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Auroris    160

This forum RPG is to tell the ongoing story of the Sanctuary Network. To that end, every post after this one should be in character. If you have several characters that you intend to use regularly, then you are most welcome to create a second account on the site to make this easier.

Please do not edit your posts once you have posted them. Once you post, what you posted is considered canon within the Sanctuary storyline. Editing your post after it is made can lead to subsequent contradictions, and can simply confuse people.

If you would like a guide to getting started with the RPG, then there is one here.

We look forward to seeing you in our story.

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RecordKeeper    27

Sophia stood up. Felicia was crying. Her daughter wasn't the only one. She picked her up and tried her best to reassure her that everything was ok. It was far from ok, but she couldn't tell her daughter that. After a while Felicia settled down and Sophia lay her back down in her cot. She walked over to the bedside cabinet. Kyle's engagement ring was still there. He had sent it to her shortly after going missing. She picked it up. Tears began to flood down her face. 

"You idiot" She said to herself "You should have trusted me. I was looking into this for you. Instead you go and free Sato and to make matters worse you start working with him" She wandered over to the window and stared out at it. It was beautifully sunny. It had no right to be so sunny. She was so angry. But at the same time she was so sad. The man she loved had put everyone in danger. How could he risk so much chasing the past? He had a future. They had a future.

Had being the important word in that sentence. She couldn't risk letting him near Felicia again. She needed to make sure that Felicia was safe no matter what happened. She walked over to the cot. Felicia was happily gurgling away oblivious to what was going on. 

"It's just you and me now sweetheart" She said "Don't worry. I'll keep you safe. I won't run away and leave you. I'll always be here to protect you. I promise" Sophia wiped her eyes "We will always have each other" She looked at the ring on her finger. Try as she might she couldn't bring herself to take it off. It just wasn't right. Not now. Maybe tomorrow.

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Auroris    160

Auroris sat on the floor, cuddling his two daughters. They snuggled into him, happily. They had been staying with their uncle Jimmy for almost 2 months, and were trying to make up lost time. He was happy to do so. He hugged them to himself, and gently picked them up, to put them to bed.

He went into his bedroom and sat on his bed, huddled up in the middle. He looked through Twitter. He thought that he had managed to maintain appearences so far. He tried not to think of his time trapped online. Sato was dead. He was unchallenged again. He had finished cleaning up the mess Jimmy had made of his systems and it was time for things to go back to normal.

He started reading through the full report of Kyle Hudson's latest idiotic escapade. The fool had got himself arrested by Temple Hall. He scowled, and wondered if there was any point in putting Kyle and Sophia back together again. Not anytime soon, that was for sure.

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RecordKeeper    27

Sophia paced back and forth. She was agitated. She couldn't help but listen to Kyle's last message to her. What had happened to that man? 

If the reports they were getting back from Temple Hall were anything to go by that man was long gone. Of course she knew all about the reports from Temple Hall. She'd been asked to "organise" documents to make sure that inconvenient things like facts didn't get in the way of what Temple Hall wanted to do. However this time there was a Representative from Sanctuary there and they didn't seem to be doing a great deal to ensure that propor protocol was followed. 

In fact if she didn't know better she would have thought thier entire purpose was to distance Sanctuary from Kyle's actions. 

She wandered over to the laptop and quickly composed an email. 

To: Auroris

Sender: Sophia Rose 

Subject: Hudson & TH 

What do we intend to do about Hudson? Temple Hall are obviously incompetent and I'm not sure that the representative from Sanctuary is helping the situation. We need to discuss this ASAP.

She wanted this situation closed as soon as possible. But she was not willing to have it swept under the carpet. Ignoring Kyle may make matters much worse. 

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Auroris    160

Auroris looked at the message. He smiled slightly at the use of Kyle's last name. Sophia was clearly trying to remain as professional as possible about him.

Sanctuary must protect itself beyond any individual, Miss Rose. You know that. If we can help Kyle as well, then we will. Given what he did though, you cannot be surprised if many people here think that Kyle going away can only be a good thing.

He sent the message, and thought about what would come next.

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RecordKeeper    27

She looked at the reply. She wasn't surprised, not at all. But she'd be damned if Temple Hall was going to make a whitewash of the whole affair, and Sanctuary was better than that. She quickly replied.

I agree that Sanctuary needs to protect itself. But that also means protecting an individual when they make a mistake. You made a mistake that risked Sanctuary and nobody abandoned you. We need to ensure that we don't get a reputation for cutting people lose if they make an error. That's not who Sanctuary are.

She hated herself for sending that. Right now she hated Kyle, but she was worried that if it got out that Sanctuary were banning people for making a mistake (which is how many would see it) it could undo a lot of the hard work that they had put in place.


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Kle    122

Kyle was taken to a small dark chamber. He had a bag over his head. He didn’t know where he was but he still smiled to himself. He was fairly certain that this was not an authorised “interview”.After a while he heard footsteps, he had a fairly good idea of who would be conducting this “interview”. This was going to be interesting. He heard a sigh and suddenly a voice said

“What happened to you Kyle?” It sounded disappointed. Odd he thought, why would she be disappointed? He continued to smile although she wouldn’t notice with a bag on his head.
“Hello Rayne. I needed information from Sato. He provided it. You killed him. It’s very simple” He said matter of factly. He knew full well that wasn’t what she meant but he wasn’t going to give her answers on a plate.
“I hate this game, you are gonna sit there until I do something to get you riled and at the point you want me at. So shall we cut the shit Kyle?” He heard a sound not unlike a toothbrush being rubbed backwards and forwards.
“What exactly do you want? I needed information and I got it.” Kyle replied calmly. “There really isn’t much more to it than that. I’m sorry if this isn’t the answer you were looking for” He heard Rayne let out a sigh.
“Who let sato out? I don't want to have to be a mother to a grown man as well as a twenty something girl” her tone was serious and she meant business. Kyle laughed out loud. 
“Well I can honestly say I don’t know. I wasn’t there at the time” He said. Annoying as it was it was the truth.
Suddenly Kyle felt the bag being lifted. Not enough for him to see but enough for Rayne to attempt to shove a toothbrush in and scrub his teeth her face twisted in annoyance. 
“Bullshit do not lie to me, Who did you Hire?” Her  voice calm but extremely threatening.
Kyle coughed at the toothbrush but the smile hardly left face. He didn’t put up any resistance. Eventually baking soda dribbling from his mouth he calmly said 
“I am not lying Rayne. I wasn’t there when Sato was taken. You know just as much as I do about who took him”
“Bullshit, he was unconscious and someone brought in the 3rd party so who did you hire?” Rayne demanded throwing the brush aside and removing the bag entirely now. She glared at him she was trying to remain calm but her temper was slowly getting the better of her.

Looking at her mother Eleanor finally broke the silence wheeling herself over and pulling her away. 
“Mom stop, as much as you want to blame it on him and Sato they didn’t have to do with my injuries.” she lectured as she watched her mother stare at the stump on her barely existing thigh.
“She has a point Rayne. Besides, anyone who is an evil genius knows better than to give out their name and address” Kyle smiled. “It was all done through third parties. I never met the person. I never spoke to them directly. I couldn’t tell you who they were even if I wanted to”
“Kyle you know of the Oh Oh’s right?” Rayne’s voice curious and her smile slightly twisted as she watched him.  Kyle sat there. His expression remained unchanged.
 “Is that a kind of American cereal?” He asked
“Ordos Obscuras, Or Order of the Dark. We are in their territory I almost wound up here once the Reject Corps” She waited to see how he reacted. Kyle thought for a second. The name rang bells. Not very loudly but it rang bells all the same. 
“You seem to think I should be scared by this?” He said calmly
 “Seeing as he’s not going anywhere and nobody will hear the screams can I get my replacement parts from him?” Eleanor asked her mother calmly emotionlessly reaching for one of the braces off the wall. 
“Go ahead I’ll be right outside talking to Ms Croise try not to make a mess dear.” Rayne replied in a forced calm as she walked forward exiting the door and closing it behind her. 

Kyle smiled. A tag team approach? But it still wouldn’t work. 
“Feel free. I can’t give you anymore information then I already have” He said. “I honestly don’t know what you expected.” Giggling in a slightly cruel manner she pulls one of the Vice’s off the wall wheeling herself over to clamp it onto his leg.
“Hardly, you see I take much more after daddy than I do mommy so I am serious I’m taking your leg” her childish tone and cheerful lecture putting extra childish tones into her speech as she began to tighten the Vice around his left leg. Kyle watched, intrigued. Eventually he said in a tone mimicking Eleanor’s
“So what would you like to know? Or is this all part of the game?”
“I want your leg, mine was destroyed trying to catch you.” her childish whine added for extra effect like a pouting schoolgirl trying to manipulate a boyfriend as she began to turn the clamp slowly round and round.
“Well isn’t that a pity” Kyle replied in the same childish voice. “How about I tell you a secret?” he asked. “ Maybe then I can keep my leg? But you have to keep it between the two of us. Promise?” Not replying she began to hum as she tightened the clamp tighter around his thigh humming what sounded like a theme from a japanese anime. Round and round the handle went as she felt it start to press against his skin “No?” Kyle said in a normal tone. “Oh well, it’s a shame. And your mother did want to know who I hired too” He smiled evilly. He could feel the pressure of the vice but he wasn’t concerned.
“I know it was Daddy, so does she, just wanted to hear you say it” Eleanor replied in a sing song manner as she pulled out a sharpy and started marking a dotted line on his calf. Kyle laughed out loud. “Then you really don’t need me then. What a waste of everyone’s time. I could be at home with my fiancé and daughter” 
“Nope, I’m taking you leg. Tell me do you want a bite guard or no? would recommend it, biting the tongue off is painful” she replied cheerfully as she wheeled herself to the wall and got a small hand saw which she fumbled to reach the plug on the wall from her chair.
“A bite guard?” Kyle asked “You really don’t know me do you? I’ll be fine. Plus I’d hate to have Rayne miss out on the screams of agony” Kyle was still as calm as ever. The idea that his leg may no longer be attached to him was not phasing him in the slightest. 

Eleanor ignored Kyle’s request and she reached down and took her sock off her one foot resting her leg back on the chair’s leg support before shoving the sock into his mouth. “Try not to get a nosebleed” she replied once again turning the saw on attempting to lower it to the dotted line.
As the saw gets closer Kyle closes his eyes. A grin crossed his face. As much of a grin as you can get with a sock rammed into your mouth. His whole body goes limp. He was relaxed in a way that he had never be before. Everything seemed very distant to him. He was still breathing but very, very slowly. He was meditating. Stopping the saw just above his leg she wheels back her robotic hand and thrusts it at his crotch while pulling the saw back. 
“No FUN” she yelled in a tantrum. Kyle didn’t flinch. He was deep in meditation. He can hear her voice internally and he smiled. He didn't feel the pain. Or rather he did but he doesn’t allow himself to respond to the pain. He knows that something is broken, damaged. But he will have time to deal with that. Right now their methods are not going to help break him. “Alright fine” pulling her drool covered sock out of his mouth she wheeled back for a container of bacon grease and sugar, as she began to lather it on her one exposed leg, before pouring a jar of ants on his lap. 

Kyle allows himself to come out of his meditation, not so much that the pain is real but enough that he can respond to Eleanor. He looks down at the ant in his lap and bursts out laughing. “Ants? You are so funny.” He turns to her. “Can you go and get your mother? I’d like to have a word with her.”
“aww is the pretty girl not entertaining?” Eleanor asked in a pouty face 
“you are very entertaining, but I want to talk to your mother” Kyle replied calmly. 
“If I interrupt her now Croise would come along and I don’t think you would like her” she replied calmly as she watched the ants slowly peck at the combo on his leg before she pulled out a bottle of muscle heat and began to run it on the lower part of his leg in large doses
“You are so kind to consider my well being. But I did not ask to be here. If she wants any answers then it’s better that she gets them directly.” Kyle said “Besides. I have places to be, family to visit. This is getting dull”
“well the muscle heat in the dosage I used should soon feel like you’re leg is on fire, since I didn’t use a smidge.” she giggled childishly tossing a tube that was half empty and had been full before onto his lap “So who was your helper?” she asked childishly
“My leg was beginning to feel cold” Kyle smirked. “As you already know who my “Helper” was there’s really no point in me answering is there?”

“say the name out loud and then I will get mommy”
“How about you get mommy and I will tell her?” Said kyle with a grin
“nope” was her only reply as she pulled out a picture of Kyle’s daughter and held it up in front of him “she’s cute I think she’d look cuter with my limbs” she replies looking for a reaction
“They’d probably be too small for you” said Kyle simply.
Pulling a pair of scissors out she began cutting the little girls arms off with slow precise skill before moving to the legs. Sensing that more was expected of him Kyle said quickly 
“Wait, stop” For the first time it sounded like there was some genuine concern in his voice. “You can’t be serious about using a babies legs?”
“Mom Come in” she called out her face looking cold she got what she wanted and the ruse was over. 

The door opened as Rayne walked back in holding a recorder and headset in her hands. “Thank you Kyle”
“Threatening a newborn child?” He said “That is low. So what do you want?”
“your daughter was never in danger anymore than you were.” she looks at him with anger in her eyes “You are not getting out ever again if I can help it. You’re act is not fooling me cut it out”
“I’m lucky you are not the only one calling the shots then aren't I?” Kyle smiled.
“While here you are safe, leave and I will hunt you down, and hand you to Auroris” Rayne threatened.
“You have a very odd version of safe, Rayne” Kyle said. “You will hunt me down and hand me to Auroris?” He smiled. “And what would he do?” Holding up an Evaluation folder Rayne  smiled at Kyle 
“you are unfit to leave despite what our shrink thinks.” Tossing the folder into his lap she looks him in the eyes cold emotionlessness behind them “You think we are all against you but we weren’t. Instead of asking me to find your parents you went to a psycho, and had my mothers laundry tossed on you.” 
“The shrink is special isn’t he. I saw what had to be done and I did it. It was a simple task. If Auroris or you had done it then nobody would have batted an eyelid, In fact you would have been given a red carpet.” Kyle sighed “Unfortunately I had to do things a little more drastically. Please don’t pretend you know me Rayne. I don’t even know me. I do know that I can only trust myself”

“So thats it? For the record I didn’t know my mother killed your parents till a few days ago” 
“And I didn’t know they had been killed until Sato told me” Kyle sighed “I had no idea and would probably be unaware if he hadn’t.” He smiled “But it was information I needed no matter who had it. I don’t expect you to understand.”
“Fool, Wah wah I miss my parents people don't understand” looking around aggravated she stares at him cold her face cold but anger inside her welling up  
“There probably are some out there who do. I couldn’t say. But why are you so concerned about this Rayne?” Kyle asked. 
“you obviously think you are the only orphan of the secret world” she spits coldly at him
“I never even considered myself an orphan until recently, I’m sorry have I upset you?” Kyle asked. He almost sounded genuine.
“gee maybe we should think about what happens to kids of the secret world”
“Oh dear. I must have hit a nerve. So how did you discover your parents” Kyle asked. Genuinely fascinated, no hint of sarcasm
“By hunting down templars, and forcing them to recruit me”
“And that worked?” Asked Kyle. For a man who had lived his life in the dark about the secret world until a few years ago and who had only discovered that his parents were not dead like he’d been led to believe as he grew up the idea of approaching a faction was intriguing.
“it is why you will never outrun me kyle, and yes it worked”
“But I’m not the one who is angry. Not anymore.” he smiled.

“I’m not angry now why did you not go to me”
“You sound very angry.” Kyle smiled “But the truth is Sato got bored. He wanted to go after Auroris and I wouldn’t let him until after he’d taken me to my parents. We got into an argument. I demanded proof especially as you were breathing down our necks. He gave it to me. That was when I came out and left Sato.” He sighed “Things are a bit fuzzy after then”
“you are trying to act like a victim when I was in a very similar situation so I’m angry you didn’t listen to me, you could have prevented this all of it” her voice calm but her demeanor still cold
“you’re right. I could have listened to a lot of people. But they could also have listened to me. What’s done is done. If I had known that you could have got the info I would have turned to you. Of course given the circumstances at the time it would have been difficult as I was being held at your request for trying to punch Sato’s lights out” He smiled.
“I am sorry but you cannot leave here” she walked up behind Eleanor getting ready to push her out of the room
“You intend to keep me here forever?” Kyle asked “That seems like a waste of everyone’s time”
“yes” she left pushing her daughter out with her. 
“Well that’s just rude” he said to himself “They could have at least untied me first”
Shortly afterwards a templar walked in uncuffing Kyle, “you’ve been given one chance don’t make us regret this” he grumbled

Kyle smiled and turned to the Templar. “Thank you” He said “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Temple Hall doesn’t get into any trouble.”

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Kle    122

Kyle approached the London Sanctuary Base. This was going to be interesting. But if he was going to get things moving this was the first place to start. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell, there was no answer. Curious, he thought to himself. There was always someone on hand to answer the door. He tried the doorbell again. Still no reply. Maybe the old guy who answered the door had finally died. He smiled a little. He tried the handle and was surprised to find that the door was open. Cautiously he went inside.

As soon as he closed the door he heard the sound of guns being raised. The familiar voice of the old man who usually answered the door said

"Please do not move any further Mr Hudson. These gentlemen are less patient than I am." He gestured at the two men either side of him with guns.

"Its nice to see you again. For a moment I thought the worst had happened" Kyle said calmly. He should have known they would have spotted him from the street. CCTV is a wonderful thing. "But I'm not here to cause trouble I promise"

"Then I suggest you leave the way you came" The old man said

"I can't do that. I need to talk to Auroris." The old man laughed. It was a dry hollow laugh.

"You are a fool if that is the case" The old man said

"No. But having him as an enemy isn't going to help me." Kyle smiled "I don't have a white flag but just humour me" The old man looked him over.

"Why should we trust you? Many people have attempted to stab Sanctuary in the back, it has not ended well in the majority of cases"

"I know. I'm not stupid believe it or not. But it's not you I need to convince. It's Auroris. Now can you get him or do I have to find another way of getting his attention?" Kyle asked. The old man chuckled. 

"Very well. It is your death wish." He gestured to a seat "You have been exiled so are not permitted to wander the building without an escort. You will wait here until I return. These gentlemen will make sure you don't stray."

"No drink?" Kyle asked as the old man shuffled off.

"Don't push it" He replied.

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Auroris    160

Auroris read Sophia's reply, and the message about Kyle making a fuss. The man had walked straight into a Sanctuary facility, presumably knowing full well that several people wanted him dead. He knew that he had made no direct contact with Sophia yet, though he presumably wanted to. She was somewhat determined to protect Felicia from him, though, at any cost. A sentiment he shared regarding his own daughters.

I suppose you are going to tiptoe around each other, as usual. I really should stop fixing these two. They'll grow up eventually.

he said to himself out loud. He smiled, and behind his glasses, the whites of his eyes went jet black, while his irises glowed blue.

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RecordKeeper    27

Sophia was sat in the nursery at home with Felicia. She'd managed to organise it so that everyone was out on missions and she had a bit of time free with her daughter. They were playing with her toys. She seemed to have become obsessed with a small Elemental Focus. It wasn't active, Sophia had made sure of that. Kyle had brought it back from a mission for Felicia. Sophia had tried to take it away from her but she wasn't having any of it.

She watched as Felicia chewed on the focus and gurgled happily. 
"You have no idea what's happening do you?" She said "You're so lucky" She sighed. Suddenly the shadows in the room seemed to become more pronounced. Sophia looked around and noticed Felicia suddenly being enveloped shadows.

"What the hell?" She yelled as her daughter melted into the shadows and disappeared from view "Felicia" she yelled. A few seconds later she felt the seconds later she felt the shadows envelop her and she felt the familiar feeling of being transported to another location. "For fucks sake Auroris" She cursed out loud before the nursery disappeared from view.

Seconds later she reappeared in a dark windowless room. As she got her bearings she saw Felicia and rushed forward to grab her. 

"Felicia, there you are." She said as she picked her daughter up in her arms. Her daughter looked at her slightly confused. She didn't seem to have noticed being transported by magic. She had her focus and that  was all that mattered. 

"Dada" Her daughter gurgled. Sophia looked at her.

"Don't be silly darling, he's not here" She hugged her daughter close

"Dada" Her daughter repeated. Sophia looked around and took in the surroundings properly for the first time. It looked familiar but alien at the same time. As she looked around she realised what it was that was so familiar. This was very similar to Auroris's Basement. The one she had spent so long in trying to reunite him with his body. But that couldn't be possible. That went up in the explosion when they finally managed to restore him. This had to be a backup basement. No evil genius would stick with just one after all, she thought to herself.

"Dada" Felicia said again with excitement, this time pointing behind her. Sophia turned around. Much to her surprise Kyle was stood there a smile on his face. To make matters worse Auroris was stood there next to him. "Dada, dada" 

"I knew you'd be behind this Auroris. But why did you bring that idiot here?" She spat "And are you actually here? Or are you in a nice warm office somewhere? I ask this because I want to kill you right now and I don't want to waste my time killing a shadow copy of you" She said coldly. She ignored Kyle.

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