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  1. Send Report Library

    Added 2 new send report! Can find them over here: http://sendreport.tumblr.com/tagged/recent (You will only see the mission name form there.. you need to click the spoiler warning to view the rest.)
  2. Send Report Library

    *It might not be working atm. Messing with the code ^^
  3. Send Report Library

    Thanks @camazotz I like to try out some stuff here and there. Like this one http://sendreport.tumblr.com/source_js Been moving stuff around but for some reason the hover, opening and closing animations are missing. Also went over the code to see if I change some attribute that would cause the problem... couldn't find any. Animations are supposed to be like the ones here: http://codepen.io/chriswrightdesign/pen/cmanI
  4. Introduction Thread

    ​ ​Welcome back to both of you
  5. Send Report Library

    Added a simple image on the front... Also just realized that it was Jung who said that "Make yourself at home, or not." bit >.<
  6. IAMTSW round that I missed ^^'

    A bit sad that I missed the deadline to the last IAMTSW round by a hair. (Clicked "preview post" and came out an error... round was closed.)

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    2. camazotz


      You are my pick for winner no matter what ;) it is just that good

    3. kuro


      Thanks you two (๑→‿ฺ←๑)

    4. camazotz


      what is that? 2 snails racing for a halapeno?  :Podd, but ok

  7. Send Report Library

    EDIT: Should be ok now.
  8. Send Report Library

    I was told there is a way to make it appear and that I should look for the search block. As someone who has NO IDEA how this tumblr stuff works and a very minimal web knowledge.... this will take a while Front page will have 8 posts. Only issue 10/11 mission names will appear.
  9. Send Report Library

    Hmm I used a code to block certain tags from the front page so that I only have one post there. The posts still come out in tags and archives BUT NOT IN SEARCH
  10. Send Report Library

    ​Went through the code and found the culprit. Search should be ok now, but the front page will be a tad cluttered ^^
  11. Send Report Library

    UPDATE: Issue 11 Send Reports are UP: http://sendreport.tumblr.com/tagged/issue 11 5 of them on the list. The story missions already have before and after links. I think I got the send reports in the right order. (spoiler tagged, just in case)
  12. Introduction Thread

    ​Shin Ramyun is a korean noodle soup which is exceptionally SPICY. I remember there being 2 kinds.. normal and extra spicy. Tip: do not drink only the soup Unless you want to clear you sinuses.
  13. Send Report Library

    Will be getting ready to add the new story mission from issue 11. EXCITED! :3
  14. Introduction Thread

    ​ Cheese Shin Ramyun? There is cheese now? Still spicy? First time I ate one I cried half way through a cup. ​ ​Welcome aboard the forums, you three!
  15. What music are you listening to?

    ​LOVE THIS DUO! <3 Here have some Jesse Cook too :3 or maybe DEPAPEPE (another duo.. they have lots of songs.. but so does Cook heehee) LOVE LOVE the guitar! Mostly acoustic but with exceptions. I grew up with Clapton, Santana and Acoustic Alchemy. Love Kotaro Oshio too.. and Igor Presnyakov (had to google that spelling) and and.... I better stop.