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  1. Looks good. The darker background gives it a cleaner aesthetic. The wider padding works better when there are only two thumbnails per row than it does with a full row.

    One thing that still bothers me about the entire cosmetics section is the faded out look of images unless you hover over them or view the full-sized image. This works well enough for pages where the images are meant to blend in, but not so much when the image is the centerpiece.

    Just my personal opinion, of course.

  2. I think only three turtleneck sweaters actually clash.

    "Turtleneck sweater, black", "Turtleneck sweater, red" and "Turtleneck sweater, green", where the female versions are permanently available from Pangaea and the male versions were only available from the Whispering Tide event. (Edit to add: This is why I suggested labelling the event items differently to distinguish them.)

    The "Turtleneck shirts" (female) from the Whispering Tide event are different colors than the ones available from Mabli Mire on Wednesdays.

  3. Now that the clothing section is getting fuller I'd like to make some suggestions to make it easier to use:

    • Add gender icons to each list, similar to collections (perhaps without the image links to keep it compact).
    • Add a filter by gender.
    • Add a filter by (partial) name.
    • If it's not too much strain on the server or bandwidth, add a grid view with thumbnails.

  4. Part 1: How do you want to handle clothing that is "matching" but not released as a matching set from the same source? For example, turtleneck sweaters and turtleneck shirts, which depending on gender, come from up to four different sources.

    Suggestion: We don't even try to match them up and treat them as entirely different items instead of a gendered set. Perhaps label the event clothing so that it stands out in the list? "Turtleneck sweater, black (Whispering Tide)"?


    Part 2: How do you want to handle items that have the same name but look different? For example, there's a "Bikini top, purple" available from Pangaea, and another "Bikini top, purple" from the Item Store.

    Suggestion: Same as above, label the Item Store version differently.