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  1. Introduction Thread

    ​Of course you would give them the disclaimer after they joined and effectively signed their soul over. That's so corporate. Reminds me of that idea to print the best before date inside the yoghurt cups. I still wonder how you distribute all the souls you collect, Poker? Also that's probably one probably too much. You probably should get the legal department to look it over once more. Probably.
  2. Introduction Thread

    If you suddenly find yourself pink and/or harboring a love for ponies do not be alarmed. It is a completely normal phenomenon. All hail IPU!
  3. Three Word Story [Forum Game]

    completely unrelated incident (the heck am I doing?)
  4. This ruined my childhood

    I make it a point not to leave my childhood completely behind. As the saying goes, you have to grow old, not up. So far I didn't manage to ruin it. Much. Life is so much easier to handle if you retain the ability to flat out deny the existence of things that would ruin it. It's the equivalent of plugging your ears and going "lalala-I-can't-hear-you~" but it works for the most part.
  5. Giving away some indie games

    Addictive is what it is. Another personal favorite is Mark of the Ninja.​ And Bastion. I love that one to bits.
  6. Giving away some indie games

    ​Mission accomplished. ​Gift keys sent. Also, awesome. I love this community.
  7. Lost & Found

    I seem to have found a crate of things left over from Samhain. While slightly dusty all items seem to be undamaged. In the crate are 2 different sets of makeup: Hel's mask and Spider's web. A bunch of pumpkin lanterns looing like a Jack-o-Lantern or Grinning Gourd. 2 slightly bigger carved pumpkins someone cut a hole big enough for a head in, both look like a Grinning gourd. Assorted sweets. 3x Blood Syrup, 5x Crowley's Crunchies, 4x Sugar Skull and 2x Vine Fruit Gummies. 2 Bags of tricks and treats and 5 Sacks of Penny Dreadfuls of unknown contents. If any of these items are yours please contact me. In the case of the owner not contacting me I would also be willing to offer the items to a charity giving them out at events.
  8. TSW Database & Sanctuary Event Suggestions

    ​Now it dawns on me what my TSW life has been missing all this time. I need a pink Atenist garb and I need it now!
  9. TSW Database & Sanctuary Event Suggestions

  10. TSW Database & Sanctuary Event Suggestions

    Don't worry, we know. All of us love ponies.
  11. Giving away some indie games

    ​Now I'm curious. Tell me more of these cookies.
  12. Giving away some indie games

    Offering cookies to the guy baking cakes? What kind of bribe attempt is this? Both of the games are awesome (that reminds me I still have to finish Limbo)
  13. TSW Database & Sanctuary Event Suggestions

    ​It's shortly after Easter so the only thing that's coming to mind is some sort of eggScavenger-hunt. That leaves you awfully short of time to set it up, though.
  14. Sanctuary AMA: Glaucon

    ​So deliberate death, maiming or injury are fine then?
  15. What music are you listening to?

    "Classics" you say? Here, have 17 minutes of a true classic
  16. Fooling around trying to add color to a pencil sketch of mine.

    Turns out this is actually hard.

    Doesn't help that the picture I took of the sketch is terrible. (Attaching the version I'm working with just to see how attaching stuff works)

    I seem to be getting the hang of the basics, never mind that somehow 5am managed to sneak up on me...


    no matter how horrible the end result turns out to be


    1. kuro



  17. Thank you for Everything

    Silly TaCO. It's not only that you wouldn't leave, you couldn't leave either. None of us can. Seriously though, thank you for getting the ball rolling in gathering this awesome community.
  18. Our brand new Theme!

    Resistance is futile, everything shall be pinkified. Waiting for the inevitable announcement of TSW rebranding to TPW
  19. Our brand new Theme!

    It's surprisingly subdued. I think it could do with a little more highlights in bright pink.

  20. Not everything posted on the internet is true.

    -- Julius Caesar


    Remember folks, it's "believe nothing day".

    If it sounds too good to be true it's likely a hoax.

    If it sounds outrageous it's likely a hoax.

    If it sounds so retarded you want to repeatedly hit your head on your desk it's probably true.

    Happy April 1st, boys, girls and invisible ponies.

    1. Escritores


      Wait, wait... Hold up for a second...

      "Not everything posted on the internet is true."


      Now you tell me!!!

  21. I don't smile so it's unsettling people when I do. Especially if I keep doing it.

    /smile /smile /smile /smile

    1. Ciritty
    2. Kiernon


      Thank you for making the /smile bug even creepier.

      I'm sure I'll have that song stuck in my head whenever I see it from now on.

  22. What music are you listening to?

    ​That video was pretty interesting to be honest. But be that as it may, the taste of alcohol doesn't agree with me. I only use the stuff for cooking. That is to say putting it into the food, not drinking it while cooking. Looking at it that way, I do have a surprisingly large number of drinking songs in my library. And to keep on the original topic, currently listening to:
  23. What music are you listening to?

    Right now? I don't even drink.
  24. You know the world is ending when...

    You know the world is ending when DRM starts screwing pirates, not legit customers. Because I have to fix bloody Tages/SolidShield screwing with my father's laptop. I'm this close to just resetting the system.