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  1. Introduction Thread

    Thank you. I look forward to meeting with you.
  2. Introduction Thread

    I have to say I am intrigued. Annoyed but intrigued. For the record I'm Sophia Rose. I oversee UK operations. There's a good chance if you had a mission from the UK bases then it will have passed over my desk, even if I wasn't the one actually issuing the orders. I often work from home because I'm caring for my young daughter. Occasionally Kyle helps out but he's very busy and seems to be spending a lot of time in Rome lately. Jason, Evelyne I would appreciate a meeting to discuss the impact of this imitative on my role. There's no rush though.
  3. Sophia sat at her desk. Her meeting with Rayne had been an unwelcome addition to an already complex situation. How much did she know? How much did Sophia know when I came to it? She sat back and pondered to herself. She had gone through all the records that she could find in the archives. As far as she could make out Sanctuary had no spies. It generally didn't have the need for them. Usually Sanctuary's operations didn't require information of a sensitive nature. Oh it was true that agents would occasionally hand over information. But it was usually of their own volition and it was not compulsory. Auroris however was a different kettle of fish. It was common knowledge that he had spies everywhere. Well he would probably refer to it as an information network, but it all amounted to the same thing. The informants were usually people who owed him something. Sooner or later everyone owed him something. The problem was that more and more His actions were being seen as those of Sanctuary's. She would need to have words with him. This was getting out of hand. Sanctuary was supposed to be a relatively neutral agency. It might be amusing to wind up the factions. Hell she enjoyed knocking the Templar down a few pegs as much as the next agent but Auroris' actions were ruffling the wrong feathers. The big issue here was that he wouldn't back down. Neither would Temple Hall. So how best to deal with all this? She got up and paced back and forth for a while. Temple Hall wanted Sanctuary spies out. Well that wasn't possible. They didn't have any, not that Temple Hall would listen. Auroris needed to make some kind of token gesture to reassure them that he was not operating inside the hall. The problem was he was not one for gestures, especially if they seemed to be showing weakness. She started firing off blood darts at a board on the opposite side of the wall. A thought struck her. Rayne wanted the "stolen tech". Sophia knew Auroris well enough to know that he had plenty of time to recreate the tech. Maybe if he handed the gun that killed Kyle, with its bullets to them they would be willing to hear him out. As goodwill gestures went it was the best they had. Armstrong was not an option. From there Auroris could reassure them that he would withdraw his spies from the hall, or at least stop gathering information from them. The way she saw it Temple Hall needed placating. Auroris needed to learn to start operating in the shadows again and Sanctuary needed to regain its reputation as a neutral party. This may go some way towards achieving that. Now she just needed to persuade Auroris of that.
  4. Sophia sat in her study at home and sighed. The mission with James had not gone as planned. She had anticipated a little resistance but not for him to be taken hostage too. Now Kyle was even more agitated at Sanctuary. Maybe he had been right, maybe she shouldn’t have let someone like James go into that situation. Not being blessed by Gaia put him at a significant disadvantage. She hadn’t expected Auroris to answer her call for assistance. Getting there must have taken a lot out of him, he’d used his skills to travel through the shadows after all. He still had a way to go though. And Auroris wasn’t the only one who had work to be doing. She needed to find his spare Sceadu focus. A simple task if your were a madman. She mentally cursed him. She had put out feelers but the problem was it was difficult to explain what people should be looking for when she herself didn’t know. She wandered into the playroom with Felicia and watched her playing with her toys. “I always hated riddles, yes I did.” She cooed to Felicia “And Uncle Auroris is just trying to test my patience isn’t he? Yes he is. He is isn’t he?” Felicia looked up at Sophia and grinned. Sophia picked up her daughter and returned to the study where she went to check up on the contacts she’s asked to look into things for her. The screen was empty. Not an email, nothing. She put the phone on loudspeaker and called one of the contacts. Elizabeth, she’d sent her to Auroris’s old Basement. It was a long shot but worth a try. The phone rang and eventually it was picked up. “Well thank you I must say” Said Elizabeth snappily. “What’s up?” She asked “What’s up? Are you kidding me? This place is in the middle of nowhere. It’s pissing it down and I’m out here surrounded by rubble trying to find “something that may or may not exist to the naked eye”. Everything is just fine Sophia” Elizabeth snarled. “Well you could have sent your trainees” “And you could have sent your own agents, christ knows you have enough at your disposal.” “I couldn’t. This is personal. I can’t use Sanctuary personnel for personal matters” “And there you go again being vague.” Elizabeth snapped “What is this all about Sophia? Is this about Kyle? Are you going to extreme lengths to get your own back on him?” Sophia laughed. “Don’t fucking laugh at me Sophia” “Sorry, this isn’t about Kyle. He’s not a problem for the time being” she said trying to persuade herself as much as Elizabeth. “That doesn’t sound like a no to me” Elizabeth said. “I can’t explain. I’m sorry. I just need to find this item” “Which may or may not exist to the naked eye” Elizabeth prompted “Yes. I know it’s a lot to ask but if anyone can find it then you can” Maybe stroking her ego would help a little. “I’m giving it an hour Sophia” She said “It’s mostly just rubble here. I’d say there’s ashes but it’s raining so badly it’s tough to tell.” “Thanks Elizabeth, I appreciate this” “What ever it is you are up to this had better be worth it.” Elizabeth said “and even if I don’t find anything you owe me” She hung up. Sophia sighed. She made a few more calls but they all turned out pretty much the same. Where had he hidden the damn thing? What did he mean by You’ll probably find it right near the end of the day, if you think outside the box. A safe on a time delay somewhere? No too obvious, besides where would he keep it? Felicia was crawling up her leg. “Mummy is tired darling” Felicia looked at her doey eyed. “Oh come on then, Uncle Auroris can wait a while. Lets have a nap.” Sophia took Felicia to the bedroom and curled up on the bed cuddling Felicia. The two nodded off content. Sophia woke up and was surprised to find Felicia wasn’t next to her. She sat bolt upright expecting the worst. But was reassured to hear the sound of Felicia gurgling happily on the floor. Carefully she got out of bed to see her playing with a small toy she didn’t recognise. It gave off a faint silvery light with strands stretching out everywhere. The pattern looked familiar, almost like a design of the blood vessels in the brain except more etheric. Felicia giggled contentedly as she touched it again and parts of it responded and glowed. Carefully Sophia got up and picked it up. “I’m sorry darling.” She said as Felicia gave her a look of sadness that only a child can give. “If this is what I think it is I can’t let you play with it. I’ll see if uncle Auroris can make you something special though.” She put the curious item in a box and made sure Felicia was safe. She grabbed her laptop and emailed Auroris. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To: Auroris From: Sophia Rose Subject: Training Under my bed? Where anyone can find it? I’ve had to take away Felicia’s new toy. She wasn't impressed. I hope you have a suitable replacement. We need to talk, Sophia. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She sat at the laptop for a moment and thought about the focus. It was beautiful in it’s own way. For something associated with shadows it was very bright. But this was Auroris’ spare. She wondered how much the appearance of the focus took on the characteristics of the maker. Auroris was an extremely curious man, so much was unknown about him. Did this design show a side of him that people didn't really get to see?
  5. Sophia walks into Auroris room. She didn’t know what to expect, but somehow she hadn’t expected to see him like this. Everything about him was faded. He was wearing his usual clothes but they looked shabby. And Auroris himself looked exhausted, like he hadn’t slept in weeks. It was slightly unnerving to see him in such a state. She closed the door quietly behind her. “Good evening, Sophia. How is Kyle?” Auroris said, his voice hiding any hint that there may be something wrong. “He's happily distracted.” Sophia replied “James should keep him from causing too much hassle. Obviously he's doing better than you are though.” Auroris smiled a little “Appearances are what is important, for something like this. And anywhere it is important, I appear perfectly fine.” “I am not so sure. People have noticed a difference in you since you came back. Little things, but they soon add up.” Auroris scowled. “And what do you think it means?” “I think it means you don't know how to deal with this.” Sophia said simply “At least not by yourself.” “Deal with what?” Auroris said defensively “I'm no psychiatrist but I would guess you are struggling to deal with people.” She thought for a while then continued “After all you've been through it's no surprise but I get the impression that it's more difficult now than before.” “So what. You think I am afraid of the big wide world?” Auroris smirked. “Please.” “Maybe.” Sophia smiled a little. “But then again what do I know? I have been out of my room in the last few weeks.” It was a low blow but Auroris was not the sort who you could use a gently gently approach on. “I know. I read the reports.” He replied almost ignoring her comment “It doesn’t really matter what you think, in any case. It won’t change anything. That’s not why I asked you to come. It occurred to me recently, that in the event I have to rely on others to retrieve me in the future, that my survival would be by no means guaranteed. More importantly, some of the things I have learned would also die with me. Specifically, Sceadu.” “Wait. You only now appreciate your mortality?” Sophia sighed. “As for Sceadu, short of actually learning it I know all there is to know. It is fascinating I admit.” “And if you could learn to wield it?” Auroris asked her, his hands steepled together. “If I could learn to use it? Well that would be quite a challenge.” Sophia replied “Although even in your current state I doubt you'd share it with me.” “Or I’m more likely to share, while the danger is fresh. I do not intend to repeat the mistakes that my family made with their knowledge. The last person to successfully wield Sceadu managed to disintegrate himself into fragments of shadow.” Auroris said quietly. “I have had to teach myself everything about it through piecing together fragments of information, that they reluctantly wrote down. I do not intend to do the same. I’m not going to teach just anybody though. Only someone relatively sensible and at least a little intelligent.” “I'm almost flattered. You make an interesting point. Although I have to ask. Why not your children?” She asked curiously “I will teach them in due course, certainly.” He replied “But they still do not have proper control over their power yet. Sceadu requires much more mental focus than most anima-based magic, and they currently lack that mental agility. Besides, if I am…” Auroris paused, before continuing. “Unavailable, when they are old enough to learn, then someone else needs to be there to teach them instead.” “Plus if something goes wrong and I turn myself inside out you'll know where you went wrong?” Sophia smiled. “That had occurred to me, yes. Much easier to run an experiment with a dispassionate observer.” “You are such a charmer Auroris. But right now you aren't much used to anyone. Despite your arguments to the contrary. There's not much point in you teaching me if you can't even leave your room.” “I choose not to leave my rooms.” He said simply “Besides, I am quite capable of teaching you here.” “Really? You seem to forget that I have a daughter and a job. As much as I want to learn I am not relocating. No Auroris you need to work on yourself as much as you need to teach me.“ “Hmph. I might move to London, but you forget. I have two daughters, and several jobs. I’m sure we will find some sort of compromise.” “You are like a child at times Auroris. I am not asking you to move. I am telling you that you need to do something. It doesn't need to be drastic. Get out of these rooms for a while. Do something other than work. I don't mind coming here if you are doing something. I already have a child. I've just finished sorting out Kyle. I really shouldn't have to talk to you like a child.” Auroris sighs. He appears to be considering something. He refocuses on Sophia again. “Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be able to see the whole of the internet, all at the same time? What that does to a person. There is nothing there. Just an emptiness. Lights, all around, but a vast expanse of nothing. Something like that. It sticks with you. The vast emptiness, all around…” He shudders, just slightly, trying to hide it, and seems to shrink into himself, as though hiding. Sophia watched him a thought struck her. It wasn't that they hadn't brought him back properly. It was that they hadn't done it soon enough. She sighed. “No Auroris. I don't know. I can't even begin to imagine. But I do know this. The internet isn't real. You are real, your children are real, Sanctuary is real. You need to concentrate on reality. You need to fill that emptiness with real things. You need to remember what is important. Right now you are letting the emptiness keep a grip and it isn't healthy.” “Hm. You may be right.” He conceded “So then. It looks like we are to be teaching each other for now.” He smiled. “Well I have my homework. Here is yours. Before you can begin learning Sceadu, you have to have a focus for it. I hold one. The other, which I created in case of emergency, is hidden. Find it, and bring it to me.” “Do you care to give me a clue?” Sophia asked sarcastically. “You have not been forthcoming with information about the creation process let alone where you would keep a spare.” “You’ll probably find it right near the end of the day, if you think outside the box.” Auroris said cryptically with a grin on his face “Oh fun. Riddles.” Sophia sighed “Unlike you Auroris I have not spent a large amount of time looking at pictures of cats and reading wikipedia.” “I have no time to look at cat pictures unless it’s relevant to something. And Wikipedia? Please.” “I refuse to believe you didn’t spend some time looking at cat pictures while you were in there. It’s the internet for Gaia’s sake.” She said with a grin on her face “Still you wouldn’t be you if you weren’t cryptic.” “I looked at several million while waiting for you to wake me up. There wasn’t much else to do at the time. Half of Wikipedia is wrong though.” “Do you have any actual information about the location of the focus or are we going to make small talk about the net? I would like to get back to Felicia?” Sophia asked snappily. He was getting to her even in his current state and she was annoyed that she was letting him. “It’s somewhere you’ll find it. You get to look for it while I try and resolve my fear…” Auroris makes a disgusted face at the notion of being afraid of something. “...of more open spaces.” “Then we each have our homework. I’ve got a riddle to solve and you’ve got a fear to overcome. This is going to be an interesting journey.” “Indeed. I shall talk with you more soon. Oh, and Sophia, if you tell anyone about any of this, I will make you spend the rest of your life regretting it.” “Do not threaten me if you want your phobia to stay between us” she grins evilly. “Besides, give me some credit. Who would believe me?” Again it was a low blow but he was hardly playing fair “That was not a threat, merely a statement of fact. However, you make a good point. Nobody would believe it if you told them.” He smiled a smile that did not reach his eyes. “They would believe me however about your phobia. There are already rumors… But we are going over old water. I have no intention of talking. So your “not a threat” threat is moot.” “So it would seem. Don’t take too long to find the focus. I don’t intend to take long at my task.” “Of course you don’t. But you cannot rush these things Auroris.” Sophia added with caution “I won’t. I will take all the time it needs. But it won’t be long.” Sophia sighs and walks out. “Good bye Auroris”, she says as she leaves.
  6. Sophia headed toward Sanctuary’s Rome headquarters. The summons by Auroris was odd in itself. Normally if he wanted to meet with someone he didn’t bother to ask them, he’d just transport them straight there regardless of what they were doing. Not to mention that he seemed a little off. He was as sarkey as ever but something about it just didn’t feel right. It annoyed her. Did they bring him back wrong? Had she done something wrong? She needed to figure out what was going on. Thankfully she didn’t think Kyle was going to be a problem anymore. They would still need to keep tabs on him but James would be a good influence. She suspected that their romance wouldn’t be too hard to rekindle. James obviously still cared for Kyle and he was a smart man. If James hadn’t already figured out some way to get the two of them back together then she’d given him more credit than he deserved. Part of her realised that some people might find her actions odd. But her reaction to most crisis’s was to find a way to fix things. In this case Kyle’s love was never truly going to be shared with her, tying him down to her would have just made matters worse. Getting him back with James was the only logical solution. But right now something else needed fixing. Auroris may not actually be broken but something unusual was happening and she didn't like mysteries. She intended to get to the bottom of it. The Rome headquarters was impressive but she didn't bother to stop and admire the view. She walked straight in quickly said “Where is Auroris?” The staff member look confused but managed to pull herself together enough to mumble “Excuse me but who are you?” “I am Sophia Rose. I have a meeting with him” There was a look of disbelief. “He’s not seeing visitors at the moment” “I am not a visitor. I have been invited here by Auroris. And for once I had to make my own travel arrangements. No teleportation for me. I am mildly tired and quite cranky. Where is he?” She repeated “Errm he has a room upstairs… But he’s not…” The lady began. “I know he’s not taking visitors” Sophia said brusquely. “I’m sure he’ll be pleased to see me nonetheless” She said as she wandered past leaving the woman a little lost and confused. As Sophia was about halfway up the stairs she heard the woman say to her “But you haven't even signed in…” “Don’t worry. You know I’m here, and by now Auroris does. That’s all that matters” With that she wandered upstairs leaving the lady completely bemused.
  7. Sophia looked at the message. In some ways it was very like Auroris. Short and to the point. But it was also unusually vague. She was intrigued, but she had things to take care of and he could wait. He wasn’t dying and GP’s were notoriously difficult to get hold of. She wandered into the coffee shop where she was supposed to meet James. She looked around. It was surprisingly busy. She couldn’t see him at first glance but went up to counter anyway and ordered a coffee. A tall handsome man approached her while she was waiting for her drink. “Sophia?” He said “James?” She asked “How did you recognise me?. I mean I’ve seen your passport picture so I knew who I was looking for” She stopped herself as he looked at her. He was disturbingly handsome. What was he doing as a GP? This guy could make millions as an underwear model. She thought to herself. “You have seen my passport?” James said curiously “What am I saying, you tracked me down of course you have. What size waist do I have?” He laughed. I don’t know but I’d happily help you find out. She shook herself. Stop it. “You however were easy to spot. Aside from the fact that most of the people here are regulars, you were obviously looking for someone. As we had a meeting it wasn’t much of a deduction” “Maybe I should have been early?” She replied cheekily “It wouldn’t have helped. I was early too. I have to admit you have me quite intrigued. Oh your coffee is ready. Shall we?” Sophia grabbed her coffee and James led her over to a booth in the corner of the cafe. “So Sophia, tell me. What is your interest in Kyle and Me?” James asked once they had sat down. “Like I said it’s a long story” “Humour me Sophia. I managed to keep tabs on him up to the unfortunate incident with the member of the opposing gang. After that he went off the map.” Sophia looked at him surprised. “You know about that?” She asked “Yes. Kyle was always hot headed. I wanted to intervene, to try to get him to come away from the gang but he had left and I didn’t want to go against his wishes.” Sophia looked at James curiously. “Well lets just say things got a lot more complex after that” “More complex?” James said, raising an eyebrow. “I’m about to tell you things that you will probably find hard to believe. But please trust me when I tell you they are true. I can provide evidence if you want but it’s much easier if you believe me.” “You are making this sound very suspicious Sophia.” James said “But I am a reasonably open minded man. Go ahead” “Ok, as you noted Kyle went off the map shortly after the incident with the opposing gang.” James nodded. “I assumed he had gone on the run. He never was one for authority and the idea of a probation officer would have gone down badly with him” “Actually he worked with the probation officer without any major problems. No this is the bit that you’ll find difficult to swallow.” James just sat back and sipped on a coffee. Well here goes nothing Sophia thought. “Kyle was being monitored by various secret factions because of who his parents were. The probation officer may have been an Illuminati agent.” “Illuminati as in the pyramid with the eye?” James asked “Yes, and no.” But that’s not important at this stage. “One night Kyle swallowed a bee. But not just any bee. This one had been sent by Gaia herself.” “Gaia…” James said. “As in the Earth or earth like being” Sophia looked at him. “Yes.” “What happened next?” James asked curious to hear the next part of the story. “Well the bees carried powers from Gaia. Those chosen are able to perform magics to help fight against the encroaching darkness.” She realised how crazy this was sounding “You will forgive me if I don’t believe your tale Sophia. I was with you until the magics.” She sighed. She had wanted to avoid this. “I also got gifts from Gaia. Would you like me to share?” She asked “Please, I’m intrigued” She reached down for the small note pad she kept handy. She cut her finger on the paper and the shot a small blood dart at James Coffee cup. It shattered into pieces. “If I hadn’t got here in advance I would put that down to very well placed explosive charges.” He said, completely unphased. “May I see your hand?” She showed him. “Interesting. Small paper cuts.” “Do you believe me now?” She asked “You do seem to have a point. Carry on.” He replied calmly. “Well Kyle ended up being picked up by the Templar faction they…” “I’m sorry Templar?” He asked “As in Knights Templar?” “Yes. They have a Twitter account you know…” “God has a Twitter account Sophia, it doesn’t mean I believe in him.” James laughed. “You have a point. But they are real. They picked up Kyle and trained him to fight against the darkness.” James looked at her suspiciously. “And that’s everything?” He asked “Not by a long shot. But he can explain the rest” “I’m sure he can. At this point what interests me is what is your stake in this Sophia? You are obviously close to Kyle but what are you getting out of this?” He began picking up bits of broken coffee mug “Why are you here?” He asked deliberately “I said it was complicated.” she replied “No Sophia, magical bees and hidden factions that are urban myths are complicated. What is your stake in Kyle?” Sophia sighed. “I used to be his fiance” She said, James raised an eyebrow. We have a daughter together. But he knows that his love for me wasn’t the same as it was for you. Our love was more like very good friends.” Sophia sighed. “Good friends who now have a child. There was nobody between you and me. It broke his heart leaving you.” “I see.” James said simply. “Do you?” Sophia said, a sadness in her voice. “I just want him to be happy. Even if it’s not with me. Gaia knows he needs some stability in his life” For the first time since they had met James seemed to let his guard down. “I have always wanted to make sure he was safe, Sophia. I’d be lying if there weren’t others, it’s been over a decade but it never lasts long. I always find myself thinking back to the times Kyle & I shared, how it was taken away from us.” “Will you meet him then?” Sophia asked quietly. “I don’t know what you expect Sophia. Kyle may not want to see me again.” “Believe me I’m sure he will.” “It would be nice to catch up if nothing else” James said to himself. “Then it’s a date.” She said. “I’ll get him to “meet” me at our usual spot in Eldwic. You can be there instead.” “Eldwic? Nobody can get in or out because of the increased Police presence. Heightened Terrorist activity wasn’t it?” “That’s all a front. I’ll make arrangements. Just be at a pub called the Horned God at 6pm” “I hope you know what you are doing Sophia.” James said “I’m sure I do. Now if you’ll excuse me I have another appointment to get to.” “Another set of long lost lovers to reunite?” James laughed “Nothing quite as fun” She waved and left.
  8. Sophia sighed. She wanted to hate Kyle. She wanted to hate James too but the story was all too common. Care homes run by the council avoided looking like they were "endorsing" homosexual activities. If only they had left him to his own devices Kyle might be a very different man. He might be more content. Stupid bureaucracy. But she wanted to know more about James. This was the first time she'd heard about him. How has he managed to stay off the radar for so long? She sat at the computer. Finding him wouldn't be as easy as typing in James. And Kyle was unlikely to give her his surname if he suspected her of interfering. Where to start? She thumbed through the Sanctuary files for Kyke. Nothing of note that she didn't already know. She turned to the Templar records that she had a copy of. Again nothing of note. It all concerned his parents and the gang. She sat and pondered for a while. Ok some good old fashioned hacking it was then. Kyle had mentioned a hostel? Even if they hadn't kept digital records at the time the local council would have. All she needed was a surname. She switched to her personal laptop for this. She wasn't worried about getting caught but it was better to be safe. After a little bit of digging she found a document that had been scanned. An incident report from the hostel. It was about Kyle and his relationship. She read it and was appalled at the content. "It has come to our attention that K Hudson has been spending his time off the premises with a young man. This cannot be allowed to continue as it may cause a backlash against not only this agency but also the Social Services if they are seen to be encouraging deviant behaviour" What the hell? Deviant behaviour. She had half a mind to find the author of the report and show them real deviant behaviour. "We have contacted James Hemsworth and informed him that if the relationship is not finished we will have to take further measures. Including but not limited to contacting his employer (currently a well known telecommunications firm)" That's low. But it was just what she needed. She had a name, she knew his approximate age and better she had a place of employment. With information like that she could easily track him down. But first she wanted to leave them an incident report of her own. She opened a new file and wrote "Due to recent changes in our operating procedure we have reviewed all archived incident reports. This case has been flagged as being one where the individual's welfare was not put first and may have caused long term repercussions. A full investigation will begin shortly please ensure that the relevant information is made available to us." As tempting as it was to flag the file to Social Service she chose to just forward it to the management of the Hostel instead. Knowing the way most of those places operate they would keep a low profile and when they didn’t hear anything they would figure the worst had passed. She quickly ran a search on James. Thankfully he wasn’t to difficult to find. The name was common but the details associated with him weren’t. Once she was certain she had the right person she decided to call him. She didn’t have time to wait for an email that he might just ignore. The phone rang… A man's voice answered. “Hello?” He said. Cautious but politely. “Hi, I’m Sophia Rose. Is this James Hemsworth?” She asked. “It is.” James replied cautiously “I’m afraid I don’t know any Sophia’s though.” “No you don’t but I know someone you used to know. I need to talk to you about him.” She said. It wasn’t the strongest line but she hoped it was enough to grab his interest. “I know a lot of people Sophia, you’ll have to narrow down the field a little.” He laughed. He had a deep rich laugh. It caught her off guard. “Well it’s kind of embarrassing if I’m honest.” She stumbled. “Sophia I’m a Doctor. I deal with embarrassing on a daily basis. You would be amazed at how immune I have become to embarrassment.” This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go. She was supposed to be in charge here. “Kyle.” She blurted out. She heard James gasp. “I need to talk to you about Kyle.” “Is he OK?” James asked protectively. Even now all these years it was clear he still felt for Kyle. “That’s why I need to talk to you” She said quickly. “Can you meet me?” She heard him tapping at a computer. “When were you thinking of?” “Do you have any appointments today?” She asked “Do you know how difficult it is to see a GP at short notice?” James laughed “Can you meet me in an hour?” “Are you outside my house Sophia?” James laughed again. “This is about Kyle Hudson? I want to be sure of this.” “Yes.” “Very well. There’s a cafe down from my practice. The Cafe Mocha. It’s not the best but it’s quiet and it’s not a chain store. Meet me there.” “Thank you” Sophia said. “I appreciate this” “I’m intrigued though. What has Kyle got himself into this time?” James chuckled. “I’ll explain when we meet. A lot has happened.” “Very well. Until then Sophia.” And with that James hung up the phone. Oddly Sophia was left with the feeling that she’d been played. Like he had got the upperhand. It was unnerving. She needed to meet this mystery man and see what all the fuss was about.
  9. Sophia stood up as Kyle entered the room. She walked straight over to him and slapped him. “What the hell did you think you were doing?” She demanded. Kyle rubbed his face. “I was answering a question Sophia.” He replied “Where’s Felicia?” “She’s downstairs. One of my friends is looking after her.” She replied simply. “That’s good.” he replied. They sat there in awkward silence. “Why didn't you tell me?” She asked “It never came up.” Kyle said honestly “I haven't thought about James in years” Oh God. Sophia thought, he had a name. “James?” She asked trying not to sound angry. Kyle simply nodded. “I know I'm going to regret this but tell me about him. Not the 140 characters or less version please. The whole thing. I deserve that much” Kyle sighed. It was difficult to know where to begin. “I met him when I was 19. I was in a hostel at the time. He was about six months younger than me. But he was so mature. He had a job, his own place, he was independant. We were talking in a bar one evening and he was amazed to discover that I was living in a hostel.” Sophia looked at him. “Wait your files show you were in care” “After a certain age if they can’t get you paired with a family they move you to “supported accommodation”. To the public it’s a hostel but as far as the records show it’s care. It means they don’t look so bad.” Sophia shrugged “Makes sense. Government hates to look bad” “Well he saw something in me that nobody else had. No foster family or career. He asked if we could meet up again. I have to admit I was confused. Nobody had ever shown an interest in me before. I even asked him why. Do you know what he told me?” Sophia looked blankly at him “He said “You’re an interesting man Kyle. You’ve seen a lot. More than anyone should at our age. Lots of people would have lost their spark long ago but you… It’s just made you stronger.”” We met up a few times after that. Coffee, movies, drinks that kind of thing. But it was never anything sexual. Just friends. The more we met the more we seemed to connect though. Then after one meeting I realised that I had feelings for this man.” Sophia sighed. She wanted to hate this man but from what Kyle was telling her it wasn’t easy. He seemed so nice. “The next meeting we had was at a bar, I felt comfortable talking to James so I decided to try to tell him the situation. Of course I made a mess of it. Like a kid at school I did the whole I’ve got a friend who likes this other friend thing. He smiled at me when I started telling him. He could see how scared I was. He just reached over and held my hand and said, “It’s ok Kyle. I like you too.” I was so relived. That night I went back to his house for the first time and we sat there just talking and drinking wine. I fell asleep on his chest. When I woke up he was still there.” Kyle’s face was glowing at the memories. Sophia was feeling conflicted. “You really loved this man didn’t you?” She said. Kyle thought for a second before replying. “Yes. With everything I had” Sophia felt her heart sink. “So what happened?” She asked. “The hostel found out. They had a policy about relationships. They don’t encourage them. It wasn’t usually enforced but because it was a homosexual relationship they threw the book at this one. They even threatened to contact James's employer and tell them what was happening. We argued about what to do. He wanted me to move in. I didn’t want him ruining his life because of me. In the end I left him. It broke my heart but it was the only thing I could do.” Sophia was shocked “You left him?” She said in disbelief “I’d already bought enough trouble into his life. I didn’t want to add more. It was the only choice that made sense” “That’s your problem Kyle. You do things and don’t think about the long term effects. What if he wanted you in his life? He was as much part of that choice as you.” God why was she arguing this? “Don’t you think I’ve wondered about that?” Kyle said “Gone through all the possibilities?” “No. You never do.” Sophia snapped. “So what was I some kind of convenient stop along the way?” “Sophia I did love you.” Kyle began “Did?” She demanded “It’s hard to explain. There wasn’t anyone else between you and James. I loved you. I felt something. Obviously. But…” “But it wasn't what you and James had was it?” Sophia said quietly. “No. I’m sorry Sophia. Our love was different. It was love though. Please don’t think I never loved you.” Sophia looked at him. Kyle had changed a lot recently. From caring man, to cold calculating bastard but even though she knew he was using her for her connections she knew this was not part of the plan. The look on his face was enough to tell her that. “So where do we go from here Kyle?” She asked calmly “I… I don’t know.” He said “Have you ever got back in touch with him?” She asked “No. I want to remember him as he was.” “You make him sound like he’s dead” Kyle said nothing. “Look. I admit I wanted to tear you a new one. And I’m still kind of pissed about the way you chose to share all this but if some good doesn’t come out of this then it’s been a waste.” She said “What about Felicia?” He asked “What about her?” Sophia asked “Wait did you think I was going to stop you from seeing her again?” Kyle remained silent. “I’ll only do that if you present a danger to her. Right now you are more of a danger to yourself. Go and find him. Get closure. It’s the very least you need.” She said “And us?” He asked “Well we are friends who have a baby. A fun and complex story to tell at dinner parties but hardly a unique one” She smiled. “I’m not a monster Kyle. I want you to be happy. Maybe then you can stop this stupid charade against Sanctuary” Kyle looked at her surprised “I’m not stupid. I know that something is going on even if I can’t pinpoint it yet. You should be putting your efforts into reuniting with your long lost love not whatever underhanded schemes it is you are planning” “I think I realise why I loved you.” Kyle said “Oh?” Sophia said “You remind me a lot of James. He used to be reasonable and he would talk me down when I was about to do something stupid” “Ha. I’m surprised he had time for a job then” She smiled. “Now go, before I change my mind” Kyle stood up and went to leave. Before he opened the door he turned to her and said “I’m sorry Sophia. I never meant to hurt you.” “I know” She said as he left.
  10. Sophia paced back and forth, she was fuming. First the emails and now this... What the hell did he think he was playing at? She slammed down her cup of coffee. Damn him, sharing stuff like that over Twitter, even if she had known about it that was hardly the place to be sharing that kind of thing. TMITuesday be damned. She looked at the conversation again. It made her blood boil. Not the idea of Kyle with a man, she could deal with that, hell she'd experimented while she'd been at univesity. But the idea that he hadn't even told her but shared it with the whole world instead. He shouldn't be keeping things from the woman he was supposed to be marrying. The woman he had a child with. But recently she was learning that Kyle was hiding a lot of secrets. She knew she needed to keep him close to monitor him and playing the dutiful fiancé was the easiest way but she was reaching her breaking point. She was beginning to wonder if the Kyle she had known ever really existed...
  11. Sophia sighed. She would never get used to the sensation of the shadows. She looked around and was surprised to find that she hadn't been returned to the nursery where she had started but was in the entrance to the London Sanctuary safe house. She looked around and saw that Kyle was there too. She quickly clutched Felicia closer to her as armed guards approached them. "Where did you go?" One of them barked at Kyle "I have no idea." He answered "I was here then I was in a basement" The guard scowled at him. Another approached Sophia "And you" He said waving the gun in her direction "Where did you come from? Are you with him" Thank you Auroris, I really needed this Sophia thought to herself. "Will you put that thing down for the love of Gaia" She snapped. "There is a child present and I don't want some imbecile with a gun to cause who knows what damage" She looked over at Kyle and noticed him grinning. She also noticed that he had taken a step back. Oh very brave, she thought, let the woman with the baby deal with the armed guards. The guard looked slightly embarrassed but stood his ground. "I am Sophia Rose, I work for Sanctuary. I have just finished an unscheduled meeting with Auroris and I intend to have some serious words with him about his sense of humour. Should I add his guards threatening a newborn to the topics we will be discussing?" She snapped "I'm sorry but you have to appreciate, Hudson suddenly disappeared and then he returns with you" The guard spluttered. "He could have been holding you hostage..." Sophia heard Kyle snigger. Shut up Kyle, you are not helping the situation. "Hudson can be an idiot at times but if he was holding me hostage I doubt he would return here to show me off" She said sharply. Kyle actually burst out laughing at this point. "Shut up Kyle" "Sorry Sophia" "But Miss Rose. He has been exiled, we have orders" The guard continued. This guy really was beginning to try her patience. "That is why we had a meeting MR?..." She left the question hanging there but before the guard could reply Kyle stepped in. "Can I sophia?" He asked. She shrugged, he could hardly make the situation worse. "Look I made a big mistake. I thought Sato could help me and I didn't think it through. I almost lost Sanctuary and more importantly my Family. I've been an idiot. But they've both given me a second chance. I guess you could say I'm on probation with both of them" He smiled. "So please, put the gun down and if you don't believe me go check with your superiors. We'll wait" The guard frowned, but mumbled something to his colleague and wandered away. "Are you Ok Sophia?" Kyle asked. "I'm fine" She said. "It's been a long day and I want to get home that's all" The guard returned "You are correct Hudson. I can't say I'm happy about it." "A lot of people won't be, but everyone makes mistakes. I intend to make up for mine." The guard shrugged and wandered off. "Come on Sophia, lets go home."
  12. Sophia Rose

    Name: Sophia Rose Nicknames: RecordKeeper Date of Birth: 20/11/1991 History: Sophia comes from a well off family and has a good knowledge of IT. She used to work for Temple Hall and was assigned to managed Kyle Hudson's case when he went AWOL. She was demoted after getting to close to him. She turned to Sanctuary where she felt her skills would be better used and is now overseeing the training and deployments of new agents within the UK. Notable Incidents: Sophia was Kidnapped by somebody believed to be working for Hikaru Sato. While she was not harmed it did speed up her pregnancy. She ended up giving birth to a daughter Felicia in a Sanctuary Safe House in London. Relationships: Sophia is engaged to Kyle Hudson. She often lets her feelings for him blind her to his more reckless actions. Personality: Sophia believes in doing the right thing no matter what the cost. This can often put her at odds with others around her. She is calm and collected though and will often rationalise things instead of becoming over emotional. She does have a weak spot when it comes to Auroris however and she sees him as an equal, she is always trying to out do him no matter what the cost.
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