols, Blades, Chaos. The first build is one I've addopted from http://www.tswdb.com/builds/solo/bloodied-blades-solo-build and made this http://www.tsw-builder.com/#15v170144150126113572135a22p332421471530114110136a25 (if it's ok to post it) This is a solo build, meant to able to tackle any problem, while having staying power. That comes from Forking Paths, Karma, Martial Discipline, Immortal Spirit and Regeneration, Forking Paths, along side Karma combined with Clearing the Path, Arterial Pulse and Flight of Daggers help with crowd control. Clearing the path guarantees triggering Arterial Pulse, for lots of area dmg. Brandish, Four Seasons, And Collider-Collapse are against single targets. what i'm not so sure about in this build is Steel Echo, I've added it for more damage either agaist single targets or for more aoe dmg, i think there is enough sating power from Karma and the other to not need Turn the Tables, but i could be wrong. The second build is the one i came up with: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#84v820802424426833404842a22p834836143141421403630a25 (if it's ok to post it) This is a dps build based on trigger passives such as Sudden Return, One in the Chamber, Fortunate Strike and Molecular Exploitation. Seal the deal helps trigger Sudden Return and One in the Chamber while adding 20% extra dmg to consumer abilities, Iron Maiden and Dark Potency help trigger Sudden Return, the problem is One in the Chamber, since it has no other abilities that help trigger it i can either swap it with Incision or swap Dark Potency for Elemental Force. I chose Pistol for builders and consumers due to a lot of focus abilities, such as Hair Trigger and Shootout, that are also boosted by Plague, due the fact that along side Affliction it also applies Ranged Vulnerability (20% extra dmg from ranged abilities), also this abilities do allot of extra dmg due to Molecular Exploitation, i could swap Blood Shot for Exsanguinate, due to the fact that i need 5 resources to maximize the dmg from Shootout. Gun Fu helps with using shootout twice before Plague expires, and also with Semi-Auto against crowds. Any suggestions, critique or help with this builds is appreciated, Thanks in advance