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Found 19 results

  1. Trickster: Which Pistol skills?

    So, I'm playing around with Trickster and enjoying the Chaos part of the build, but I'm having trouble with the Pistol half. In the beta, I played Gunslinger and put together a Pistol-heavy build that stacked the Beginner's Luck with a bunch of the extra-hit-on-attack-when-cylinders-match passives and then used Full House -> Unload/Controlled Shot for a huge amount of front-loaded damage. It was a pretty fun build to play that left enough active slots to take CQC for crowd control in addition to the Shotgun Power Attack I used whose name I can't remember now. However, I can't find a fun way to incorporate Pistols as a secondary weapon, in part because Chaos has so many good actives and the Paradox mechanic rewards using Chaos skills repeatedly. The best thing I can think of so far is to take Flechette Rounds to keep up AoE damage while weaving a single-target Power Attack like Dual Shot into my Chaos rotation for Energy conservation. And then maybe I can put the cleanse on my bar once I get to zones that have a lot of status effects. Does anyone else have a better idea of how to use Pistols in a Trickster builds?
  2. Hi , first post on the forums. I'm a fairly new player in the secret world, I'm almost past the Transylvanian ark of the game and would like to ask some help with some end game builds. I've looked over the builds from here, and I've adapted one and came up with one on my own, and i'dd like some advice or help with them. So far I've focused on Elementalism (not used in any of the current builds), Blood, Pistols, Blades, Chaos. The first build is one I've addopted from http://www.tswdb.com/builds/solo/bloodied-blades-solo-build and made this http://www.tsw-builder.com/#15v170144150126113572135a22p332421471530114110136a25 (if it's ok to post it) This is a solo build, meant to able to tackle any problem, while having staying power. That comes from Forking Paths, Karma, Martial Discipline, Immortal Spirit and Regeneration, Forking Paths, along side Karma combined with Clearing the Path, Arterial Pulse and Flight of Daggers help with crowd control. Clearing the path guarantees triggering Arterial Pulse, for lots of area dmg. Brandish, Four Seasons, And Collider-Collapse are against single targets. what i'm not so sure about in this build is Steel Echo, I've added it for more damage either agaist single targets or for more aoe dmg, i think there is enough sating power from Karma and the other to not need Turn the Tables, but i could be wrong. The second build is the one i came up with: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#84v820802424426833404842a22p834836143141421403630a25 (if it's ok to post it) This is a dps build based on trigger passives such as Sudden Return, One in the Chamber, Fortunate Strike and Molecular Exploitation. Seal the deal helps trigger Sudden Return and One in the Chamber while adding 20% extra dmg to consumer abilities, Iron Maiden and Dark Potency help trigger Sudden Return, the problem is One in the Chamber, since it has no other abilities that help trigger it i can either swap it with Incision or swap Dark Potency for Elemental Force. I chose Pistol for builders and consumers due to a lot of focus abilities, such as Hair Trigger and Shootout, that are also boosted by Plague, due the fact that along side Affliction it also applies Ranged Vulnerability (20% extra dmg from ranged abilities), also this abilities do allot of extra dmg due to Molecular Exploitation, i could swap Blood Shot for Exsanguinate, due to the fact that i need 5 resources to maximize the dmg from Shootout. Gun Fu helps with using shootout twice before Plague expires, and also with Semi-Auto against crowds. Any suggestions, critique or help with this builds is appreciated, Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all back after a few years, and for the first time heading into the savage coast (I Ground Insmouth a LOT). I have found my deck much lacking but have followed https://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?95284-The-Ultimate-New-Player-Survival-Build-Guide to make it more survivable. Currently I have full pistol elemental chaos blood fist and hammer inner wheels and turn the tables. My question is does Elemental/Pistol stand up any more? If So please help me make this deck work http://www.tsw-builder.com/#68v600602802631815g02606p601610612816403310110 However if Ele/Pistol is not viable any more what would be a good way to go with what I have for solo play (willing for suggestions with a few ap spend) Second question is, again with what I have + or - a few AP what is a good DPS build for dungeons? Many thanks in advance
  4. Hello, Since some time now I have tried to create a build with Assault Rifle without using the classic, and super effective, leech build. Two weeks ago I created this build : Groundworks healing build. I took some guinea pig... friends, i mean friends, and went into an 24s. I was prepared to die at the entrance of Polaris against the trash mobs or in my most optimistic thinking against UrDraug spike damage. No, the builds worked and it worked really well. Not only it healed but the tanks barely went down 70% of his life. The ACT made no sens for the tanks barely received healing from me or itself (I made a nifty 298hps against UrDraug one time). Worst, based on ACT report Post Op made more than 45% of the healing and according to its tooltip it shouldn't while Improved Groundwork barely made 10% in best case (even got a case where it did 0% healing). I tested the build again with a different tank (more DPS less tank), with different DPS partner, with my alt who have only 10.1.0 gears (the one you get after finishing the whole story), with two other healers and it worked again and again in 24s. The only dungeon where I had some problem was Darkness War, notably the second boss and its adds because Groundworks activated the adds and the boss too soon. So if you have some insights why the build works (and how it works) I would be glad. For information the rotation is one of the most boring I ever made : spam Groundworks and use Shot of Anima and Re-animator when needed. Backup Drone and Greater Good are here for huge damage dealer like UrDraug at the beginning of the fight. Thanks in advance, Hangedman
  5. Leech+Hammer build

    -= Introduction =- You're an HL player, you like too leech but you're bored because you're overstuffed and 50% of you're healing is for nothing? Here is a solution : the leech+hammer build : http://www.tsw-builder.com/#92v911954222200235961976a30p612421845210905932916a31 -= The problem =- Standard leech build is composed of 2 abilities: "Anima shot" (AS) and "Transfuse Anima" (TA). 7xAS - 1xTA - 7xAS - 1xTA... Boooooriiiiiiing. And when you're overstuffed, 50% of your heal is for nothing because you're overhealing. -= The solution =- Take another builder, "smash" (S) and a consumer, "Molten Steel" (MS). Use S to build without healing and AS when healing is needed. -= Rotation =- There is no specific rotation here but are the rules: 1. Wathever happends, always cast TA on EF! And at each rotation. Almost all the heal comes from here (when your glyph are ok, you can almost instant full heal the tank with this attack so don't be afraid to let the HP of the tank goes very low) 2. When you don't need heal, build with S 3. When you need heal, build with AS 4. Use MS when you got 5 hammer resources 5. "Reap and Sew" and "Energize" are no longer emergency abilities, they are part of the rotation because you need buff to sustain leeching while DPSing a lot. 5. Don't forget you have Full momentum for more damage Exemple: This is a standard rotation I use for an easy figth in Polaris. If something goes messy, I let this rotation burn in hell and I go back to standard leeching (7xAS - 1xTA). 1xMS(damage) - 1xFull Momentum - 1xMS(damage) - 5xAS(heal) - 1xTA(heal) - 3xS(damage) - 1xAS(heal) - 2xS(damage) - 1xMS(damage) - 1xTA(heal) - 2xS(damage) - 1xEnergize - 1xAS(heal) - 3xS(damage) - 1xMS(damage) - 1xTA(heal) -= Remark 1 =- At the beggining of the fight you have this timing: 1. 1-2 seconds before the first hit on the tank 2. a lot of damage due to the fact that debilitate is not yet applied 3. standard damage That's why you have time to cast 2xMS, then you need a lot of heal (5xAS, 1xTA) and then you can go back to normal DPS-leeching. -= Remark 2 =- With this build, you can have a standard DPS of 2-3k on POL and DW, a little bit lower for for HR (don't forget to slot fever pitch and perjury), HE and SH. I personally leech POL1..5, HR1..5, DW1..6, HE1-2-5-6 and SH1-3-5-6bis with this build on a daily basis. The tank has always an heart attack at the first boss of POLA but after that it's alright. -= Stats =- Here are my stats when using this build: Hit : 473 Penetration : 911 Critical Rating : 279 Critical Power : 460 Heal Rating : 664 Attack Rating : 3397 -= Augments =- In the same order than the VDM link 1 Piercing 2 Ferocious 3 Brutal 4 Accurate 5 Curing 6 Inspiring 7 Restorative -= Signets =- Head : Laceration Majors : Coney - Violence - Violence Minor : Token - Thirst - Equilibrium
  6. Hello, This is my scenario spec currently i do only group elite scenario so i don't know how it will work for others. My success rate is around 80%-90% (Castle is a pain now) so i'm open to advises . I used Blade\Ele in the past but seemed too low on DPS after AOE nerf. I use Chaos as 2nd weapon because of Karma and Domino Effect. I took Karma to ensure max uptime for Leeching Frenzy and Domino to have an impair.Overall it works ok for me. I still have a lot of headache with Castle due to the reduced number of survivors in central room. Stats : Penetration 898 , Hit 328, CP 280 , Crit 919 , HealRating 853 (Major .5 + Purple Amelioration), 3023 Ar penetration on Blade, crit on Chaos Laceration -> Head, Breach -> Blade , Equilibrium| Thirst| Ablation -> Minor Taly Crit Potion + Health Pure Anima (6k HP) Check attached picture for augments VDM%-%5779785%-%7080580%-%7080759%-%6388427%-%7080574%-%7094287%-%6389397%-%7760118%-%6852644%-%5777459%-%7094290%-%6942580%-%6956323%-%7080605%-%6943095%-%7760093
  7. I posted it in another thread, but I wanted to make a new topic so people can comment on it without cluttering up the other thread. Keep in mind that I picked my weapons based on what looked really cool and awesome to me, I know there are probably better combos out there, but I like shooting lightning and waving around a sword :3 Anyways, this works in solo Tokyo, even though the gist of the build (shooting lightning) has been around since I was a nub in KM. It's very reliant on how well you can avoid big AoE and such attacks. My philosophy: burn them down before they can get too many hits in. Tested with 1970HP it works great unless I accidentally pull too many mobs. Worked in Orochi tower, and story mode Uta. If low HP is cutting it super close, bring along an HP talisman or a pure anima. You don't really need heal rating for this. But most of it relies on having as much attack rating as you can have. Actives Electrical Bolt, or your favorite looking Ele builder of your choosing.Arc Flash, for ranging multiple enemies.Chop ShopDancing BladeLast Resort, at 1970HP and ZERO heals (and massive amounts of DPS), this is your "oh shit" button.Electrical Storm, swap out for a manifestation if you wish.BlazeDeath from Above, for an extra dodge, or your favorite auxiliary skill.Passives Elemental Precision, swap this for any other +damage% skill if you wish.Sudden return. You will, or at least should be, penetrating very often. This is just more added damage when you do.Elemental Force, this is the biggest part of the build, note that Blaze requires only 3 resources. This is also why Aidelon isn't here, EF will give you a theoretical 50% crit chance on Blaze vs 40% with Aidelon.Bloodsport, the other half of the build all depends on this skill. Forget about the damage over time, you want it for the Afflict state.Twist The Knife, added damage, you will pen very often because...Iron Maiden, swap this out for Dark Potency if you're just starting out. Once you have like 500 pen, you want IM over DP. Makes you pen more.Gross Anatomy. Added damage every time any DoT you apply expires or refreshes. With Bloodsport, you are refreshing your DoT every hit. This is a big part of your sustained damage.Your favorite auxiliary passive, I have rocket science because I use rocket jump.How everything works: Builder x3, blaze, builder x3, blaze. The second blaze WILL be on EF, giving you a crit, and sometimes a lovely pencrit. For multiple targets (such as mob groups with 3 dot icons), chop shop will shred them easily. Use Dancing blade for single targets that you can safely be in melee range of. When that happens, use your blade consumers on EF. This is what I love about blade focus/channeling skills, every hit of it will crit on EF. If for some reason a fight is taking longer than 15 seconds, or you accidentally aggro too much, or you couldn't avoid a big attack (dodge and rocket jump help with this), that's where Last Resort comes in. I would recommend Turn the Tables, but LR heals much more than that. The 8 seconds of doing nothing doesn't quite matter since you will be invulnerable, and it will at least help you clear your mind and plan your next move when the cast ends. Keep in mind there are a few things that CAN hit through the invuln, so read up on that. In dungeons, of course you can ditch last resort because as DPS you shouldn't be getting hit, and if you do you're getting 1 shotted.
  8. I started playing TSW about 2 years ago, but didn't play for very long, to be honest I got frustrated trying to find a build and basically gave up, part of that was how the difficulty ramped up after Kingsmouth. I was missing the game and came back to try it again. The revamped world stuff sounds like it may of fixed one of my issues, but I'm still getting very frustrated trying to find an answer to the 2nd one. Here's what I'm thinking of. I made it to the start of Egypt last time, but have my points spread out so much that it's a pain, so i'm thinking I'll head back to Kingsmouth to get some AP and SP for Blade, right now I have like 3 AP and 1 SP in it. This would be the build i'd work towards and once I get this I'd consider heading back to Egypt again. Weapons: blade/elemental - Cost: 159 AP (Link to Deck) Actives 1. Blade Torrent 2. Blaze 3. Stunning Swirl 4. Balanced Blade 5. Electrical Storm 6. Shock 7. Martial Discipline Passives 1. Mind Over Matter 2. Immortal Spirit 3. Perfect Storm 4. Regeneration 5. Volatile Current 6. Molecular Exploitation 7. Toxic Affinity What I'd like to know is if this is even worth doing in the first place, is Blade/Elem any good? Then what should I work towards next, say the next 50 or so AP in blade? The things I'm looking for the most is something that can solo, but a little down time doesn't bother me. I want a mix of ranged and melee, and I want something I can open with from range. I don't want to have to build up 2-5 resources before I can use any ranged ability.
  9. Sword/Ele build

    Hey everyone just a fun build I came up with to show some oni how annoying it is to have your target disappear in front of you. My thanks to Ciritty for the helpfull suggestions to improve it. Actives 1. martial discipline 2. Forking paths 3. clearing the path 4. Blaze 5. flicker 6. spiral of death (changed from surging blades at Ciritty's sugestion) 7. Molten earth Passives 1. double dash 2. regeneration 3. blood sport 4. iron maiden 5. immortal spirit ( changed from circulation at Ciritty's suggestion) 6. sudden return 7. gross anatomy Right now i am useing Dragon's breath and searing magnesium as my aux. So far haveing no issues in Tokyo. I am in mostly 10.1 dps gear with a health head piece. Helpful suggestions are all ways welcome.
  10. I've just killed the Gatekeeper with this build, http://www.tsw-builder.com/#71v111702104713761133756p112403530612616303105 It doesn't cost a lot of AP, you just have to run when minion appear.
  11. Kaidan Build

    When I first got to Kaidan I struggled to make it through the content. I was in mostly QL 10 rare gear and my stats weren't so great. In order to make it through I had to come up with a build that had good heals and also did consistent damage, this is what I came up with... Weapons- Blades/Blood Magic Active Abilities Open VeinBloodshotGuts and GoryAnaesthesiaCold BloodedMartial DisciplineFive Petal LotusPassive Abilities CirculationBloodsportSanguineousElemental ForceRegenerationAdvantage MeGross AnatomyRotation If you're first arriving in Kaidan you will most likely only have one AEGIS controller. If this is the case, then you should have that controller on your blood weapon and be spamming Open Vein til you have five resources in Blood, then hitting with Bloodshot for single targets or Guts and Gory for multiple targets. If you are stuck and can't get out of an enemies attack AOE, then hit him with Anaesthesia, that will give you time to escape. If you start to take a lot of damage you can hit Martial Discipline and regenerate some health quickly. If that's down and you still need a heal, Cold Blooded is there for those SNAFU moments. After you have destroyed your targets AEGIS, you have Five Petal Lotus to help out a bit with AOE and single target DPS. Switching Out Abilities I tried multiple configurations of this build and found some abilities are worth trading in certain circumstances. If I know I'm coming up to a boss, I will switch out Guts and Gory for Exsanguinate depending on how hard they are. I will also periodically remove Gross Anatomy and replace it with Contortionist if I know the Targets I'll be facing have a lot of impairs or hinders. All in all, 99% of the time I don't have to change anything. I've made it through issues 9 and 10 with very few deaths using this build. Like all builds the better you're equipment, the better your chances of survival, however this build is built specifically for someone who has just arrived and doesn't have a lot of gear or abilities. I have consistently taken out red dot targets and I can tell you I'm not the most agile player, so this build works. Thing to keep in mind! Movement is key to survival. Be ready to kite your targets with this build. Although it has two heals, they are on timers, so you can't sit there and allow the enemy to hit you, movement is required in almost every case. Don't stand still unless you have to. I am always moving unless I have little space or I know the enemy well enough to understand what they cast. Again movement is the key, especially when you don't have a lot of gear. Questions Feel free to leave questions or suggestions. Even better, if you try this build out and find a way to tweak it, let me know and I'll switch it out in the original build. This is, after all, an attempt to help others so they don't have to go through the frustration I did (RAGE! RAGE! RAGE!) when I first got to Kaidan. Remember this is for the person who's arriving with minimal gear, so if you're practicing with it, throw on some blues if you have them.
  12. A Solo Build

    Hello. I should have logged in here and done this a while ago, but prompt and responsible isn't my thing. So, I was having major trouble in issue 11, saw Ciritty in game, and begged for help. She was awesome nice and made this for me on the fly. The Business Blood Shot Shoot OutOpen VeinDeadly AimDirty TricksSudden ReturnCirculationImmortal SpiritBlood SportTwist the KnifeIron MaidenGross AnatomyThis build is awesome. Single or Double Boss is pretty easy. Mobs can usually be Open Vein'ed/Dirty Tricked to death in a snap. I have a new illuminati character that I got the skills to do this build on, and it didn't take long. Most of the abilities are quick to get. It works great on low level too. Burning through Blue Mountain like the monsters are wimpy! Thank you again for the help Ciritty!
  13. Grand Slam Tank build

    So, I have been trying this deck as I was growing a bit bored of the usual aoe hate builders... http://www.tsw-builder.com/#25v211222552535235561506p225530g21216421332251 It gives a bit of challenge in terms of adds (when really needed, i switched Full Momentum/Iron Maiden to Reality Fracture + passive or BlowOUt + passive), but Molten Steel + Metal Worker makes it a bit more relaxing than watching eleforce counters on top of all the casts to impair and stuff. Dps turns out quite good, got over 1k on most 18 bosses, without augments, not many signets, and probably not optimised gear in general (my hammer was glyphed crit, so i had to switch Iron Maiden with Dark Potency, should be better with). Comments and advices welcome.
  14. Blade Runner

    I was stumbling around in Tokyo, trying to kite-leech my way to survival. But then I remembered something. Pistols have a passive for that.... The current version of the build is as follows: Actives: - The Busniess - Bond, Strong Bond - Chop Shop - Wanted - Deadly Aim - Martial Discipline - Stunning Swirl Passives: - Lick Your Wounds - Increased Focus - Running Circles - Coup de Grace - Elemental Force - Regeneration - Rapid Getaway This build was originally based off of the Maverick starter deck, but it didn't quite provide the boosts I was after. The rotation I often use is: Open with [Chop Shop] then immediately start circling your target. Then follow up with 5 uses of [The Business] to build up resources and [Elemental Force] counters. If you are taking on a group of enemies, I recommend using [Wanted]. As this would trigger [Elemental Force] I often say goodbye to my enemy's aegis at this point. However, if you are hindered by some kind of crow control, then always use [Bond, Strong Bond] instead of [Wanted] as it will cleanse the detrimental effect from you.
  15. Sharing Hammer/Fist build

    Hi guys, Here is another build proposal, my first mDPS build. It has the same structure but not the same abilities, active or passive, than Ciritty's DPS build Fist/Hammer. By testing with the same deck in the test chamber, without buff, I had around 250 more DPS with this version. And I wrote a full detailed description because... well... I like to write them Your feedbacks are welcome! ++ Moony -= Name =- [Name to be found], Hammer/Fist dungeon DPS build -= Build =- http://www.tsw-builder.com/#23v220324252304235331g16a10p612932121421223210836a11 20150419 edit: replaced improved Strikes with Iron Maiden -= Stats =- Attack Ratting: 4000, Hit: 650, Penetration: 900, Critical Power: 500 -= Description =- This is a hammer melee DPS build based on hammer strike abilities. Fist brings damage buffs and synchronizing builder. Advantage: * high DPS * Fun and challenging to play * NYR compatible Disadvantage: * lot of DPS lost if failing the rotation. * Need to sync 2 counters with consumer -> no time for additional casting. Adds are problems. -= Auxiliary =- Standard use of auxiliary weapons. For motion: Rocket Launcher - Death From Above + Rocket Science For DPS: Chainsaw - Timber + Revved Up For DPS buff: Whip - Crack! + Whiplash -= Situational abilities =- - You cannot stay still - The best not impairing elite in fist abilities is Gore. Replace DoD with Gore. 201504171439 edit : including Ciritty's advice. Gore is a good elite. - No need of aoe? - Replace Prey on the weak with Bear knuckle. - New York Raid - NYR means : "I don't care impairing"! So replace Do Or Die with Go for the Throat. Or keep DoD if you feel confident enough but good luck with Lurker high five. If you want to deal with the adds, I suggest you take the flame thrower and only fill the rotation with Prey on the weak (see below) - very short fight or low penetration build - I you think that your deck or the combat time don't allow you to penetrate more than 3 times every 10 seconds, replace Twist the knife with Closer. -= How it works =- The goal of the rotations is to synchronise elemental force, momentum and hammer consumer. Elemental Force has a cycle of 7+1 hits and momentum 5+1 hammer hits. It means that you have to cast, in one normal cycle, 5 hammer builders, 2 fist abilities and 1 hammer consumer. I advice to place the hammer on the first weapon slot to allow a quick unequip/equip (switch with another weapon) at the beginning of each fight to reset the momentum counter. More over install an Elemental Force counter reset add-on. As long as Tear 'Em Up gives a damage buff if the target is afflicted, be sure that the tank afflicts. Need to resync EF with Momentum? Build with Prey on the weak. - How to deal with adds - As long as fist and hammer resources build on yourself, fighting one single add don't change the rotation but if you need aoe that's a little bit tricky. I suggest two strategies. In both case, when you need aoe, you can just switch to Prey on the weak instead of First blood. You can use both consumers (Tear 'Em Up and Aftershock), the only difference with normal rotation is that Aftershock won't be sync with Momentum. The problem is to resync EF, Momentum and resources. If you're a sentai: At the restart of the boss fight, smash First blood until Momentum counter reaches 0. Then smash Prey on the weak until EF counter reaches 0. Then start a new rotation regardless of the number of consumer you have. If you're a super sentai: For this one you need to know 3 informations: for a known step in the rotation, you need to know the value of both EF and Momentum counters. When you have to restart the boss fight, you need to do as follows. Knowing the momentum counter, you know the rotation's step. Knowing the step you can deduce the needed EF counter. Build with Prey on the weak until EF reaches the right value and continue the rotation from this step. In this case, it is possible, at the first rotation, that you'll need to cast consumers without all the 5 resources. With this technique, I advice to resync only with rotation type 2 (see "Rotation" paragraph) because it would be a shame to not use all five resources under buff. -= Rotation =- There are 2 types of rotation. The first one with, at least, Full Momentum up. The second one without Full Momentum. - Rotation type 1 (R1) - First Blood (EF1 M1) First Blood (EF2 M2) First Blood (EF3 M3) First Blood (EF4 M4) First Blood (EF5 M5) Do Or Die (EF5 M5) [if up] Reckless (EF5 M5) [if up] Tear 'Em Up (EF6 M5) [buffed from dabssf, DoD and Reckless] Aftershock (EF7 M!) [buffed from dabssf, DoD, Reckless and Tear 'Em up] Full Momentum (EF7 M5) Aftershock (EF! M!) [buffed from dabssf, DoD, Reckless and Tear 'Em up] - Rotation type 2 (R2) - First Blood (EF1 M1) First Blood (EF2 M2) First Blood (EF3 M3) First Blood (EF4 M4) First Blood (EF5 M5) Tear 'Em Up (EF6 M5) A *fist* filler ability, elite if used and up, timber if used and up, Crack! if used and up, Prey on the weak otherwise (EF7 M5) [buffed from Tear 'Em up] Aftershock (EF! M!) [buffed from Tear 'Em up] - Rotations - So, as long as Reckless has a cool down of 40 seconds, rotations look like this : R1 - R2 - R2 - R2 - [Start over again] -= Augments =- First Blood : Piercing [+ penetration] Tear 'Em Up : Brutal [+ Critical rating] Aftershock : Ferocious [+ Critical damage] Prey on the weak : Accurate [+ damage] Full Momentum : Quickening [+Damage+heal] Reckless : Inspiring [+Damage] Do Or Die : Restorative [Heal] -= Signets =- It's hard to recommend signet because it's strongly dependent of player's deck. The suggestion below shows the best combination I can think of but it's not what I have. Head : Laceration Major : Violence/Howling Oni - Egon Pendant - Violence Minor : Subway Tokens - Assassination - Assassination Fist : Breaching Hammer : Aggression -= Thanks =- I'd like to thanks Dryadria for his post which motivated me to study mDPS build and create my own one. And Ciritty's work in general which teaches me the art of build creation.
  16. Greetings. I'm looking into a dungeon deck idea, that is roughly built around melee DPS Hammer/ Fist deck, and I am looking for positive feedback into how I can improve the build for the max/min setup. The basic idea is to provide the Short Fuse buff for the party, while using Elemental Force, Reckless, and Anima Charge to allow for my heavy hits. I have tested this without having much critical damage gear on and have hit consistently for 6-8k with my consumers, while getting crit/pen hits as high as 22k off Hard Reset. Thanks in advance for taking a look and giving your feedback. Weapons: elemental/fist - Cost: 1179 AP (Link to Deck) Actives 1. Ignite 2. Thor's Hammer 3. Wild at Heart 4. Short Fuse 5. Anima Charge 6. Reckless 7. Hard Reset 8. Crack! Passives 1. Elemental Force 2. Brawler 3. Lethality 4. Wrecking Crew 5. Closer 6. Violent Strikes 7. Seal the Deal 8. Whiplash Viper's Deck Manager Import: VDM%-%6307510%-%6307512%-%5780189%-%6863460%-%6802861%-%6942579%-%6863475%-%8102554%-%6307518%-%6368910%-%6839136%-%6861825%-%6942485%-%6863504%-%6942479%-%8102604Rotation: Ignite x6Crackpop Short Fuse, Reckless, Anima ChargeThor's Hammer x2Hard ResetNote: Wild at Heart is my Active Skill replacement for situational skills (Example: Sleight of Hand, Magnetic Wipe)Closer and/or Violent Strikes is my Passive Skill replacement for situational skills (Example: Perjury, Final Fuse)Talisman setup The talisman setup is set around pieces I currently have, I have the option to change things and buy other Nightwatch gear if needed.
  17. Master Shaman Build

    Hello all! Just wanted to show you all a fun PvE SHAMAN build that is amazing in both single target and AoE with defensive capabilities 2 builds with Hammer/Ele Build 1 - WINDFURY WARRIOR (good single target and defensive abilities) http://www.tsw-builder.com/#26v250261252615672652256p205605610210271612266 Build 2 - TOTEM MASTER (Master at AoE with some single target and defensice abilities) http://www.tsw-builder.com/#26v250252665672652646g02p205605645632210612666
  18. Hi every one, Here is a proposition of build. It is strongly inspired from the build "striker" from Mikail but only based on Critical Power. By the way the striker build is no more accessible otherwise than by searching for it in the search function. Is it because of the 1.11.1 update? Best regards, Darky -= Name =- "It's hammer time", Shotgun / Elemental dungeon DPS build -= Build =- http://www.tsw-builder.com/#76v770742615663613735776p612614223210253623836 (20150409 edit: Replace "Twist The Knife" with "Violent Strikes", proposed by TheZerok666, tested and approved) (20150409 edit: Replace "Closer" with "Improved Strikes" to add 7.5% damage to "Striker" too) -= Stats =- Attack Ratting: 4000, Hit: 650, Penetration: 900, Critical Power: 500 Shotgun: Critical Power, Elemental: Critical Power -= Description =- This build is based on critical power only. It has a high DPS peak every 3 rotations, and even more at the 1st cycle when under buffs. It is well fitted for short fight but is able to hold a good DPS if the fight continues further. Bonus, if every DPS in the group is using this build, you can sing "It's hammer time" all together while smashing boss's face with 6 critic Thor's hammer under buffs and seeing your act explode into firework. It's pretty epic! -= Auxiliary =- Standard use of auxiliary weapons. For motion: Rocket Laucher - Death From Above + Rocket Science For DPS: Whip - Crack + Whiplash (for optimal use, alternate the use of this one between 3 players.) For DPS: Chainsaw - Timber + Revved Up (20150409 edit: Ciritty suggestion, not tested but make sense) For aoe: Flamethrower - Dragon's Breath + Searing Magnesium -= Situational abilities =- - No need of Short fuse? - If the group already has short fuse you can replace short fuse with Electric Manifestation (there is no place in the rotation for fire manifestation). Cast Electric Manifestation at the same time than Bombardment (when it's up). With this version you gain a short Buff of 7% damage on elemental attack each time you cast Electric Manifestation, it means 7% damage increase on both Thor's Hammer under buff, mouahaha. - Need aoe? - Replace either Short Fuse or Lock, Stock & Barrel with Scattershot. Without Lock, Stock & Barrel, you have to adapt the rotation, you will probably loose builders. - Short fight? - Short fight means fight shorter than 30 seconds. Replace Improved Strikes with Final Fuse. - You can stay still? - Replace bombardment with Do or Die. No change in the rotation only 20% buff on Thor's hammer! mouahaha again. -= How it works =- The big part of the DPS comes from casting 4 consumers + elite on buff at the beginning of the fight. Stay close to the target to allow Raging Bullet to maximize its DPS. If you go full derp with the rotation, try to keep Thor's hammer on Elemental Force, a big part of the DPS comes from this hit. You can without problem cast Raging Bullet just before or after Thor's Hammer, it doesn't influence the DPS and it allows to resync the rotation with Elemental Force. Another way to resync is to cast Raging Bullet without 5 builders and to cast Thor's hammer under Anima charge (more tricky). -= Rotation =- - Before fight - Anima charge Lock, Stock & Barrel - Rotation 1 - Striker (EF1) Striker (EF2) Striker (EF3) Striker (EF4) Striker (EF5) Short fuse [+dabs from other player #2] [If using Whiplash, other player #1 should do it here] Bombardment [buffed] Raging Bullet (EF6) [buffed] Thor's Hammer (EF7) [buffed + 100% crit chance due to Anima Charge] Thor's Hammer (EF!) [buffed + 100% crit chance due to Elemental Force] - Rotation 2 - Raging Bullet (EF1) [50% buffed, depending on sync of buff between players] Striker (EF2) Striker (EF3) Striker (EF4) Striker (EF5) Striker (EF6) [If using Whiplash, other player #2 should do it here] Raging Bullet (EF7) Thor's Hammer (EF!) [100% crit chance due to Elemental Force] - Rotation 3 - Striker (EF1) Striker (EF2) Striker (EF3) Striker (EF4) Striker (EF5) Crack! (EF6) [If not using Whip replace it with Striker, but you loose a builder in this case] Raging Bullet (EF7) Thor's Hammer (EF!) [100% crit chance due to Elemental Force] - Rotation 1bis - [= rotation 1 without buff] Striker (EF1) Striker (EF2) Striker (EF3) Striker (EF4) Striker (EF5) Anima charge Lock, Stock & Barrel [If using Whiplash, other player #1 should do it here] Bombardment Raging Bullet (EF6) Thor's Hammer (EF7) [100% crit chance due to Anima Charge] Thor's Hammer (EF!) [100% crit chance due to Elemental Force] From here the fight should be over otherwise continue with rotations 2-3-1bis-2-3-1[group buffs are back]-etc -= Augments =- Striker : Prise [+Hit] Raging Bullet : Accurate [+Attack Rating] Thor's Hammer : Ferocious [+Critical Power] Short Fuse : Safeguarding [-Damage taken] Anima charge : Quickening [+Damage+heal] Lock, Stock & Barrel : Inspiring [+Damage Bombardment : Brutal [Critical Rating] -= Signets =- It's hard to recommend signet because it's strongly dependent of player's deck. The suggestion below shows the best combination I can think of but it's not what I have. It's very basic, there is nothing to proc or what ever, only Critical Power on strik attack. Head : Laceration Major : Violence/Howling Oni - Egon Pendant - Violence Minor : Subway Tokens - Assassination - Assassination - Assassination - Assassination - Assass... oh sorry, only 3 are allowed Shotgun : Abuse Elemental : Aggression -= Thanks =- I want to thanks Mikail for his build "Striker", on which this build is strongly based.
  19. This is a melee dps build I came up with today... it's pretty strong ^^ I've copied this from a DPS guide i wrote on my cabals forum [Four]. I've only played this game for about 4 months now, so there is a lot of things I do not know, and I'm very open to constructive criticism ^.^ Build: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#21v211165222104235135146a10p612421121932845210836a11 Hammer/Blade Burst DPS Decent sustainable DPS Elemental Force, Momentum Augments: Grand Slam - Piercing Sling Blade - Fierce Molten Steel - Brutal Dancing Blade - Ferocious Full Momentum - Accelerating Steel Echo - Accurate Masters House - Curing Starting rotation: Grand Slam EF1 M1 Grand Slam EF2 M2 Grand Slam EF3 M3 Grand Slam EF4 M4 Grand Slam EF5 M5 Molten Steel EF6 M Full Momentum Molten Steel EF7 M Dancing Blade EF Timber EF1 Sling Blade EF2 Grand Slam EF3 M1 Grand Slam EF4 M2 Grand Slam EF5 M3 Grand Slam EF6 M4 Grand Slam EF7 M5 Dancing Blade EF Molten Steel EF1 M Grand Slam EF2 M1 Grand Slam EF3 M2 Grand Slam EF4 M3 Grand Slam EF5 M4 Grand Slam EF6 M5 Molten Steel EF7 M Dancing Blade EF Regular rotation: Timber EF1 Grand Slam EF2 M1 Grand Slam EF3 M2 Grand Slam EF4 M3 Grand Slam EF5 M4 Grand Slam EF6 M5 Molten Steel EF7 M Dancing Blade EF Sling Blade EF1 Grand Slam EF2 M1 Grand Slam EF3 M2 Grand Slam EF4 M3 Grand Slam EF5 M4 Grand Slam EF6 M5 Molten Steel EF7 M Dancing Blade EF Why these abilities: Grand Slam - Strong single target builder, and it's important to use a hammer builder since it builds momentum for you, making your Molten Steels more powerful.Sling Blade - Filler ability, since it only have a 15 sec cooldown you can alternate it with Timber to keep the Momentum right.Molten Steel - Not the most powerful single target consumer, but the 15% extra critical power and 30% extra crit chance makes up for it. Put a brutal augment on it to get the crit chance even higher.Dancing Blade - A channeled attack, meaning if you use it on Elemental Force, every hit of it will crit, making it very powerful.Timber - Timber is a very strong attack, and also applies a very strong Damage Over Time effect on the enemy.