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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! We have recently created a new cabal called "Council of Nephilim". It's about supporting other players,and sharing skills and knowledge. Just like sanctuary! We're aiming for the whole range from normal dungeons to nightmare raids with no particular focus except being newbie-friendly. If you like helping other players, teaching what you know; or if you look for a cabal you can learn everything about the game from, you're right with us! Interested? Here's some more reading material and the application form if you want to join: http://con.bytezero.de/ Got questions? You can join our ingame chat (/chat join Con) or our Discord. Or you just ask in this thread
  2. Hello ~ I would like to introduce our new cabal Abyss Odesse which also can be called AbyssO for shortcut if needed. ~ What's the cabal goals AbyssO has been made to be a newbie friendly cabal in first place, we will be guiding and meeting newbies all time in the first-game area like ( Solomon Island ), we will be guiding them and explaining them the game basics and help explaining any miss understood happened. However, AbyssO not meant to be only for newbies and first-game players, but also it will have events and activities for end-game areas, Dungeons or Lairs etc. so basically the cabal goals is to be a little place that friendly to newbies, guide them through the secret world and also a friendly place for end-game players who would like to not play alone or to return players who need to get along with the game again. ~ Cabal Faction ( Secret Society ) AbyssO meant to be Multi-Faction however due complicated situation for it leader, it will temporary be only Templar in-game with a chat channel and all faction members can join us as Cabal member in-forum until further notice about the in-game cabals ~ How to join the cabal ? for joining the cabal please /tell Brahem or any of the H.Member Ranked users. if you can't reach any, you can put topic in the new comers section and it will be checked by us and invite you if requested. ~ Where to reach us ? 1- our forums http://forum.aotsw.com 2- PM our leader Brahem 3- join our teamspeak ts.aotsw.com:6666 4- You can also meet us at #aotsw channel in-game, also on Rizon IRC Network at #tsw ~ Final word everyone is welcomed, i made this cabal to make little nice community, feel free to join us. !
  3. FOUNDING TEMPLAR CABAL Omne Datum Optimum --------------------------------------------------------- Voice Server Teamspeak 3 OFFICERS + CONTACTS Grand Master This is a seasonal position between the various players who are Officers-- three month term of service, and then the torch is passed. They are the Arbiter if the Round Table is deadlocked, but, the King is Dead. Long Live the King. Master Commanders AWOL, CultofXTC, DarknessWeaves, Hollopoint, Lady-Pyre, Qareen, Rocky. Standard Bearers Bethlen, DJ-Psywarrior, FrontandCenter, Hlopushka, iceneuro, iindie, Kestri, Kle, Lady-Evelyn, Omega-14, Suifen, TS-13, Tziona, VexingFate. --------------------------------------------------------- WHAT WE DO We strive to do all content in the game, to enjoy the game in all of its aspects: be it PVP, PVE, RP, or just having fun talking to friends. We have multiple Raid Teams that run at different times of the day and days out of the week, so that people who wish to pursue progression can get the goal they wish for. We don't require any steady 'have to do X content to remain in cabal.' Because we embrace every aspect of the game, and strive to do everything, people of any interest can find an interesting home in ODO. --------------------------------------------------------- WHAT WE DO NOT DO: We are a mature (well, or so we say, but like CS Lewis said: “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”), eighteen and up, multinational cabal, so we expect a modicum of respect given towards not just fellow members of Omne Datum Optimum, but in the overall general community. We have no tolerance for bigotry, ragequitting, flaming, trolling, griefing, or anything else that breaks the cardinal rule: “Don't be a dick, yo.” --------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU'RE INTERESTED We do require an application at our website, http://omnedatumoptimum.red. The reason this is required is it is very easy to invite people willy nilly, but then you end up with differing expectations of what is to occur. Whereas, if you apply, you are expressing your interest in the cabal in the most valuable currency: taking the time to read our Rules of Conduct and Charter. This keeps every member who joins on the same page. You are also welcome to drop a line to any of the Master Commanders or Standard Bearers, all of whom are capable of inviting to cabal once an application has been submitted, and answering questions you might have in regards to the cabal. If they don't know the answer, each of them knows others who know the answer. Operor Vestri Officium Adveho Quis May Do your duty, come what may.
  4. Keepers of Solomon

    Website: http://www.keepersofsolomon.com This is a Templar cabal focused on teamwork and social gameplay. Our goal is to create a community where all the members feel that they are involved in something. Our 5 divisions are each dedicated to their respective aspect of the game. Members of each division will work to stimulate activity within that aspect of the game. Divisions Our cabal is comprised of 5 divisions. These are The Bureau (PR), The Batallion (PvE), The Legion (PvP), The Limelight (RP) and The Archive (Research). You can join any of the divisions to narrow down your focus and help out with more specific tasks. This doesn't exclude you from helping out with tasks related to the other divisions, but it should help you get involved with cabal tasks faster and more efficiently. Read more about our divisions here. Join us Joining us is easy! Just fill out an application in the Applications section of our website. The leaders will then vote on your application, and if accepted, we'll be in touch with you ingame to send you an invite!