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  1. Trickster: Which Pistol skills?

    So, I'm playing around with Trickster and enjoying the Chaos part of the build, but I'm having trouble with the Pistol half. In the beta, I played Gunslinger and put together a Pistol-heavy build that stacked the Beginner's Luck with a bunch of the extra-hit-on-attack-when-cylinders-match passives and then used Full House -> Unload/Controlled Shot for a huge amount of front-loaded damage. It was a pretty fun build to play that left enough active slots to take CQC for crowd control in addition to the Shotgun Power Attack I used whose name I can't remember now. However, I can't find a fun way to incorporate Pistols as a secondary weapon, in part because Chaos has so many good actives and the Paradox mechanic rewards using Chaos skills repeatedly. The best thing I can think of so far is to take Flechette Rounds to keep up AoE damage while weaving a single-target Power Attack like Dual Shot into my Chaos rotation for Energy conservation. And then maybe I can put the cleanse on my bar once I get to zones that have a lot of status effects. Does anyone else have a better idea of how to use Pistols in a Trickster builds?