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Found 1 result

  1. Thanks to Kiernon for reminding me that I have a bunch of games sitting around needing a loving home. I've tried forcing them upon my friends, posting them on Facebook, but it seems people are either uninterested or too shy to speak up for something they're interested in. These are all legitimate keys that I have left over from various Humble Bundles, and are games I already own. I have a dangerous Steam addiction and wish to share the love. Claiming gifts for a friend is also perfectly acceptable. I don't see anyone in this community being greedy. Steam keys: CogsCrayon PhysicsEufloriaF.E.A.R 2 - Project OriginGridGishJust Cause 2Legend of GrimrockLittle InfernoNightskyThief GoldDeus Ex: The FallLara Croft and the Guardian of LightTorchlight 2Steam Gifts (this means you gotta be my Steam friend <3 ) MagickaNuclear DawnSaints Row The Third Franchise PackBastionNexuiz x 3Rome: Total War Gold EditionMight and Magic VI: Complete EditionThe Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Founders Pack Gift (originally a closed-beta key, I have no idea what it gives now)Dead Island: Epidemic Beta Gift (again, a closed-beta gift for a game now in open beta, no idea what it redeems to)The Ship x 2Ouya: Broken Age (Kickstarter backer)Desura: Dungeons of DredmorHumble Frozen Synapse BundleHumble Frozenbyte BundleHumble Indie Bundle #2 (for some reason I apparently have 2 of these up for grabs?)Humble Indie Bundle #3Humble Introversion Bundle My only request if you accept any of these gifts is that you pay it forward if you ever get the chance to do so! <3