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  1. Introduction Thread

    I love the investigation missions and the story. Main a Templar. Completely and totally messed up my Char's gear/skills for solo instances and dungeons (have a tank item on a DPS char because I got stuck in solo instances a lot in part from being squishy) Hoping SWL helps me out a but with combat.
  2. Looking to buy 2 pets

    So I have 2 friends who just got into TSW (and will move over to SWL). I have tossed them most types of aesthetics except pets and mounts. I have a purple item from a gym bag (Orochi blacksox ... Something I forget) and 3 million pax to spend. Looking to buy 2 pets (mounts would be a swell bonus). Willing to sell or trade my purple item (unless I find pets first, then willing to give). Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks! Sorry for the weird situation.