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  1. Introduction Thread

    Hello strangers and companions, new and old. You might have a vague recollection of that guy with the hats; that might've been me. In the game I'm mostly Astrus "Kiernon" Darksun, somewhat affilated with the smurfs. My other personas include Cedora "Dunkelsonn" Darksun with the Templars and Masao "Ryjalon" Darksun with the Dragon. All of them a part of the House of the Dark Sun [Don't worry if this means nothing to you, it's all my inane delusions. I need to make more time to RP...] I'll have to salvage the background information I've posted on the old forums at some point and put it up here to give you a slight insight to how all of this fits together in my twisted mind. On the other side of the screen I'm pretty boring. I'm a German guy called Martin and drawing dreadfully close to 30. I'm into books, some music, and obviously games. Also other hobbies that allow me to be unsociable. As for MMOs, I've played quite a number of them. Aside from being a lifer in TSW a short excerpt from my onlinegaming history includes DAoC - Still looking for a game that manages to recreate the brilliant RvR experience.WoW - The game that got me hooked on the genre. I might want to have a look at it again when that "WoW token" system is implemented.Guild Wars - Sooo much time spent with this one. I'm pretty much out of things to do, though.SWTOR - I'm a huge Star Wars fan and the storytelling is pretty good. On the other side, the outdated subscription model keeps me from coming back to it.Elder Scrolls Online - It's pretty but it's no DAoCAnd various othersMost of my characters are using Dunkelsonn or Darksun as a last name where available so if it sounds familiar that might've been me. Other than that, well, I'm suffering from depression. It's causing me to be somewhat unreliable and just disappear at times. Right now I'm not online as often as I'd like while I'm trying to leave one such episode behind me. Those of you frequenting the old forum may have figured out that all the stuff going on was getting too much for me to handle. The work on our first floor is pretty much done by the way, thanks for wondering about that. There's still about 90 cardboard boxes to go through and reintegrate into the household but all the heavy lifting is done. Normalcy is within arms reach. Except for the basement, everyone is just ignoring that for now as nobody has the mental strength left to deal with it. So yeah, that's about it I guess. tl;dr The German guy with the hats. Also likes to whine.