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  1. I present to you --- Send Report Library --- Currently counting 375 send reports I've uploaded all the send reports I could find from Bevis' website. (Thanks! Xiexie! Merci! Salamat! Arigatou! Danke! ) I am still figuring out what to put in the front page I did put a random report button there. (Don't use it if you don't want spoilers.) If you encounter broken text\symbols and left over stringIDs (before the send report text), please tell me. I might have missed some. Weird thing there was ONE mission that wasn't in the rdb, so there MIGHT be some send reports missing. If there is, I'd reaaaaally appreciate it if you told me The generic send report won't be in the library. Duplicates were removed. Working on... Event page Missions source Front page Random buttonIssue missions "next" and "previous" buttonsZone pageAlphabetic order I need help figuring out how to change the spaces between posts. Also.. how to turn off the "more posts" button on ONLY the first page. (Anyone here know how to fiddle with tumblr themes? )
  2. Send Report Library

    Added 2 new send report! Can find them over here: http://sendreport.tumblr.com/tagged/recent (You will only see the mission name form there.. you need to click the spoiler warning to view the rest.)
  3. Send Report Library

    *It might not be working atm. Messing with the code ^^
  4. Send Report Library

    Thanks @camazotz I like to try out some stuff here and there. Like this one http://sendreport.tumblr.com/source_js Been moving stuff around but for some reason the hover, opening and closing animations are missing. Also went over the code to see if I change some attribute that would cause the problem... couldn't find any. Animations are supposed to be like the ones here: http://codepen.io/chriswrightdesign/pen/cmanI
  5. Introduction Thread

    ​ ​Welcome back to both of you
  6. Send Report Library

    Added a simple image on the front... Also just realized that it was Jung who said that "Make yourself at home, or not." bit >.<
  7. IAMTSW round that I missed ^^'

    A bit sad that I missed the deadline to the last IAMTSW round by a hair. (Clicked "preview post" and came out an error... round was closed.)

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    2. camazotz


      You are my pick for winner no matter what ;) it is just that good

    3. kuro


      Thanks you two (๑→‿ฺ←๑)

    4. camazotz


      what is that? 2 snails racing for a halapeno?  :Podd, but ok

  8. Send Report Library

    EDIT: Should be ok now.
  9. Send Report Library

    I was told there is a way to make it appear and that I should look for the search block. As someone who has NO IDEA how this tumblr stuff works and a very minimal web knowledge.... this will take a while Front page will have 8 posts. Only issue 10/11 mission names will appear.
  10. Send Report Library

    Hmm I used a code to block certain tags from the front page so that I only have one post there. The posts still come out in tags and archives BUT NOT IN SEARCH
  11. Send Report Library

    ​Went through the code and found the culprit. Search should be ok now, but the front page will be a tad cluttered ^^
  12. Send Report Library

    UPDATE: Issue 11 Send Reports are UP: http://sendreport.tumblr.com/tagged/issue 11 5 of them on the list. The story missions already have before and after links. I think I got the send reports in the right order. (spoiler tagged, just in case)
  13. Introduction Thread

    ​Shin Ramyun is a korean noodle soup which is exceptionally SPICY. I remember there being 2 kinds.. normal and extra spicy. Tip: do not drink only the soup Unless you want to clear you sinuses.
  14. Send Report Library

    Will be getting ready to add the new story mission from issue 11. EXCITED! :3
  15. Introduction Thread

    ​ Cheese Shin Ramyun? There is cheese now? Still spicy? First time I ate one I cried half way through a cup. ​ ​Welcome aboard the forums, you three!
  16. What music are you listening to?

    ​LOVE THIS DUO! <3 Here have some Jesse Cook too :3 or maybe DEPAPEPE (another duo.. they have lots of songs.. but so does Cook heehee) LOVE LOVE the guitar! Mostly acoustic but with exceptions. I grew up with Clapton, Santana and Acoustic Alchemy. Love Kotaro Oshio too.. and Igor Presnyakov (had to google that spelling) and and.... I better stop.
  17. What music are you listening to?

    Song I always end up singing when doing that mission with the same name
  18. Lost & Found

    ​I liked it It is just a shirt with a tux design. Had it on an alt.. but never dropped another one for me
  19. Room 33 [Random Chat Topic]

    ​Bet he's gonna get an EARFUL from you ........nvm
  20. Room 33 [Random Chat Topic]

    ​WHATDAHEK?! On the creative note.... Cat lovers check out http://nekofont.upat.jp/en/
  21. Dunno how people paint so fast...
    xD but still tryin! m2.thumb.jpg.4ae2ce5171955bf0e6cbb01a08e

    1. camazotz


      Step 1: Pick up paintbrush/stylus/whatever method you use

      Step 2: Paint

      Step 3: Give up and get someone else to do it xD

    2. kuro


      ahahahaha xD that would cost a bit. Told my friend (aka the guinea pig) not to wait for this ahaha.

    3. camazotz


      hehehe the guinea pig....i call for the guinea pig to be our mascot!

  22. Lost & Found

    ​Many thanks
  23. You guys might have seen it already, but I wanted to repost it here in case you don't frequent twitter\tsw forums. DAYM it sounds awesome "The Visible Dark is a full in-character RP-event. You'll need to solve all the dark secrets behind the number of mysterious murders and reveal some gruesome conspiracies within and between the Secret Societies. You'll need to use all you've got and more to get to the end of the bloody thread stretching from dark dungeons, candlelit halls of London, cold concrete of New York sewers and rainy streets of Seoul." Complete info in the TSW forums HERE Click to check the time in your timezone.
  24. Lost & Found

    ​oooh can I have one of this please? (IG Kurogetsu)
  25. What music are you listening to?

    ​Songs that made me google WHO DA HEK?! Gawd Ylvis... half a world away, their song "What does the fox say" was on repeat in a municipal taekwondo competition. I heard it in the bus, I heard it in the streets, I heard it at the malls... I heard it in afternoon variety shows. (and our raid master\cabal master would have that playing in the background when talking in TS.) They have some catchy tunes. I love this lady's voice :3 I keep singing this song aloud.