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  1. Introduction Thread

    [initiate transmission] Hello world, Are you receiving this? Good. I do not have a lot of time, so you will have to listen very carefully. My name is TaCO and I am a media student student living in Holland. I love adventure games, horror movies and smart TV-shows (like Lost, Fringe and Sanctuary - guess where the chat got it's name from?) My character is Jimmy "TheChosenOne" Freeman. I am a DPS. I can do Normal and Elite dungeons and normal scenario's, but other than that I am usually no good. I also have decided to not do any nightmare content, because I just don't enjoy it. I am a filthy casual. I need your help with... [transmission end]
  2. Gamer Food

    Ok... now I'm hungry again.
  3. Upcoming Events [OOC]

    There are no currently no active events. Information about the next event will be posted here when it is announced.
  4. Discussion Thread [OOC]

    Hello guys, Since most of this particular sub forum will be completely in character, I figured it would be a good idea to have an out of character discussion thread for all your OOC questions, discussions and feedback on events. TheChosenOne
  5. Discussion Thread [OOC]

    The recap for episode 1 is up. Now for episode 2...
  6. Upcoming Events [OOC]

    The Event The first Sanctuary Imitative event called “Ghosts from the Past” is happening on January 23 at 2:00PM EST. The event will combine roleplaying and puzzle elements, and introduce new players to a brand new storyline involving the Sanctuary Network and the Keepers. The Story Together with the players, Evelyne Ryan will take the first steps in uncovering the secrets behind the Extant Project, and discovering the identity of a man known only as Iscariot. However the players will soon realize that there is more to the story than meets the eye, and the past has a funny way of catching up with you. Be sure to join the #SanctuaryInitiative channel in-game if you are thinking of attending this event. For more information about the event you can read this post from Jason.
  7. The story so far [OOC]

    Hello guys, My name is TheChosenOne and this is your introduction for the Sanctuary Initiative as well as an overview for the story of roleplay events and Alternate Reality Games involving the Sanctuary and the Keepers so far. What are the Keepers and what is this all about? This whole thing started as an Alternate Reality Game on the Secret World forums on January 1 2013. This alternate reality game took place both inside and outside of the game and saw people solving puzzles together. The first season was followed by a second season in 2014 and a third season which started in 2015 and will continue to run throughout 2016. Read an interview about the first season here. What is the Sanctuary Initiative? The Sanctuary Initiative has been created in order to make it easier for both old and new players alike to participate in events related the Sanctuary and The Keepers. Posts about on-going events and storylines will be posted in this part of the forums and additional information and recaps will be added after events are finished. The story so far In 2013, the players are introduced to an organization called the Keepers by a woman called Evelyne Ryan. The Keepers are a mysterious group led by a shady man called James Zimbardo. After being put through a basic training by Jason Haskins and Eloise Cortez, the players began to work together to restore the organization to its former glory. It is revealed that Evelyne Ryan is the adopted daughter of Eloise and Zimbardo. It is also revealed that Zimbardo is only serving as an interim leader after the death of Eloise’s parents who were killed during an accident. During the new elections, Eloise and one of her colleagues are chosen as the new leaders of the Keepers. [read more] In 2014, the Keepers create a group called the Sanctuary Network. Evelyne also explores her true heritage and it is stopped by the players from killing herself when she is trying to reunite with her dead father. [read more] Later, Zimbardo returns and attacks several Sanctuary locations while trying to activate Gaia Engines located beneath the buildings. Eloise eventually kills Zimbardo and sacrifices herself. Evelyne takes her place as public representative of the Keepers. [read more] In 2015, the Council of Venice turns on the Sanctuary Network and puts them under investigation. A mysterious rogue organization within the Sanctuary, led by a mysterious figure who goes by the name Iscariot, is also discovered. [read more] Now the eyes of the world are on the Keepers and Sanctuary once again as details of an old project are being revealed. [read more] Can you tell me a bit more about what happened so far? This forum thread contains a lot of posts which explain everything you need to know about the characters, the world and the story so far which. You can find links to the individual posts below. The Keepers and the Sanctuary Network Characters Eloise Cortez Evelyne Ryan Chloe Edwards David Malone The Cross Brothers Iscariot James Zimbardo Jason Haskins Kane Goldberg The Langdons The Story So Far Season One Season Two The Secrets of Solomon Operation Chess Season Three Genesis Serenity Extant Ghosts from the Past Useful Resources Evelyne Ryan Twitter Account [IC] Eloise Cortez Twitter Account [IC] Iscariot Twitter Account [IC] Sanctuary Twitter Account [IC and OOC] I hope that this thread has managed to provide you with the information you were looking for. If you have any further questions please post in our OOC discussion thread. Now it is time to get to work because there is a long road ahead of us and there is much to do. Goodbye and good luck on your journey, TheChosenOne
  8. The story so far [OOC]

    Ghosts from the Past In January 2016, a new event called Ghosts from the Past continued the story of Season 3, and introduced new player to the story of the Sanctuary and the Keepers through the Sanctuary Initiative. During this mission more details were uncovered about the Extant Project, and the people behind it. Evelyne revealed that her real father, Owen Ryan, was the leader of the project. Iscariot was also revealed to be Vera Langdon, Extant's lead researcher. Evelyne started talking to the players about Exant, a research project from the 90s, ordered by Reza Cortez in order to cure diseases. She then told the agents that rumors had been going around about human trial, and that the Extant Project was shut down once the body of one of it's patients was discovered. She also told the agents that Iscariot told her that the goal of Extant was to bring the dead back to life, and create 'mindless soldiers'. Iscariot reached out again. Evelyne then revealed something that she had discovered a while ago, but not yet revealed to the public. Owen Ryan, her real father, was the man who led the Extant team. He was responsible for the experiments that happened. Once she admitted this to Iscariot, she got the following response. The second pastebin reads: Evelyne then realized that Vera was Iscariot. Next she told the agents about Vera's past. Soon after, Vera reached out on Twitter, and also retweeted Evelyne's tweet to confirm her identity. Vera kept her word and Evelyne's missing agents were released. The agents had done a failed escape attempt before being released by Vera and had managed to get a hold of some files. The files mention an island and provide a set of coordinates. Evelyne told the agents that she would go through the data and contact them again if needed.
  9. Let's do that some time next week.
  10. Discussion Thread [OOC]

    Thanks for the feedback guys! IC reports and comments for tonight's mission go here.
  11. I'm sorry I couldn't be there today, but from what I am hearing things turned out.... alright. At least we now have a target, and we know who we are up against. This must not have been easy for though, Evelyne. Being confronted with your past like this. He was your father after all. It must be hard to think of him as a bad guy. Ugh... I think I need to take you and Jason for a drink sometime.
  12. Introduction Thread

    Wait... how come she is texting you, but she's been ignoring my phone calls all day?
  13. Introduction Thread

    What if I'm not comfortable with sharing private details?
  14. Wendigo

    Do you know what happens when a wendigo eat a wendigo?
  15. The story so far [OOC]

    Extant Over the course of 2015, Evelyne has been struggling to earn the respect of the Board as some her methods are seen as unorthodox. She also got in a relationship with Jason Haskins and has been critized for her public behavior. There have been whisphers inside of the Keepers that she is due to be replaced. Evelyne also send Jimmy Freeman on a mission with a boat called the Discordia, but no futher information was revealed about this. Furthermore, Evelyne has been busy investigating Iscariot and his agents. Most people seem to be convinced that Sanctuary is safe and clean again, but it seems that Evelyne doesn't share that opinion. Finally, Evelyne has also been fighting to create the Sanctuary Initiative as a way for Sanctuary to defend itself and conduct missions. October 15 2015 After Evelyne posted this tweet, Iscariot returned to Twitter, opening some old wounds. Some information was also found about a research project that goes by the name of Extant. October 31 2015 Evelyne discovered an online blog where someone started posting anonymous messages about Sanctuary and Sanctuary personnel. There was some debate about the owner of the blog, but nothing has been revealed so far.
  16. The story so far [OOC]

    Serenity During a party hosted by Evelyne and Sanctuary on February 13 2015, Iscariot, who was discovered during Genesis, started communicating with players on Twitter. The mysterious leader of the rogue agents began interacting with players and started giving several hints to the future. An ancient artifact was also found in Trinity Park and several clues towards Iscariot's true identity were also revealed. Below you can find a full overview of all the tweets and interactions from Iscariot during Serenity.
  17. The story so far [OOC]

    Season Three The Keepers: Season Three (Also referred to as Operation Extant) is the third part in the storyline involving an organisation called the Keepers. Sanctuary 13: Genesis was an introduction to this season. The season later continued during the Serenity event and will conclude with the Extant storyline. Sanctuary 13: Genesis was an RP event hosted by the Sanctuary Network and Radio Free Gaia. During the event, players participated in a live investigation mission that continued the story of Operation Chess. There were also several trivia questions and a party. Council Investigation The Council of Venice got involved and took down the Sanctuary website as part of an investigation into the Sanctuary Network. Down The Rabbit Hole After a murder in the Tabula Rosa, it is discovered that a rogue organization is working from within the Sanctuary, led by somoneone who refers to himself as Iscariot. Evelyne eventually manages to talk with one of the rogue agent and she becomes more and more concerned about the state Sanctuary is in.
  18. The story so far [OOC]

    Operation Chess The next part of Season Two, Operation Chess started with posts in the Sanctuary Forum RPG that re-introduced Eloise Cortez and teased the escape of a villain that would soon turn against Sanctuary. A Storm Approaches The ARG officially started on july 4 2014, when Eloise Cortez joined Twitter and the Sanctuary Forums. A new generation of players was introduced to the Keepers via an orientation powerpoint and a video from the 2013 elections. Eloise also promised that there would a Keepers Q&A from July 7 until July 13 to give the players even more information about the organization that is behind the Sanctuary Network. A series of messages were intercepted that hinted at an attack on the Sanctuary Network. The Return of a Tyrant It is revealed that the person who is planning the attacks on Sanctuary is James Zimbardo. It was also revealed that all Sanctuary buildings have been build on top of inactive Gaia Engines and that Zimbardo was looking for the keys to activate those engines. After attacking the Seoul Sanctuary and kidnappng Evelyne, Eloise gives Zimbardo the first key in exchange for her daughter. The Kingdom Falls With two engines activated, a race against the clock begins to stop Zimbardo from activated the final three engines. Zimbardo activates the Venice key and Eloise disappears with the final two keys. Then the remaining two engines got activated. Eloise briefly resurfaces to show a few documents that she found in a safe in Zimbardo's apartment which hinted at a mysterious ritual. The players reluctantly provide Eloise with all the information they can find in the documents and Eloise disappears again. Revelations It was revealed that Eloise activated the remaining two engines together with Zimbardo, who she was pretending to work with. Then Eloise killed Zimbardo and sacrificed herself to seal the engines once and for all, not unlike her parents had done a few years ago. Evelyne was appointed as her successor. After this all the engines became inactive again. No bodies were found for Eloise or Zimbardo. The medicine managed to slowly restore Evelyne's health. Following her death a memorial service was held for Eloise and it was decided that Evelyne would take her place as the leader of the Keepers.
  19. The story so far [OOC]

    Season Two The Second season started after the creation of the Sanctuary and was spread out over several events over the course of 2014. The events introduced a new generation of players to the Keepers and esthablished Sanctuary as an organization. Sanctuary 13: The Secrets of Solomon was an event hosted by the Sanctuary Network. During the event the players received four different missions: The investigation run, the dungeon runs, the item hunt and the faction cooperation pictures. A letter from Eloise Prior to the event a message from Eloise Cortez was posted on the Sanctuary Forums. The message gave more insight into the relationship between the Keepers, the Sanctuary Network and the Sanctuary Foundation as well as placing several restrictions on the event. Investigation Run Evelyne Ryan attempts to commit suicide after discovering that her biological father has died. She is eventually stopped by the players and manages to let her father go. Dungeon Run Solomon Island is known for its many secrets, every closet has a skeleton here. A ghost ship has stranded on the shores of Solomon Island, the motel has a door that goes straight to hell and an old man tells stories from a time gone by. It is up to you to go in there and discover the many Secrets that Solomon Island is hiding. Faction Cooperation Pictures It’s not all about fighting and conflicts on Solomon Island though. While you are on Solomon Island, take pictures that show off cooperation between the different factions. The Council of Venice might just reward you for your effort. Item Hunt The Phoenicians have found a treasure chest on the shores of Solomon Island. The factions are most interested in the content of this treasure chest and they have started negotiations with the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians may be pirates, but they aren’t unreasonable. They have decided that will they sell the treasure chest to the faction that provides them with the most metal, weapons and gear. The Illuminati managed to provide the most resources and acquired the chest.
  20. Favourite TV series

    I approve on GoT and AHS. I still watch OUaT as well, but that hasn't really been good in a long time.
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    I want to like, but I've run out of likes for the day. So... like.
  22. Sanctuary AMA: Halloween with Scrivnomancer

    Thank you so much for coming and Happy Halloween! :)
  23. Either completely new or existing thing to pick up again.
  24. Those Marquard Frescos

    Oh I like this one...