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Found 8 results

  1. Story Night

    Story Night When: Saturday August 5, 2017 from 2pm-5pm EDT Where: Axel’s in Agartha, around the fire pit. What it’s about: Hello and welcome all SWL players and roleplayers! This will be the first of a monthly recurring event to encourage new roleplayers and the rp-curious and allow people who want to share short vignettes, poems, cautionary tales, original works, et cetera. A long time ago, a friend named Shaw introduced me to roleplaying in a video game by hosting a recurring Story Night, where people would gather and take turns telling short stories and tales of their adventures! People came and went and either listened respectfully or told a story to the assembled. We even had theme nights for tales of love, horror, poetry nights, etc. It was a lot of fun. I’d like to honor his legacy by starting this event in SWL. My goal is to continue to have both SWL and the wonderful roleplaying community thrive and grow, as well as have fun telling and listening to stories. I look forward to having theme nights in the months to come if this first one is a success! September should be a Lore...ahem, Legendary tale night and October will of course be tales of terror. There are only a few rules for story night: Be respectful of the speaker who currently has the floor. Be respectful of the listeners who are trying to enjoy the speakers. The gathering is a peaceful one. There should be no open hostility. We’re all there for the same purpose. The host is there to facilitate the gathering. The speaker will change as the host gives them charge of the gathering. If you have a story to share: Try to post it in digestible blocks, about a sentence or two at a time to simulate storytelling. Give room for feedback. People like to interact in between parts of a story. Keep your story to about 10-15 minutes maximum! That way we can get several people up to speak. Remember to signal the end of the story and then please go take your seat so the Host can pick the next storyteller. I am looking forward to this gathering and I hope to see you all there! Thank you! PS- Filler picture until I get a better poster made!
  2. TSWMalala Art Book Auction

    This Extra Life we wanted to find more ways of raising money for the kids. Thanks to the amazing Psywarrior we have an brilliant opportunity for you. Toward the end of last year the community raised over $10,000 for the Malala Fund which helps make sure that every young woman gets a decent education no matter what their circumstances. As part of the charity drive an art book was created bringing together talented artists not only from the community but also from outside such as award winning Dan Parent from Archies Comics and Web artist David Smith. Everyone who donated at least $15 got a digital copy of the art book but only the top donators got a physical copy. Now we’ve been given the opportunity to auction off not one but two of these extremely limited art books for Extra Life (Only forty were ever printed). These are not only just a piece of The Secret World history but Gaming History too because to the best of our knowledge there has not been a charity drive like this created and managed by players which raised such a large amount. So how can you get your hands on one of these amazing books? Simple, to give everyone a fair chance we’ll be running a silent auction. The first book will be auctioned off from now until we finish our stream on the 5th of November (which is 11PM GMT). The second auction will open when we start the following day and carry on until the 13th of November. The highest bid when each auction closes will get the art book. (Due to technical issues with our stream we will extend the first auction to the start of our second stream which is 11am GMT on Sunday the 6th) You can email your bids to auction@thesecretpodcast.co.uk and we will be in touch with the winner when the auction closes. If you win you can choose to make your donation either directly to one of the Team Sanctuary participants or by sending payment to the Podcast Paypal where we will add it to the team's total. We will also cover postage because we would rather have all your money go to the kids then be tied up in silly things like shipping. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with Kle or at the email address above and we’ll do our best to answer them. Our thanks to Psywarrior again for allowing us the chance to auction these beautiful art books and don’t forget to check out her work at www.tswproject.org
  3. Extra Life 2016

    Extra-Life is fast approaching and as always Sanctuary is right on board ready to play games to raise money for sick kids. As with any team you can sign up and support a hospital near you so you don’t have to worry about being tied to a particular hospital. You can stream yourself (if you leave your details in a post below we’ll update this one) or you’re welcome to join Auroris and Kle as they take a leisurely approach to their 24 hours over two days. We’ll have tee-shirts up for grabs for team members as well as other goodies so be sure to sign up here Not able to play but still want to support us? Well we’re taking a leaf from other teams and offering anyone who donates $10 or more to one of our team members a Sanctuary tee. If that isn’t an incentive to help the kids we don’t know what is. Be sure to check out the current team members and help them on their way (as well as seeing what random stretch goals they have). Dark Insanities Stream Times Saturday 5th 11:00 – Starting with Overwatch 12:30 – 13:00 – The Secret World 21:00 – 21:30 – Finishing the day with Overwatch Sunday 6th 11:00am – Starting with Talisman Mid afternoon – Continuing with Move or Die, Town of Salem & Jackbox Party Pack.
  4. Sanctuary does Halloween

    Hello there. This Halloween we wanted to do something huge and we’ve teamed with some of the biggest names in The Secret World community to bring you a series of activities throughout the month of October. There’s something for everyone from a spooky RP story, halloween shows with your favorite DJs at your the best venues as well as a live Podcast recording with a developer. There will also be impromptu dungeon/lair runs throughout the month (and maybe even some world bosses if we’re lucky). We also have contests for you (because what is Halloween without a contest) so you can win prizes while you’re having fun too. You can find a brief rundown of events below to help you plan your October with a more in-depth explanation of each week in the posts following. Bear in mind we are still working with partners to finalise the events so some may be subject to change. We are also happy to accept any donations for prizes to the contests (we’ve tried tieing Kle down to the PC but he’s not great at farming things). If you’re interested in joining the schedule then we’d be happy to have you, just send us a message. If you have any questions send a message to Kle here, in-game or on Twitter @Kle_Sanctuary Update: Kle has now thoroughly been beaten and we've now got a schedule in order. Week One We get the party started with DJ Medrina from Happy Tentacle Radio who is having a Horror Movie themed #PlayAnything in Eldwic Park. Join her at 10PM on Thursday for all your favourite movie music (and outfits) Week Two Hide and Seek with Lady-Pyre: Find Pyre for shiny prizes. Sunday October 30th 12pm EST (4pm GMT) Podcast Live: (Time and date to be confirmed) The Secret Podcast will be interviewing one of the Developers of TSW live and you can join them in-game to distract them. They'll also be giving away the new and exclusive Secret Podcast Tee-shirts. Week Three: 31/10 (time tbc once I figure out timezones): DJ Lady Lyra's Metal Mayhem goes on tour to New York and visits the Saint's and Sinners Nightclub. Being Halloween you can expect all kinds of fun (actually being S&S and Lady Lyra you can expect all kinds of fun anyway ). Dress up for the night and show the spirits how it's really done. Sanctuary Q&A: As is traditional we will be holding a Q&A on the forums. We will have a member of the Dev team (we'll announce who soon™) answering your burning questions.
  5. It’s been four years here since the bomb went off and everything changed. Sanctuary has been supporting players for a large chunk of that time. It would be a shame if we didn't do something to celebrate. So to help mark the occasion we’re holding a contest with the rarest of prizes. We want you to show us your favourite moments from this years event. From battling giant golems to defeating the Gatekeeper. Maybe you've had an impromptu dance party in deep Agartha or you’re just really proud of your new Dapper Buzz outfit. Whatever the moment take a picture and share it with us. Contest Details Take a screenshot in game (please make sure you are safe and not putting yourself or team at risk) and submit your picture and in-game name (if it is a group shot please add the names of your group and try to limit it to five) to this thread. Feel free to add a caption if you want but it’s the picture we’re looking at. Cropping is allowed but other then that please avoid editing the picture. The contest will run until the 31st of July (yes we know the Anniversary event is only two weeks but you might want to get the perfect shot with your new pet or outfit without a giant Golem in the way ) To take a screen shot press the F11 button (if you want to hide the UI to get a cleaner picture press Alt Z ). You should then be able to find this picture in your screenshot folders (usually something like C: > Program Files (x86) > Funcom > The Secret World > screenshots Unless you are using a different programme like steam) Prizes Of course the bit you all want to know about. Prizes. We have the extremely rare Sanctuary Tee to give away but thanks to many donations and a lot of grinding we have a lot of shines to give away and we've put them into three categories. The Signet Selection 2 Epic Signet Reward Bags 1 Aux Weapon Binding Epic 1 Epic Signet of Violence 1 Epic Signet of Barrage 1 Epic Signet of Recursion 1 Epic Signet of Security 1 Rare Signet of Echos 1 Rare Signet of Extrication 1 Rare Signet of Amelioration 1 Rare Signet of Abuse 1 Rare Signet of Breaching 1 Rare Signet of Laceration 1 Rare Signet of Temperance 1 Rare Signet of Interdiction 1 Rare signet of Vigor The Clothing Bag 1 Heart Watch, Pink 1 Reindeer antler headband, red 1 Desert Scarf, Black and white Polka dot 1 Winter’s Majesty - Fur trim overcoat, red 1, Knit slouch hat, green bands 1 Flight Attendant - Bandage Skirt/ Pants, Navy 1 The Love Generation - Drop Necklace/Leather Necklace 1 Firefighter helmet with visor, Black 1 Morphsuit Black 1 King of Spades logo t-shirt, white 1 Knee high heart socks, Black and white 1 Toga Wrap, White 1 German Shepard Pet 1 Sanctuary Tee-Shirt, Grey The Museum Collection 1 Infected Faun Horn 1 Hardened Earth Shard 1 Ice Shard 1 Clown Nose 1 Lunar Shard 1 Ancient Necklace 1 Flaming Core 1 complete set of SD Cards 1-5 1 Little Succubus Pet Everyone who participates will receive a Rare Signet bag. Bohemian Bags will be awarded to 1st Second and third place. 1st will be able to choose a prize category, second can choose from the remaining prize categories and third will get the final one. We will continue to add prizes until the contest closes. Donations: Aoikutou: Living Shard, Succubus Pet and a variety of Museum items Buzzy-Fred: A Variety of Blue Signets HolloPoint - A variety of Blue and Purple Signets as well as Purple Aux Weapon Binding and Overdrive Nylew - A variety of clothing items , SD Cards and 2 Stadium Wave Emotes Daeyong - German Shepard Pet Judges The Sanctuary leaders will judge the entries. You can see who is on the team over here Lady-Pyre of Omne Datum Optimum will also be helping as well as a secret surprise judge to be announced closer to the time. If you have any questions about this contest please feel free to get in touch with Kle here, in-game or on Twitter @Kle_Sanctuary
  6. We are approaching our one year anniversary and what better way to celebrate then a good old fashioned give-away? Thanks to Fred of The Secret Buzz we have a copy of each issue to give away and because we like to cause as much chaos as possible each issue has it's very own contest. Issue One's contest is a caption contest. For issue Two we want to see your outfits that best suit the style of the podcast (so crazy, disorganised and generally thrown together at the last moment) And Finally issue Three is a simple re-tweet. You can find all the information as well as the caption image and a link to the tweet over on our site www.thesecretpodcast.co.uk as well as information on how to enter. This is a great chance to get your hands on the magazines if you missed out and we're working to get hold of some extra shinies. You've got until April 1st (yes I know don't blame me Aurois chose the date). We can't wait to see what you have in store.
  7. So we're a bit behind with our events these last couple of months. But Issue 11 is here! Chapter 1 is concluded! We decided to celebrate this with a party. And because we love them so much, a fashion show. You can join us, in the Crusades, on Friday 15th May, starting at 2000 GMT. You can see when this is where you are by clicking here. Now for the important details. Dress Code There will be no specific dress code for the evening in general, however as this is the Crusades, please note we can take no responsibility for damage or dirtying of your clothes. There will be several opportunities for you outfit to be judged. So as not to prejudice your selection of accoutrements, the specific judging criteria will not be announced until the event itself. There may be prizes for the winners of this judging. Music DJ Psywarrior of Radio Free Gaia will be providing music for us that evening, and it will be delightful to have her with us, as always. Wings Because this is a celebration of Issue 11, and we have reaped the consequences of our actions, I wanted to do a thing. Anyone who has earned their wings, we'd love it if you could bring them fully charged. We're going to try and get some footage of as many wings as possible active at once, so bring them along, and be ready for the call.
  8. You guys might have seen it already, but I wanted to repost it here in case you don't frequent twitter\tsw forums. DAYM it sounds awesome "The Visible Dark is a full in-character RP-event. You'll need to solve all the dark secrets behind the number of mysterious murders and reveal some gruesome conspiracies within and between the Secret Societies. You'll need to use all you've got and more to get to the end of the bloody thread stretching from dark dungeons, candlelit halls of London, cold concrete of New York sewers and rainy streets of Seoul." Complete info in the TSW forums HERE Click to check the time in your timezone.