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Found 2 results

  1. I present to you --- Send Report Library --- Currently counting 375 send reports I've uploaded all the send reports I could find from Bevis' website. (Thanks! Xiexie! Merci! Salamat! Arigatou! Danke! ) I am still figuring out what to put in the front page I did put a random report button there. (Don't use it if you don't want spoilers.) If you encounter broken text\symbols and left over stringIDs (before the send report text), please tell me. I might have missed some. Weird thing there was ONE mission that wasn't in the rdb, so there MIGHT be some send reports missing. If there is, I'd reaaaaally appreciate it if you told me The generic send report won't be in the library. Duplicates were removed. Working on... Event page Missions source Front page Random buttonIssue missions "next" and "previous" buttonsZone pageAlphabetic order I need help figuring out how to change the spaces between posts. Also.. how to turn off the "more posts" button on ONLY the first page. (Anyone here know how to fiddle with tumblr themes? )
  2. IC Calendar Project

    Back in November I started putting together a calendar that featured player characters from The Secret World. I thought it turned out pretty cool and as far as I know, is the only one. It started in March but goes to 2016. I think you will recognize quite a few people. If you want to take a look, here are the links. They are in pdf format. You can download it here http://bit.ly/1M2wzEFHere is a smaller version http://bit.ly/1CfHV6s It was hard work, but I may do stuff like this again. Hope you like it.