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  1. Gamer Food

    Ok... now I'm hungry again.
  2. Discussion Thread [OOC]

    The recap for episode 1 is up. Now for episode 2...
  3. Upcoming Events [OOC]

    The Event The first Sanctuary Imitative event called “Ghosts from the Past” is happening on January 23 at 2:00PM EST. The event will combine roleplaying and puzzle elements, and introduce new players to a brand new storyline involving the Sanctuary Network and the Keepers. The Story Together with the players, Evelyne Ryan will take the first steps in uncovering the secrets behind the Extant Project, and discovering the identity of a man known only as Iscariot. However the players will soon realize that there is more to the story than meets the eye, and the past has a funny way of catching up with you. Be sure to join the #SanctuaryInitiative channel in-game if you are thinking of attending this event. For more information about the event you can read this post from Jason.
  4. The story so far [OOC]

    Ghosts from the Past In January 2016, a new event called Ghosts from the Past continued the story of Season 3, and introduced new player to the story of the Sanctuary and the Keepers through the Sanctuary Initiative. During this mission more details were uncovered about the Extant Project, and the people behind it. Evelyne revealed that her real father, Owen Ryan, was the leader of the project. Iscariot was also revealed to be Vera Langdon, Extant's lead researcher. Evelyne started talking to the players about Exant, a research project from the 90s, ordered by Reza Cortez in order to cure diseases. She then told the agents that rumors had been going around about human trial, and that the Extant Project was shut down once the body of one of it's patients was discovered. She also told the agents that Iscariot told her that the goal of Extant was to bring the dead back to life, and create 'mindless soldiers'. Iscariot reached out again. Evelyne then revealed something that she had discovered a while ago, but not yet revealed to the public. Owen Ryan, her real father, was the man who led the Extant team. He was responsible for the experiments that happened. Once she admitted this to Iscariot, she got the following response. The second pastebin reads: Evelyne then realized that Vera was Iscariot. Next she told the agents about Vera's past. Soon after, Vera reached out on Twitter, and also retweeted Evelyne's tweet to confirm her identity. Vera kept her word and Evelyne's missing agents were released. The agents had done a failed escape attempt before being released by Vera and had managed to get a hold of some files. The files mention an island and provide a set of coordinates. Evelyne told the agents that she would go through the data and contact them again if needed.
  5. Let's do that some time next week.
  6. Discussion Thread [OOC]

    Thanks for the feedback guys! IC reports and comments for tonight's mission go here.
  7. I'm sorry I couldn't be there today, but from what I am hearing things turned out.... alright. At least we now have a target, and we know who we are up against. This must not have been easy for though, Evelyne. Being confronted with your past like this. He was your father after all. It must be hard to think of him as a bad guy. Ugh... I think I need to take you and Jason for a drink sometime.
  8. Introduction Thread

    Wait... how come she is texting you, but she's been ignoring my phone calls all day?
  9. Introduction Thread

    What if I'm not comfortable with sharing private details?
  10. Upcoming Events [OOC]

    There are no currently no active events. Information about the next event will be posted here when it is announced.
  11. Wendigo

    Do you know what happens when a wendigo eat a wendigo?
  12. The story so far [OOC]

    Extant Over the course of 2015, Evelyne has been struggling to earn the respect of the Board as some her methods are seen as unorthodox. She also got in a relationship with Jason Haskins and has been critized for her public behavior. There have been whisphers inside of the Keepers that she is due to be replaced. Evelyne also send Jimmy Freeman on a mission with a boat called the Discordia, but no futher information was revealed about this. Furthermore, Evelyne has been busy investigating Iscariot and his agents. Most people seem to be convinced that Sanctuary is safe and clean again, but it seems that Evelyne doesn't share that opinion. Finally, Evelyne has also been fighting to create the Sanctuary Initiative as a way for Sanctuary to defend itself and conduct missions. October 15 2015 After Evelyne posted this tweet, Iscariot returned to Twitter, opening some old wounds. Some information was also found about a research project that goes by the name of Extant. October 31 2015 Evelyne discovered an online blog where someone started posting anonymous messages about Sanctuary and Sanctuary personnel. There was some debate about the owner of the blog, but nothing has been revealed so far.
  13. The story so far [OOC]

    Serenity During a party hosted by Evelyne and Sanctuary on February 13 2015, Iscariot, who was discovered during Genesis, started communicating with players on Twitter. The mysterious leader of the rogue agents began interacting with players and started giving several hints to the future. An ancient artifact was also found in Trinity Park and several clues towards Iscariot's true identity were also revealed. Below you can find a full overview of all the tweets and interactions from Iscariot during Serenity.
  14. The story so far [OOC]

    Season Three The Keepers: Season Three (Also referred to as Operation Extant) is the third part in the storyline involving an organisation called the Keepers. Sanctuary 13: Genesis was an introduction to this season. The season later continued during the Serenity event and will conclude with the Extant storyline. Sanctuary 13: Genesis was an RP event hosted by the Sanctuary Network and Radio Free Gaia. During the event, players participated in a live investigation mission that continued the story of Operation Chess. There were also several trivia questions and a party. Council Investigation The Council of Venice got involved and took down the Sanctuary website as part of an investigation into the Sanctuary Network. Down The Rabbit Hole After a murder in the Tabula Rosa, it is discovered that a rogue organization is working from within the Sanctuary, led by somoneone who refers to himself as Iscariot. Evelyne eventually manages to talk with one of the rogue agent and she becomes more and more concerned about the state Sanctuary is in.