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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Y'all! After being completely inspired by reading all the great character profiles and keeping up with Vanica's awesome IC blog, I decided to take the plunge and start my own IC blog project. I have to give a shout out to one character profile in particular while I'm at it. I really loved them all, but Kiernon's "Ryjalon" profile was really beautifully done and what got me thinking that I'd like to join in (so thank you!). I'm going to try and weave a lot of my own art/photos/video into the project, especially pulling from travels in Japan and elsewhere, while incorporating a lot of my own Tex-Mex culture into the mix. I'm including the link below. It's on Ello (a social media site--but I think you all should be able to view content without having to join--if not, please let me know). I'll be sure to bump here when I make a new entry and I hope to also post a proper character profile here as well as the details begin to gel with time/experience. https://ello.co/mayahuelb/post/7O5vP5ZvEjoEXqkehIbTqw
  2. Incident Reports

    Not quite a blog but close enough, a place to collect Hreb's and anyone else's amusing incident reports. This is what we get up to for Seoul RP EU, hehehehe. Hreb vanishes after lunch one day and a day later this appears in Evelyene’s, Kle’s, and Roman’s inboxes. Agent Hreb Campbell Incident report Lepja Latvia Went through Agartha attempting to get to Brussles and got lost, directed by custodian to a portal and found self on the docks where a some kind of massive evil fungal release similar to that on the docks in Kaiden was in progress. Ran into some people I know, Anteus and Jasmine, both Dragons, and Jay Macreerey? He’s an odd one. Dunno if he’s got a faction but I run into him most often in Dragon company, he’s probably insane but appears to be somewhat psychic. At any rate, all Bees, all of us put our heads together and we’ve just about decided that we’ll need to set as much fuel on fire and torch the place, it’s crawling with fungal nasty and bits of Filth but so far it seems to be confined to the docks and we’d like to contain, you know? I try to contact whatever there is for authority or maybe find any teams trapped in the mess of like cops and stuff, but the my Russian is really limited and it might not be Russian they are yelling in on the radio. I manage to pick out “air strike.” And so we leg it off the docks. Say what you will, whoever was running the incident was not a slow decision maker and they wafllestomped the docks flat, made a big fireball, and did a pretty good job of killing everything fungal or Filthy on the docks, but a cloud of spores got raised and only partially burned. So the city attached to the port is in need of aid, and me and whoever I can finagle has been putting out fungal fires and rounding up victims and flamethrowing anything fungal into submission. Got a small Templar team, couple Dragons, and some WHO folk we’ve managed to sequester along with the NATO people and the locals. It’s ugly but way better than Kaiden. At the moment we estimate the heavily contaminated area to be about three streets in, and light contamination we’ve got a perimeter established that’s about a mile deep. We go over the area, doing what we can to cleanse, necessitating a lot of burning, but there’s not much for it. The Filth does not seem to have spread, and gas masks and contamination gear is effective against the spores so far, fingers crossed. We’re hoping for some rain, knock the spores out of the air some, and then there’s only the ground and water contamination. At the moment the incident is being blamed on Sycoil, as a fuel spill fire that destroyed the docks, and the locals have been good at confiscating footage of fungus and keeping reporters out of anything fungusy for the most part, I imagine somewhere on the deep web there are things, bound to be. Haven’t managed to go have a look to see we can find whatever brought this in, too busy and the docks are still partially on fire. Lay odds there are Orochi containers though. Met the NATO incident commander, a Latvian of Russian descent. Iilse Vinkele. Very practical, does not know what to think of the help she’s getting but gives no fucks and figures she’ll lie on the paperwork later. Dunno if you’ve ever worked with Russians but their attitude towards paperwork is cavalier at best. She’s the one who ordered the airstrike and no doubt there’ll be Hell to pay for her later. If we have someone who speaks Latvian or Russian that’d be seriously useful, Iilse’s aide’s English is ok, but having someone to liaise good would be the shit especially when dealing with the locals. There is an Agartha portal in the local city park, with the typical giant tree, and two small wells near the docks, so I guess the bees sent me? Hreb’s cell is gps’ed where he says he is, and there is a news story about a catastrophic fire on the docks as well as a NATO relief operation. So far, only pictures of the burning docks and a story or two, something happening in a tiny Baltic state.
  3. Vanica's IC Blog

    I think some of you happened to see the link in my intro post. Well I decided to go ahead and start updating my IC blog again. It's at https://tswvanica.wordpress.com/ and if you want to go check it out feel free.