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  1. newbie build help

    Hi Zakuknight, I think this guide will answer your question, especially the chapter called : "Build & Deck" Bye, Darkmoonrise
  2. Leech+Hammer build

    -= Introduction =- You're an HL player, you like too leech but you're bored because you're overstuffed and 50% of you're healing is for nothing? Here is a solution : the leech+hammer build : http://www.tsw-builder.com/#92v911954222200235961976a30p612421845210905932916a31 -= The problem =- Standard leech build is composed of 2 abilities: "Anima shot" (AS) and "Transfuse Anima" (TA). 7xAS - 1xTA - 7xAS - 1xTA... Boooooriiiiiiing. And when you're overstuffed, 50% of your heal is for nothing because you're overhealing. -= The solution =- Take another builder, "smash" (S) and a consumer, "Molten Steel" (MS). Use S to build without healing and AS when healing is needed. -= Rotation =- There is no specific rotation here but are the rules: 1. Wathever happends, always cast TA on EF! And at each rotation. Almost all the heal comes from here (when your glyph are ok, you can almost instant full heal the tank with this attack so don't be afraid to let the HP of the tank goes very low) 2. When you don't need heal, build with S 3. When you need heal, build with AS 4. Use MS when you got 5 hammer resources 5. "Reap and Sew" and "Energize" are no longer emergency abilities, they are part of the rotation because you need buff to sustain leeching while DPSing a lot. 5. Don't forget you have Full momentum for more damage Exemple: This is a standard rotation I use for an easy figth in Polaris. If something goes messy, I let this rotation burn in hell and I go back to standard leeching (7xAS - 1xTA). 1xMS(damage) - 1xFull Momentum - 1xMS(damage) - 5xAS(heal) - 1xTA(heal) - 3xS(damage) - 1xAS(heal) - 2xS(damage) - 1xMS(damage) - 1xTA(heal) - 2xS(damage) - 1xEnergize - 1xAS(heal) - 3xS(damage) - 1xMS(damage) - 1xTA(heal) -= Remark 1 =- At the beggining of the fight you have this timing: 1. 1-2 seconds before the first hit on the tank 2. a lot of damage due to the fact that debilitate is not yet applied 3. standard damage That's why you have time to cast 2xMS, then you need a lot of heal (5xAS, 1xTA) and then you can go back to normal DPS-leeching. -= Remark 2 =- With this build, you can have a standard DPS of 2-3k on POL and DW, a little bit lower for for HR (don't forget to slot fever pitch and perjury), HE and SH. I personally leech POL1..5, HR1..5, DW1..6, HE1-2-5-6 and SH1-3-5-6bis with this build on a daily basis. The tank has always an heart attack at the first boss of POLA but after that it's alright. -= Stats =- Here are my stats when using this build: Hit : 473 Penetration : 911 Critical Rating : 279 Critical Power : 460 Heal Rating : 664 Attack Rating : 3397 -= Augments =- In the same order than the VDM link 1 Piercing 2 Ferocious 3 Brutal 4 Accurate 5 Curing 6 Inspiring 7 Restorative -= Signets =- Head : Laceration Majors : Coney - Violence - Violence Minor : Token - Thirst - Equilibrium
  3. Blade/Elementalist need feedback.

    ​Hi Vanor, I agree with all what Pclav wrote but I'll add my own opinion. I think you though about an afflict build when you designed it, no? It's basically not a bad idea but having two builder isn't that optimal. If you want to stay with blade/elem, I propose you this build. But it doesn't fulfil your wish to attack at long range at the beginning of the fight. If you want to have a long ranged survival build, I would try riffle/blade with a leech ability. You can use Lock&Load at the beginning of the fight to directly cast the rifle consumer. But to be honnest, survival build are more efficient in close combat, you can try the build of The little pragmatic guide to begin tsw (see "Build" sub chapter) Have fun ^^ Darky
  4. Newbie question about roles in TSW...

    ​Then the heal/leech isn't doing his job well. She/he need to slot SoH and kite the mini-squid and the bombs while DPS stand on the left and Tank on the right of the maxi-squid.
  5. The little pragmatic guide to begin TSW

    Thanks Firstly I want to thank you for reading this guide till the end. If you liked it or have a comment, don't hesitate to say it on this thread. I want to thank Pandraghon for correcting this text.
  6. The little pragmatic guide to begin TSW

    After this guide First when you reach mid-Egypt, you will have understood a lot of things about the game so another gameplay guide should not be necessary. When you understand how a build works and how different abilities interact one with another, you'll be able to make your own awesome build! But here are 2 last advice for you. The first one is about the SP and AP, how to use them correctly. For the SP I suggest you unlock weapons, talismans and auxiliary weapons, then the aegis and at least the augments. For the AP I suggest you unlock all you need for your roles in the main wheel and in the auxiliary weapon wheel, then unlock the rest of both wheel and then start with the augments. The second one is about your End Game deck. There are minimum requirements to run the end game without too much trouble and the easiest way to make the end game fun is to have the right stuff. It's here that the glyphs on your stuff become interesting. They give you additional points in your different characteristics. So if you plan your glyphing a little bit in advance you'll be able to save a lot of black bullions (end game money). So here are the different minimum stats you need in each role for the end game. - DPS - HP = 1970 (no health talisman), Heal Rating = 0 (No heal talisman), Attack rating: ~= 4200 (only attack talisman) Hit rating ~= 650, Penetration rating ~= 850, The remaining split on critical rating and critical power depending on your build. That makes around 500 points to split on both stats. - Leech - I never spoke about leeching ‘cause it's hard to leech at low level, but to be short it's healing your friend by dealing damage to your enemy. There is almost no pure heal in endgame because it's far too overkill. HP = 1970 (no health talisman), Heal Rating ~= 1000 (1 major, 1 minor), Attack rating ~= 3200 (the rest) Hit rating ~= 650, Penetration rating ~= 1000, critical power ~= 400 -Tank - HP ~= 8500 (2 majors, 1 minor), Heal Rating ~= 0 (no heal talisman), Attack rating ~= 2200 (the rest) Block rating ~= 750, hit rating ~= 650, penetration rating ~= 650
  7. The little pragmatic guide to begin TSW

    The loot -= Talismans, weapons, potions, etc =- When you get a loot, first check if you can use it. Yes? Great, use it! No? In this case you have to get rid of it. So if you can disassemble it, do it and keep the craft material. Otherwise sale it to the next merchant. - Why disassemble? - That's simple. At the beginning you don't need the craft components but keep them, you'll need them for augments when you reach the end game. Moreover money is not really a problem so selling them won't bring you a lot of advantages. -= Money =- There is 2 things you have to buy first. Inventory place and sprint level. Increasing the inventory capacity isn't that important. Just buy more place when you get rid of it but 80 slots is far enough until mid Egypt. What is really important is the sprint level. At the beginning, you have sprint I but you can buy sprint II, III and IV. They cost respectively 100k, 500k and 1M pax. They can be bought at your faction HQ and you have to buy them in order, you cannot jump from sprint I to sprint IV. So save money and when you have enough go buy the next level of sprint. You'll see, your life won’t be the same.
  8. The little pragmatic guide to begin TSW

    Build & Deck -= Decks =- The deck is the collection of talismans you're wearing. Each of those talismans has a category. Health talisman which give more HP (good for tanking), Attack Rating talisman which give more Attack power (good for DPS) and Heal Rating talisman which give more heal power (good for healer). Moreover, each talisman comes along with a glyph that add different value to the statistics of your character: block rating, critical rating, hit rating, etc., etc. For the beginning of your journey, I suggest you collect talismans to be able to create two decks. One for survival and one for your specific role in dungeons. In both case, at the beginning, and at the beginning only!, the glyph attached to the talisman isn't that important. For the specific one, you'll have to check dungeon guides but here is a brief summary to have an idea. DPS: maximum attack rating, Healer: maximum heal rating, Tank: 1/2 Health 1/2 Attack rating For the survival deck, your state is depending on the level of your equipment but here are what you should have in state from nq0 to nq10. HP: 2000 to 4500, Heal rating:100 to 800, the rest in Attack rating -= Abilities =- Before starting with the build, you have to know a little bit more about the abilities present in this game. There are multiple categories of abilities *Builders: They are weak abilities that build weapon resources. *Consumer: Those are powerful abilities that consume weapon resources. Impossible to cast without resources. *Cooldown abilities: those abilities neither build resources nor consume them. But they can only be cast with a certain amount of time between each cast. (remark: all the categories under this line are a subcategory of the cool down category) *Buff: They give special bonus, limited in time, to either the caster or the group (more damage, more speed, more defence, ...) *DeBuff: They give malus, limited in time, to the enemies (more damage token, less speed, less defence, ...) *Dash: They allow a quick move of the player. Very convenient for tanks or survival builds. *Impair: They force the enemy to stop doing something. Often stop casting a powerful attack. Moreover, there are two types of abilities. Active abilities which contain all the categories above and passive abilities which contains only Buff, Debuff and Impair. Now the game is: for a specific task, find the best combination of abilities! And it's a funny game! -= Build =- Basically, you can use whatever weapon you want. But, for me and many others, the best survival weapons are sword and hammer Like for the deck, I suggest you to unlock the abilities for two builds, 1 survival build and 1 dungeon build. For the dungeon build, this website contains beginner dungeon build for each role so go have a look. For the survival build I propose you this one: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#12v111144222213113115206p612112530503975114216 It is used like this: To do damage : 6x Blade torrent (BT), 1xClearing the path (CP) , 1xMolten Steel (MS) (the idea is to cast Molten steel with the buff of elemental force) Variante at the beginning of the fight: 1xCP, 1xMS, 5xBT, 1xMS, 1xCP, 5xBT, 1xCP, 1xMS Need some HP : Martial Discipline Need some rest : Stonewalled or Shockwave You're about to die : Shockwave -> Martial Discipline -> hit until the enemies get up again -> Stonewalled. It will give you a little bit fresh air to breath. Need to impair : Shockwave Need for a quick escape : Surging Blades If you up two builds in parallel, you will reach this build around mid Egypt so here are 2 intermediary build: early build: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#12v111104222102113115206p612112105205110114216 mid build: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#12v111104222102113115206p612112530503110114216 to go from the mid build to the final build, I suggest you go unlock leeching frenzy prior to active abilities. -= Using SP and AP =- - SP - Basically, as a beginner, you have 7 things to up with your SP. 3 Talismans, 2 survival weapons and 2 dungeon weapons. It's possible that the 2 dungeon weapons are the same than the survival ones. The best way to use your SP is to up them at the same rate. Every skills at level 1, then every skills at level 2, etc, etc. For the weapon, only up one line, not both. You’ll have time for the second one later. - AP - Here you have two builds to up, so just follow your dream.
  9. The little pragmatic guide to begin TSW

    Information management -= Information management =- The most important point if you want to be efficient in something is the amount information you have. Too much information takes too much time to process, too few information give not enough data. You need the right amount of information to be efficient in a task. This rule apply to video games too. And the way you get information is through your HUD. That's why it is important to have it well configured. If there is not enough information you will not be able to react correctly to the situation. If there is too much information you won't be able to process them all quickly enough to take your decision in time. To be efficient you need to ask yourself 2 questions : “what is my state?” and “what is the state of my target?”. In solo mode, the target is your enemy. In dungeon target = enemy if you're DPS or tank, Target = tank/whole group if you're healer. The state of an object (player or mobs) contains : * Its position in space * Its amount of HP left * Buff and debuff on it (need to be filtered to get rid of unimportant info) * Its current casting * (For you only) the resources you have for each weapon By knowing those 2 states, you can choose the best action to perform to reach your goal. -= Add-ons =- Basically you have all those information on the standard display of the game but not in an quick and ergonomic way. So here are some add-on you can install that allow you to have those information in a readable way. * Five alive, change the team windows to show the HP of the whole group in a better way than the default display. https://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?79381-MOD-FiveAlive * Effect UI, allows to display a lot of information about the buff/debuff and current casting applied on an object. http://www.curse.com/tsw-mods/tsw/effect-monitor * Resource relocator, allows you to move the resource counters from their original position. http://www.curse.com/tsw-mods/tsw/resource-relocator Here are 3 other add-on that are useful utilities but don't add any information on the screen. * elemental force reset, allows to reset the elemental force counter when you’re out of combat. Useful in dungeon. http://www.curse.com/tsw-mods/tsw/elementalforcecounter * Topbar Information Overload, change the topbar with something more practical. http://www.curse.com/tsw-mods/tsw/topbar-information-overload * UltimateCrafter, allows to auto break and auto upgrade object in your inventory. Both tools are disabled by default, you have to configure it first. And caution to not disassemble a valuable object you need! It's irreversible! http://www.curse.com/tsw-mods/tsw/autocrafter -= Configure HUD =- Here is the configuration of my own HUD: http://i.imgur.com/jCIrPmz.jpg legend: 1. Team windows and defensive target (shows HP and major debuff: burn and bleed) (five alive) 2. Your life 3. debuff on you (filtered) (effect UI) 4. Important counter for synchronisation purpose 5. Weapon resources (resource relocator) 6. Enemy HP (moved from its default location with the normal GUI customization option) 7. Enemy current casting (effect UI) 8. Enemy buff/debuff (filtered) (effect UI) 9. clickable shortcuts done (pinned inventory bag) 10. Main inventory bag pinned to show what I loot 11. A little bit bigger map than default (configure in the option) (F10 > Interface options > Advanced > Minimap scale) remarks: I configured the pinned windows opacity to 0. (F10 > Interface options > Advanced > Pinned windows opacity) I configured the meshing of the current target. (F10 > Interface options > General > Enable PvE target outline for the following targets > Hostile and friendly) I configured the scale of the inventory a little bit smaller. (F10 > Interface options > Advanced > Inventory scale) Here is my configuration string for effect UI. (Open the effect ui windows > gear icon upright > import > copy past) PositionRecordManagerRec1X[740], Visualizer3UID[1421869428203-270910128.08283], Visualizer1UID[1416508933292-9676585511.6948], PositionRecordManagerRec5X[742], PositionRecordManagerRec9X[100], VisualizerCount[5], PositionRecordManagerRec20Name[1421353352675-3071355664.4207], Visualizer0OutlineColour[16777215], PositionRecordManagerRec20Y[640], PositionRecordManagerRec11sY[454], Visualizer1RightToLeft[false], Visualizer3RightToLeft[false], Visualizer2VisualizerTarget[0], Visualizer4Size[3], Visualizer0VisualizerTarget[1], Visualizer1Name[OTEffects], Visualizer0Indicator35DefinitionString[Ice Shot#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer1GrowthDirection[1], Visualizer0Indicator4DefinitionString[Tide Wall#5000FF | pulse], PositionRecordManagerItemCount[26], Visualizer0Indicator8DefinitionString[Underworld Miasma#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer2Indicator4DefinitionString[Breaching Shot], PositionRecordManagerRec3Y[706], Visualizer4Indicator1DefinitionString[Exposed | <10 pulse], Visualizer4Indicator2DefinitionString[Afflicted ], PositionRecordManagerRec19Name[1416508933292-9676585511.6948], PositionRecordManagerRec7Y[590], Visualizer0Indicator3DefinitionString[Deathsquall#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer2Indicator0DefinitionString[Sandstorm | >6 pulse], Visualizer2Indicator3DefinitionString[Filth Exposure], Visualizer0Indicator0DefinitionString[Mjolnir's Echo#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator7DefinitionString[Blood Boil#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer3GrowthDirection[0], Visualizer2Indicator7DefinitionString[Insanity], PositionRecordManagerRec23Name[1421869428203-270910128.08283], PositionRecordManagerRec23X[1216], PositionRecordManagerRec6Name[1415142131590-9054543650.489], PositionRecordManagerRec19X[776], Visualizer0Indicator34DefinitionString[Ice Imprisonment#5000FF | pulse], PositionRecordManagerRec2Name[1415142131591-7484692849.0989], Visualizer1PrimaryAlpha[50], PositionRecordManagerRec18Name[1416180769166-795655334.5536], Visualizer3VisualizerBehaviour[0], PositionRecordManagerRec10Y[210], Visualizer1VisualizerBehaviour[0], Visualizer1Visability[true], PositionRecordManagerRec24X[769], Visualizer2Outline[false], Visualizer0Indicator17DefinitionString[Heka Blast#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Outline[false], Visualizer4ShowTooltips[false], Visualizer2ShowTooltips[true], Visualizer1DrawLabel[true], PositionRecordManagerRec2Y[80], Visualizer1ClickToCancel[false], PositionRecordManagerRec6Y[26], Visualizer3SystemColours[false], PositionRecordManagerRec17Name[1416180096889-6261486058.65], Visualizer3TextColour[16777215], Visualizer1Thickness[4], Visualizer2VisualizerType[6], PositionRecordManagerRec13Y[556], Visualizer1Exclusions[], Visualizer4VisualizerType[4], Visualizer0Indicator16DefinitionString[Arcane Halo#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0UID[1415142131590-2027642473.5849], PositionRecordManagerRec16Name[1415990507162-2122225342.8125], PositionRecordManagerRec10X[538], PositionRecordManagerRec12Y[466], PositionRecordManagerRec24Y[534], Visualizer0IndicatorCount[38], Visualizer0Indicator21DefinitionString[Vile Tendril#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer1VisualizerTarget[1], Visualizer0RightToLeft[false], Visualizer0Indicator11DefinitionString[Sanguine Omen#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer3Size[3], Visualizer0Name[OTCast], Visualizer2Name[Incrément], PositionRecordManagerRec1Y[526], PositionRecordManagerRec5Y[368], Visualizer4GrowthDirection[1], Visualizer1Indicator3DefinitionString[Anima Depletion | <3s pulse], Visualizer1Indicator2DefinitionString[Lumbering Rage], PositionRecordManagerRec9Y[100], PositionRecordManagerRec15Name[1415309442762-6223209422.5993], Visualizer1Indicator6DefinitionString[Call From The Deapth], Visualizer1Indicator7DefinitionString[Auto-Repair System | <3s pulse], PositionRecordManagerRec23Y[504], Visualizer0SecondaryAlpha[100], PositionRecordManagerRec15Y[743], Visualizer2SecondaryAlpha[100], Visualizer4DrawTimer[true], Visualizer0Indicator20DefinitionString[Firmament Barrage#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator10DefinitionString[Dash#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer2PrimaryAlpha[100], Visualizer2ShelfFill[1], Visualizer0PrimaryAlpha[60], Visualizer0DefaultSecondaryColour[6645093], Visualizer4ShelfFill[1], PositionRecordManagerRec14Name[1415309407311-838552501.71352], PositionRecordManagerRec22Name[1421577446367-3670006765.4415], Visualizer4IgnorePlayer[false], Visualizer4Visability[false], Visualizer2VisualizerBehaviour[0], PositionRecordManagerRec12X[337], Visualizer2IgnorePlayer[false], Visualizer4EffectCategoryFilter[7], PositionRecordManagerRec14Y[649], Visualizer2DefaultColour[10066414], Visualizer4VisualizerBehaviour[0], Visualizer4DrawLabel[true], Visualizer3Outline[false], Visualizer0Indicator23DefinitionString[Black hole#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator33DefinitionString[Scanner#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer4DefaultColour[48059], Visualizer4SystemColours[false], Visualizer2EffectCategoryFilter[7], PositionRecordManagerRec0Y[170], PositionRecordManagerRec4Y[370], Visualizer2SystemColours[false], PositionRecordManagerRec8Y[843], PositionRecordManagerRec25Name[1429205133385-6997957654.9954], Visualizer0Thickness[5], Visualizer2ClickToCancel[false], PositionRecordManagerRec13Name[1415309337786-6759541962.9383], Visualizer4ClickToCancel[true], Visualizer0TextColour[16777215], Visualizer4Exclusions[], PositionRecordManagerRec21X[666], Visualizer1VisualizerType[0], PositionRecordManagerRec17Y[554], Visualizer2Exclusions[], Visualizer0Indicator32DefinitionString[Grenade#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator22DefinitionString[Phase#5000FF | pulse], PositionRecordManagerRec12Name[1415307685363-8426350224.3968], Visualizer2OutlineColour[16777215], PositionRecordManagerRec22X[895], PositionRecordManagerRec14X[337], Visualizer4OutlineColour[16777215], PositionRecordManagerRec16Y[480], Visualizer4VisualizerTarget[1], Visualizer1IndicatorCount[8], Visualizer0Size[5], Visualizer3IndicatorCount[2], Visualizer0Indicator25DefinitionString[Caldera#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer2Size[2], Visualizer3Name[Force elem], Visualizer0Indicator15DefinitionString[Molten Metal#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator9DefinitionString[Concuss#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator5DefinitionString[Psychic Death Zone#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer4Indicator0DefinitionString[Debilitated | <10 pulse], Visualizer4Indicator3DefinitionString[Bloodsport], Visualizer2Indicator1DefinitionString[Mist | >6 pulse], Visualizer0Indicator2DefinitionString[Deep Calling#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator1DefinitionString[Charged Hack#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer2Indicator2DefinitionString[Snared], Visualizer2Indicator5DefinitionString[Deadly Aim], Visualizer0Indicator6DefinitionString[Tide Wall#5000FF | pulse], PositionRecordManagerRec11Name[1415211907028-5336551260.0487], Visualizer2Indicator6DefinitionString[Short Fuse], PositionRecordManagerRec11X[296], Visualizer1SecondaryAlpha[100], Visualizer3SecondaryAlpha[100], PositionRecordManagerRec19Y[681], Visualizer3DefaultSecondaryColour[6645093], Visualizer3DrawTimer[true], Visualizer3ShelfFill[1], Visualizer1DrawTimer[true], Visualizer0Indicator24DefinitionString[Calling the Cosmos#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator14DefinitionString[Searing Brand#5000FF | pulse], CounterFudgeEffects[], Visualizer1ShelfFill[1], Visualizer3PrimaryAlpha[100], Visualizer1DefaultSecondaryColour[6645093], PositionRecordManagerRec2X[795], PositionRecordManagerRec6X[1324], Visualizer1IgnorePlayer[false], PositionRecordManagerRec10Name[ConfigDialog], PositionRecordManagerRec22Y[303], Visualizer3IgnorePlayer[false], Visualizer0Indicator37DefinitionString[Psychic Renewal#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator27DefinitionString[Carburising Flames#5000FF | pulse], PositionRecordManagerRec16X[73], Visualizer3Visability[true], Visualizer1DefaultColour[15610675], PositionRecordManagerRec18Y[480], Visualizer3DefaultColour[15610675], Visualizer4Outline[false], Visualizer1EffectCategoryFilter[7], Visualizer3DrawLabel[true], Visualizer3EffectCategoryFilter[7], Visualizer0ShowTooltips[false], Visualizer1SystemColours[false], Visualizer3ClickToCancel[true], PositionRecordManagerRec13X[337], PositionRecordManagerRec21Name[1421353442549-3654114774.8134], Visualizer1TextColour[16777215], Visualizer3Thickness[3], Visualizer0VisualizerType[0], PositionRecordManagerRec21Y[486], Visualizer3Exclusions[], PositionRecordManagerRec25X[343], PositionRecordManagerRec9Name[1415142639124-3393558532.3241], PositionRecordManagerRec5Name[1415142131590-2027642473.5849], IsFirstLoad[false], Visualizer0Indicator26DefinitionString[Shadow in the Blood#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator36DefinitionString[Call to the Depths#5000FF | pulse], PositionRecordManagerRec1Name[1415142131591-9679729901.1796], Visualizer2UID[1416180769166-795655334.5536], PositionRecordManagerRec3X[1392], Visualizer4UID[1429205133385-6997957654.9954], PositionRecordManagerRec7X[508], PositionRecordManagerRec24Name[1422547139924-1886995614.48], Visualizer0Indicator29DefinitionString[Painwheel Overdrive#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer3OutlineColour[16777215], Visualizer0Indicator19DefinitionString[Catastrophic Feedback#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer1OutlineColour[16777215], Visualizer2RightToLeft[false], Visualizer4Name[Test], Visualizer3VisualizerTarget[0], PositionRecordManagerRec18X[1403], Visualizer0Indicator31DefinitionString[Alternating Current#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer2IndicatorCount[8], Visualizer4IndicatorCount[4], Visualizer4RightToLeft[false], Visualizer1Size[4], Visualizer3Indicator0DefinitionString[Elemental Force#FF0000 | >5 pulse | <10s pulse | show: Force Elem], Visualizer3Indicator1DefinitionString[Momentum#FFFF00 | >4 pulse | <10s pulse | show: Momentum], Visualizer1Indicator0DefinitionString[Frenzy], Visualizer1Indicator1DefinitionString[Ursinity], Visualizer2GrowthDirection[0], Visualizer0GrowthDirection[1], Visualizer1Indicator4DefinitionString[Infernal Mantle], Visualizer1Indicator5DefinitionString[Distress Signal | <3s pulse], Visualizer4SecondaryAlpha[100], Visualizer0Indicator28DefinitionString[Black Iron Bulwark#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0Indicator18DefinitionString[Ancient artifacts#5000FF | pulse], PositionRecordManagerRec15X[337], PositionRecordManagerRec8Name[1415142453405-995105901.03341], ReslotResetEffects[], Visualizer0Indicator30DefinitionString[Drink Deep#5000FF | pulse], PositionRecordManagerRec4Name[1415142131590-1717555378.9636], Visualizer0ShelfFill[1], Visualizer0DrawTimer[true], PositionRecordManagerRec0Name[1415142131590-9356167274.3773], Visualizer2DrawTimer[false], Visualizer2DefaultSecondaryColour[3342336], PositionRecordManagerRec0X[782.25], PositionRecordManagerRec4X[340], Visualizer4PrimaryAlpha[100], Visualizer4DefaultSecondaryColour[6645093], PositionRecordManagerRec8X[1106], WeaponJuggleEffects[], Visualizer0IgnorePlayer[false], Visualizer0VisualizerBehaviour[6], PositionRecordManagerRec20X[666], Visualizer0Visability[true], Visualizer2Visability[true], Visualizer2DrawLabel[true], Visualizer0Indicator13DefinitionString[Macro shock#5000FF | pulse], Visualizer0DefaultColour[65280], Visualizer3ShowTooltips[false], Visualizer1Outline[false], Visualizer0DrawLabel[true], Visualizer0EffectCategoryFilter[7], Visualizer1ShowTooltips[false], Visualizer0SystemColours[false], Visualizer4Thickness[3], Visualizer0ClickToCancel[false], Visualizer4TextColour[16777215], Visualizer2TextColour[16777215], Visualizer2Thickness[2], Visualizer3VisualizerType[6], Visualizer0Exclusions[], PositionRecordManagerRec17X[64], PositionRecordManagerRec25Y[458], Visualizer0Indicator12DefinitionString[Exhale The Void#5000FF | pulse], PositionRecordManagerRec7Name[1415142131590-6035929824.234], PositionRecordManagerRec3Name[1415142131591-9555811681.6813]
  10. The little pragmatic guide to begin TSW

    How to play -= General behaviour =- TSW has a very good community but I begin this guide with some basic kindness rules that apply IG (and IRL). 1. Always be polite 2. Always be patient 3. Always be gentle 4. If someone doesn't understand something, don't say the same sentence again. It won't help. Explain it another way or with more details. 5. Always give a hand to someone in difficulty. We don't let other player die! -= Combat =- Mobs have two types of attack : Single target and Area of Effect (AoE). Moreover there is two ways to cast an ability: instant (or really fast) and slow. By combining both, you have 4 categories of attacks. Here, a description and the behaviour you should have for each of them. *Single target / instant cast : Those are the "normal" attacks. Here you should just continue to hit the mob and take the damage. *Area of Effect / instant cast : Those are named cleave and they do a lot of damage. You see them almost only in dungeon (Ur' Draug and Machine Tyrant for instance). Here the tank should take the damage and the healer should be ready to heal it right after the hit. *Single target / slow cast : Those are pretty damaging attacks difficult to avoid. You need to impair them, i.e. force the mob to stop its casting. Impairing a mob is done with a special ability, see "Build & Deck" chapter. *Area of Effect / slow cast : Those are normal aoes. You will graphically see the casting on the ground. They can have multiple shape : circle, cone or rectangle. Just avoid them. - How to avoid aoe - When you fight a mob with aoe capabilities, be sure to have clear area around you. When the cast begin you have to run away. There are two parameters to have in mind : how and where. * How: The best way is to strafe away from the boss. You'll have a good speed and will be able to continue to hit it as long as your weapon's range allows it. Dodging away is a good solution too. If the aoe is really huge, then you'll need a dash (ability that make you move quickly) to go away fast enough. (See "Build & Deck" chapter) * Where: The best direction to take is in function of the shape of the aoe. For circles, just take any direction, it doesn't matter. For cones and rectangles just turn around the mob and place yourself in his back. -= Tacos =- Buy tacos! and eat them. Firstly because there is an achievement related to them. And secondly because it increases the out of combat health regeneration. So I have them in shortcut 5 and every time I go out of combat I eat one so I can start the next combat sooner. -= Potions =- Use potions! Potions save lives! They are not that hard to loot or craft so use them. The most useful one is the Heal potion made from dust. Problem with a strong mob, try Critical rating or penetration rating or hit rating potion. If you take too much damage, try block rating potion. -= Quests =- The Secret World is an investigation oriented MMORPG. It means you need your brain to fulfill quest. So here is the advice: "Turn your brain on and think". I suggest you to add waypoints on your map that show every mission you already did. Doing that, you'll be able to quickly see how many missions left in the area. To go a little bit faster, do not forget anima wells teleportation unless you like to travel by foot. If you do all the quests once in a particular zone, you'll gain enough XP to start the next one without troubles. Investigation missions require a good overall knowledge of a zone, I suggest you to do them at the end of the zone so you know every little path, every little oddness of the landscape. Speaking about the landscape, don't hesitate to add a note on your map if you find something odd, like a body with a cell phone, an invocation stone or whatever that have no interaction yet but looks like you can interact with them later. -= Scenarii =- Do scenarii as soon as possible. Scenarii have a lot of advantages: * It's the fastest way to get XP * It loots augments * It loots aureus Xp is for direct use, augments and aureus are for the endgame for the whole augmentations mechanism. But looting augments and aureus is quick difficult so the sooner you start the more you will have in stock when you start your augment wheel. Scenarii are tough, really. Especially at the beginning but once you understand them and know them, it's fun to play. There is a good guide about scenarii in this website: http://www.tswdb.com/miscellaneous/scenarios/ -= Dungeon =- I won't explain all dungeon mechanisms here but only the basic ones : What is the role of everyone in a dungeon group. For build and strategy, there is a lot of content on this website. So a dungeon group is composed by 5 players. * 1 Tank * 1 Healer * 3 DPS - The Tank - The tank is the one who has a lot to do. He has to: 1. Keep the aggro of the boss. It means the boss need to focus the tank so the others can do what they have to do. 2. Place the boss at the best position to allow the DPS to deal the highest damage possible. 3. Impair devastating aoes that will kill everybody in one shot (OS). 4. Apply all the following states on the boss (in order of importance): exposed, afflicted, debilitated. - The Healer - This one is pretty easy to explain but harder to apply : keep the tank alive. The tank dies -> everyone die. The heal dies -> the tank dies -> everyone die. - The DPS - The DPS have one single task : deal damage! a lot of damage! To help, there are 3 major buffs (abilities that give a temporary bonus to the player) every group should have : Deadly Aim (da), Breaching shot (bs) and Short fuse (sf). They will normally be cast at the beginning of the fight after 4 builders so all the consumers will be under buff and do a maximum of damage. Generally, one player takes a Pistol/Shotgun build and provides dabs (Deadly Aim and Breaching shot) and another DPS or the heal takes Elem/Something to provide sf (Short fuse)
  11. Introduction !!Warning Spoilers!! This post contains major spoilers! Not about ​​the story but about the gameplay itself. If you want to discover the game and its gameplay by yourself, quit reading immediately! The Secret World is the most awesome game ever, so discovering it on your own is the best way. -= What it's not =- This guide doesn't explain how the game works. It doesn't explain how to slot an ability, how to buy clothes or how to accept a quest. For this you have this really good article on this website http://www.tswdb.com/miscellaneous/the-secret-world-beginner-guide/. It's not an end game guide. It doesn’t give any solution for mission. It's not a PvP guide. ​​ -= What it is =- This guide is a gathering of tips and tricks to allow an easy start in the game. What to do. What not to do. It focuses on the questing/leveling part of the game and a little bit about basic dungeon strategy. It stops around the middle of Egypt in terms of Ability/Skills points. I wrote this guide alone so, currently, it only contains my point of view. And I'm far to know everything about this game so it contains errors for sure. Your feedbacks are more than welcome and I will correct/update all the content as long as I agree with your remarks. -= Why I wrote it =- So recently I started a reroll, a brand new character. Like all reroll, it was pretty easy because of all the knowledge I’ve gathered through the game. Moreover, The Secret World was my very first MMORPG so during my first leveling I learned all from scratch. For instance, I learned the need/greed/pass mechanism! So I have a pretty good idea of the learning curve in this game. In many tsw forums, I read the same kind of question. To summarise them all, it's something like : "I begin tsw, which weapon should I take? What is the best build? What should I do in this case? etc, etc." They are always legit questions but the answers are always the same. So, with this new experience and my love for sharing what I learned, I decided to write this guide. I hope it will help. P.S. English isn't my mother tongue so there is surely a lot of errors in this text. I'll appreciate if you can point them out and send me a *PM* so I can correct them. Thanks a lot. -= Index =- How to play Information management Build & Deck The loot After this guide
  12. Grand Slam Tank build

    Oh, I read again what I wrote and it doesn't make a lot of sense, you're right. There is no relation between EF/Momentum and Metal Worker. I was talking about the replacement of Metal Worker. Vikestart said to replace it with either EF or 12 Gouge and I was arguing against EF. Yeah but keeping agro with a group with insane DPS is a very particular case. You can always slot vexing augment on your builder. In every case, you should use an agro enhanced builder + agitator.
  13. Grand Slam Tank build

    hi, Vikestart is right. More over if you don't debilitate your target as a tank, your healer will have some stressfull time. So 12 Gouge is necessary. As a tank it's already tricky to synchronise EF with consumers (because of impair, etc, etc.) so sync EF *and* Momentum... So I would definitley replace Metal Worker with 12 gouge and be sure to have enough penetration to make it proc. As a tank you have to be altruistic. Your role is to make the life of other simplier. It means DPS can switch their brain off and do the most awesome DPS ever. And the leecher's heal output should be as low as possible to allow her/him to do as much damage as possible. Your own DPS doesn't matter, it's only a bonus.
  14. Sharing Hammer/Fist build

    Yeah measurement shows the same you said Ciritty. I edit the build.
  15. Sharing Hammer/Fist build

    "I shall call him mini me"