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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if it has an impact in-game. The eight people who did as The Conductor asked got a message. Decoded is says: "Craft by your own hands on day 110" April 20? I keep thinking it might be something to do with the heroice diode and capacitor.
  2. The situation we have on our hands is difficult to say the least. Far too difficult to easily summarize but I will try my best. Shortly after the team and I returned from restoring Auroris’s consciousness to his body Kyle Hudson went missing. He would not respond to any messages or attempts to contact him. He returned his engagement ring to me with a note saying “I love you. Keep Felicia safe. Don't tell her about what I've done. Kyle" There was only one other message which read “Please don't do this Sophia. I don't want to get you into anymore trouble than you're already in…” It did lead to speculation about what Kyle’s plans were. Rayne Logras asked that extra precautions were taken with Sato as Kyle had previously attempted to kill Sato while he was in custody. I made sure steps were taken to ensure that Sato was secure. This morning Kyle Hudson posted an audio clip on Twitter for me. He didn't explain what he was up to but asked that I found Felicia (our daughter) a new father. Then at 6:20PM GMT it was discovered that Hikaru Sato was no longer in the detention cell despite the additional precautions and Agents were alerted. Currently we do not have a clear indication about how Sato managed to escape. He was being kept in a medical coma for the protection of the staff working with him. We are investigating the situation and I will update as soon as we have a better idea of what happened. It is also not clear if Kyle’s disappearance is linked to Sato’s however given the situation the two must be seen as linked until proven otherwise. Kyle Hudson is skilled with most weapons and should be considered dangerous. He has a tendency to be quick to temper which can make it difficult to negotiate with him. Agents are advised to approach with caution. Hikaru Sato is a highly dangerous and unstable individual. He has kidnapped at least two people recently including Rayne Logras and Auroris. He should not be approached without a full team and even then all caution should be taken. I will add more information as it becomes available. You can ask any questions here or on Twitter @RecordKeeper
  3. Operation: Hidden Dragon

    An awesome and player generated plot that is taking place on TLW forums and Twitter. Plenty of time and ways that anyone can join in on. Operation: Hidden Dragon, at The Lower World.