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Found 12 results

  1. Newbie: Tank weapon

    Hello, I will start this evening and i would like to know which class for is Good for tanking ? My choice : - full punisher: Hammer/shotgun - Shotgun/chaos (beginning Punisher or Trickster) - AR / chaos (maybe not viable in SWL) Which one is better for begenning/solo and endgame. I heard which shotgun is good for solo but the other ? Sincerly.
  2. Hello, I am a recently returning player (reborn noob if you will) and have found so many changes to the game. One of the biggest for me is the Talisman and Glyph max levels. I am trying to figure out a way to max / min my glyphs at end game top level but do so with my preset gear I already have as best as possible. The issue I am finding is what is the actual peek set up for end game content now as I am hearing variant things. My gear I use I often switch out 1 or 2 talismans depending on my desired purpose in game (Dungeons, Solo PvE, Raids, etc.) and I do not have the time or the drive to redo every glyph in every set up to max things out, so I come to you all in hopes of help. The questions I currently have: What is the required stats now for end game content? Is it still 650 hit? I have heard some say it's gone to 600 but more crit is needed for the new MF dungeons? My dungeon and solo talisman set up are pretty similar except for the head, wrist, and of course weapons. Is there a way to max/min my stats without having to buy and glyph everything over again? I end up with too little hit or way too much leaving my damage low. I have roughly 5 hours total a day to grind out what I can for MOPS, and getting my aegis to 2.9. Due to this I am finding I have very little MOPS vs maxing out in BB every week, is their a easier way to get MOPS then trying to get a quick run through NMs. I try to do the dailies and weekly but I rarely get them done enough to get one or two daily PVE quests completed, and maybe 1 or 2 dungeons a day. Thanks in advance for any advice and help. Below is my talisman and glyph set up. Solo Survival: Sword / Chaos Main Weapon (10.5) - Sword - Pen (4) Signet of Breaching Secondary Weapon (10.5) - Chaos - Pen (4) Signet of Breaching Head (10.4) - Health / Hit Rate (4) Signet of Laceration Finger (10.5) - Attack / Pen (4) Signet of Howling Oni Neck (10.5) - Attack / Hit (4) Signet of Chernobog Wrist (10.4) - Heal / Crit Power Rating (1) Crit Rate (3) Luck (10.4) - Attack / Pen (4) Signet of Ablation Waste (10.4) - Attack / Pen (4) Signet of Venice Occult (10.4) - Attack / Hit (1) Crit Power Rating (3) Signet of Nure-onna's Coil Combat Power: 700.0 Attack Rating: 3089 Crit Rate: 210 Crit Chance: 12.6% Crit Power Rate: 205 Crit Power: 40.6% Hit: 653 Pen: 977 Heal Power: 348 Heal Rate: 784 Dungeon DPS: Shotgun/ Pistol Main Weapon (10.5) - Pistol - Pen (4) Signet of Aggression Secondary Weapon (10.5) - Shotgun - Pen (4) Signet of Abuse Head (10.5) - Attack / Hit Rate (4) Signet of Laceration Finger (10.5) - Attack / Pen (4) Signet of Howling Oni Neck (10.5) - Attack / Hit (4) Signet of Chernobog Wrist (10.4) - Attack / Pen (4) Signet of Repulsor Technology Luck (10.4) - Attack / Pen (4) Signet of Ablation Waste (10.4) - Attack / Pen (4) Signet of Venice Occult (10.4) - Attack / Hit (1) Crit Power Rating (3) Signet of Nure-onna's Coil Combat Power: 748.9 Attack Rating: 4508 Crit Rate: 0 Crit Chance: 6% Crit Power Rate: 135 Crit Power: 51.1% Hit: 653 Pen: 946
  3. So been playing with this build though Egypt, started with it about half way though Scorched Desert have been using it since, I'm now part way though the City of the Sun God. So far it's been very effective. I just mow though stuff with hardly taking a break. Seems effective vs single mobs and swarms. Looking for any feedback on it, and perhaps some ideas on what to build towards. Actives 1. Escalation 2. Dancing Blade 3. Pulling the Strings 4. Karma 5. Chop Shop 6. Martial Discipline 7. Domino Effect 8. Empty Passives 1. Immortal Spirit 2. Intensity 3. Gnosis 4. Breakdown 5. Expose Weakness 6. Regeneration 7. Fluid Defence 8. Empty
  4. While reworking with an AR/Pistol build as my alt is going to Carpathian Fangs and starting to do Elite dungeons soon, I noticed an odd effect when I was testing it. I kept getting an error message every time I activated DA. Now, firstly I thought it was conflicting with another active ability but even if I was not in combat and activated it, I still kept getting the notice that I could not use DA so it must be one of my passives but I don't know which one. I'll have to remove each one to find out which passive is the culprit but it reminded while I run with my chaos/blood with another character on dungeons that she doesn't get the benefit of someone's BS (Pun unintended). So, as having one or more as these three as a must-have ability (Deadly Aim, Breaching Shot, and Short Fuse) on any dungeon team, what passives should be avoided so that as a team member, one can benefit from these active abilities? Secondly, if you are activating it but the conflicting passive is a must, even though you're the one who's getting the error, will it still work for the other team members at least? Finally, do you think it would be advisable to include a list of exceptions under the descriptions of these three abilities? Oh, and please be gentle, this is my first post here. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for your time and sorry if this isn't the right area for this. I got most everything figured out, but there two abilities slots i'm not really sure what to do with and i'm not sure which glyph and signet to use so i'll like some outside opinions on it. Information dump My solo build passive circulation iron maiden sweetspot blood sport advantage me Rapid getaway immortal spirit actives Bloodshot Contaminate Expulsion Turn the tables The business start & finish (thinking of replacing with big forty five once i get the AP) win-win aux diamond grit degradation Attack The business as my builder, Bloodsport apply affliction activating both circulation and iron maiden. use Bloodshot after every two shoots to keep Rapid getaway active plus extra affliction due to affliction. once five resources for pistol have been build then i use start & finish/big forty five Defense I use diamond grit at the start for add protection and reflect some damage, after it is gone i active Expulsion and allow my HoT to build back up my health. Turn the tables for a quick heal when needed. General HoT from passives. Gear-wise Head=Heath rest=DPS, as Expulsion is based off it and diamond grit and turn the tables are unaffected by heal rate. Question time. Right now Win-win and Contaminate are doing very little with my build. Win-win allows for the shacking off of some debuff but high cooldown make it a bit useless most of the time as enemy quick reapply them on me and Contaminate bugs healers. So are there any abilities would be a better fit? glyph-wise I'm thinking Boosting crit and pen rating as it will boost damage a bit and keep the passive going. Boosting magical and physical protection, giving me a higher Defense and letting iron maiden and Rapid getaway trigger sweetspot, advantage me, and immortal spirit. Signets-wise With the purple gear from Tokyo and issues 7, plus 6 once i have the money for it, i'm think either boosting attack rating, boosting health, or a mix of both. If you made it this far thanks again for you time and answers.
  6. DPS Signets and You

    OK. Been looking for an answer to this for a while now. Every single guide I read says "Laceration on head" and either I am missing something or this does not make sense mathematically. I know it is the most expensive so it is better to have one purple on head for flexibility but I am using only blue signets (long story, I will always be broke as I give stuff away) and have 4-5 lacs. Shouldn't it be better to have Abuse on head, Laceration on builder weapon with crit rating on and maybe aggression or another lac on the ef weapon with crit power? Lac has 15 seconds uptime and 15 seconds cooldown. 30 seconds is a looooong time for a fight to last. Am I missing something? Cheers!
  7. I've been trying to up my signet game and I realize I may have put signets/glyphs into less-than-ideal slots. The consensus from the forums seems to be laceration should go in the head slot (I am using Ciritty's hammer/fist dps build). But before I start spending money to swap things around I wanted to get feedback. What should I be using on main/offhand weapons? Thanks for your imput!
  8. deck manager back up

    Hello guys and gals. While I'm a new poster here, I have been using this wonderful site for a while now. Unfortunately I ran into some trouble today. I was doing a reformat of my drives (annual reformat, nothing major), so I backed everything up first (of course). Well when I tried to restore my builds from within my deck manager mod, it showed as corrupted. If anyone has the builds from the site here, or just a bunch of different types of builds, that they would be willing to back up and link the text input to me I would greatly appreciate it. If it can't be done, no worries, I will eventually be able to get them all put back in manually.
  9. It might very well be a well discussed paradigm, and I apologise if it is, as I do not roam around the places where this is all discussed. This was my pet project as a tank grinding bb: there was too much at stake to play too much around my tank builds (always have been blindly following Cirrity's guide), but I was frustrated to not be able to participate much in the involved build theory discussion of the DPSs. This build would be aimed at enabling me to run as beginner DPS. Elemental Force's rotations are not my favorite thing, so I was looking into a build that would crit a lot (Fatal Flourish would here just be in extra, not to be focusing all my attention, even though Flame Strike is here to try and catch it). Any comment, or advices about the kind of stats it should go with? http://www.tsw-builder.com/#76v770742615622735613746a10p741623653253223816130a11
  10. So...I managed to get pretty far solo/duo and skip most of the group/dungeon stuff. I need to do Gatekeeper and I understand I need a purge. Sadly, shotgun and elie are seriously the last thing I've put points in. The guides I have been reading are more confusing. A few of them say that even if I manage to equip a purge passive and defeat gatekeeper with my other-than-shotgun/elie builds, I still will be at a loss without Cleanup in nightmare dungeons. Is this true? Currently I use Hammer/Fist DPS and am happy with it. Please advise what I need to get thru gatekeeper using my AP efficiently and I will bake cookies. Pink cookies with ponies on top if necessary.
  11. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of a technical difficulty with the forum - not the most important thing but would need a PM to someone who has access to Admin panel. Also, I kind of thought this would be the most appropriate sub forum to ask about it - if not, please feel free to move/delete this. I suppose my questions are: A) do we post here for technical issues? B) who can we PM for again, technical issues that involve personal information like linked accounts and email addresses? Cheers
  12. There's something that's been bothering me for a while now in relation to the merger. What is the official conglomerate name? Sanctuary-TSWDB? Sanctuary/TSWDB? Sanctuary&TSWDB? Are there names anybody prefers if there isn't one?