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Auroris    160

No. I am not here. I am with my daughters. I need to decide whether I'm going to kill Hudson or not for denying me Sato. I am not, however, someone to waste an investment. Let me put it this way. You three will remain here until you can work out whether Hudson, is at all redeemable. Try not to take too long with it.

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Kle    122

Kyle smiled. 

"It's good to see you again Auroris. We were worried about you." He said. Auroris just sat and watched him. Kyle shrugged. Sophia walked over to him and slapped him firmly on the face.

"You are a complete idiot Kyle Hudson" She spat. "What the hell did you think you were doing?" She demanded

"It's difficult Sophia," Kyle said quietly looking at the ground. 

"Try me. We seem to have all the time in the world" She said firmly.

"I've never known them Sophia. I just wanted to know what had happened to them." She stared at him. She obviously expected more. "I know I should have trusted you. I should have trusted Sanctuary but he had the information right there in his hands. I saw the chance and I took it."

"At any cost?" She asked 

"I hadn't planned to cause so much trouble. I just wanted to get the information. I was going to bring him back once I had what I needed" He said with regret tinging his voice. Sophia looked at him.
"Why didn't you trust me Kyle? I could have dealt with this. We could have dealt with this."

"I know. I realise that now." He said. "Especially after meeting with Rayne" Sophia looked confused

"Rayne? She brought you in. What do you mean your meeting with Rayne?" She asked curiously.

"I shouldn't say. Look, it's over Sophia. I can't make up for what I've done but I'm sorry." He said

"No Kyle." Sophia said firmly, "It is not over by a long stretch. What happened between you and Rayne?" Kyle looked embarrassed.

"I can't say" Sophia looked at him. 

"You had better say or I'll let Auroris have you." She threatened. Kyle squirmed uncomfortably.

"She tortured me, she demanded to know who I had employed to help Sato escape and when I said I didn't know she kept going..." He said quietly.

"Rayne did?" She almost laughed "You're serious aren't you?" Kyle just stared at the floor. Sophia turned to Auroris. "He was supposed to be under her protection Auroris. What the hell is this shit?"

"Leave it be Sophia. I just want to go back to the way things were."

"They can never go back to the way they were" She snapped "How can we allow her to do this Auroris?" She demanded

"Sophia, stop it." Kyle said firmly. "You're scaring Felicia." She looked up into his eyes. He seemed different. She couldn't quite put her fingers on it but she was happy to have him back. She wouldn't let him know that of course.

"You're right." She said "Kyle do you remember the message you sent?" Kyle smiled

"I do, it's still true. I'm sorry I put you through this Sophia" He said. 

"So am I." She said. She turned to Auroris "We need to talk without Kyle"

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Kle    122

Kyle looked over at Auroris. He scowled slightly but nodded. Seconds later he watched as they were enveloped by shadows and disappeared. He had no idea where they had gone but right now he was just happy to be alone. He could finally drop this stupid act.

He smiled. He hadn't planned on meeting them all at once but it could actually work in his favour. Sophia hated injustice. The idea that Rayne had tortured him and Sanctuary had possibly known about it would eat at her. She would do all she could to make sure that things were rectified. Besides, he was just a lost orphan looking for his parents. He couldn't be held responsible for his actions. He smiled again.

Auroris would be much more difficult to sell though. But if he could get Sophia on side she would do a lot of the hard work for him. Knowing Sophia she was already arguing his case. He almost felt sorry for her. The idea that this was all a lie to get Sanctuary off his back probably hadn't even entered into her head. She was smart but when it came to emotions she was easy to use.

He just needed to wait. He had plans, even if this didn't work he had others and he had the help to make sure that they would work.

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Auroris    160

Sophia and Felicia appeared in another room, just like the first. The shade of Auroris appeared moments later.

Auroris: Well?

Sophia: Something doesn’t seem right here. Why is talking about torture?

The last interview scheduled for Kyle was cancelled. The agent we had there was notified about 30 minutes before it was due to start. Then, suddenly, the decision is made to release him. During the time he would have been getting interviewed, we were not able to confirm his location in the cell he was being kept in, nor anywhere else. What do you think was happening.

So Sanctuary wasn't there. Neither was Temple Hall. But he was tortured. I don’t like this at all, especially when we don’t know who did the torturing.

Who do you think it was. Rayne Logras, or her daughter. They both have reason enough, and Logras has already demonstrated that she is emotionally unstable at the moment.

I don’t want to believe it was Rayne. She’s usually the voice of reason. But it’s not looking good. Why would she do something like that?

Usually, yes, at least when I’m not in the room. But then, usually she would not empty a gun into Hikaru Sato.

Sato… He has caused so much hassle.

Really? I hadn’t noticed. But he was mine. And as a result of your fiancee’s idiotic actions, Rayne was able to steal him from me. Either of us could have told him what happened to his parents, if he had only thought to ask.

Sato became everyone’s business when he kidnapped me and when he started messing with you. This isn’t just about you anymore Auroris. I had just as much of a reason to Kill the man as you.

Almost as much. Besides, I wasn’t planning on killing him. Others would have had that opportunity once I had broken his mind and shattered his soul. What he had left of one, anyway.

As usual you miss the point Auroris. This stopped being about you a long time ago, I know that must be very annoying but it’s true.

It’s about everybody getting their turn. All I was going to do was tell him that I told on my brother to our parents. That would have been all I needed to do. Then Rayne, or you, or Kyle could have torn him apart and taken home a piece each, if you wanted.

Then maybe you should have worked with us instead of threatening Kyle. Maybe if I’d had something to offer him we could have got the two of them back without bullet holes. But that’s really not the problem here is it...

It doesn’t really matter anyway. Sato is dead, and Kyle is two rooms away, waiting for us to finish talking. So what are you going to do about him?

What are we going to do Auroris? If Rayne is behind Kyle’s torture you do realise how bad that looks for Sanctuary? Kyle was still under our protection and we failed him.

Arguably, at the time, he was not under our protection much at all. However… The idea of Sanctuary being a willing participant, or observer to the torture of someone is undesirable. We could probably spin it, but it would probably take a tedious amount of effort. We might be able to manipulate Logras, of course, but still. Bringing him back into the fold would be the most ideal outcome.

I agree. Sanctuary needs to show that it supports people even if they make mistakes. But, and I know this hardly needs saying. he needs to be monitored. Something about him seems odd. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I just feel he needs to be monitored.

You mean the way he is behaving like a cold killer, instead of an impetuous child?

I wouldn’t put it like that. But he seems to be trying very hard to show how sorry he is. It’s a little unnerving. Think of the way he reacted when he was imprisoned for attacking Sato. He wasn’t sorry, he was angry and determined he’d do it again.

He also didn’t kill him. He wanted the information, obviously. And most likely, he would still do the whole thing again. The question is, can he be trusted enough to let back into Sanctuary. Bearing in mind that you are still going to have to deal with that. Why do you think I brought all three of you here. He needs to sort out his personal shit before I can sort out his ‘professional’ stuff.

He’s been on the run for causing trouble before with Temple Hall remember? His attitude is very different. Even now he has the information he needs. As far as the “personal shit”, I can’t say I’m not happy that he’s back but I’m cautious. I’d rather have him close so I can monitor him then have him running around causing havoc.

Well you’re still engaged, I believe, and you still both share a daughter, and an employer, and a city, so you’re going to have to work it out sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, because there is no plumbing in here, and it might start to smell after a while.

Sophia sighed. I don’t like being used Auroris. Right now I get the impression that Kyle is up to something and I intend to find out what the hell it is. If that means I have to play the dutiful fiancé card so be it. Two can play that game. The worst case scenario is that I’m wrong and there’s no halm done. But I wouldn’t go renting a tuxedo just yet.

So then. You’re going to take him back, albeit reluctantly. I’m going to have Sanctuary take him back, though under constant supervision for some time. And eventually, he will tell us what we want to know.

We could let him loose if you prefer?

I suspect Rayne would have something to say about that. Though I think I will have her and her family placed under closer surveillance too, against the likelihood of her doing anything poorly thought out.

Rayne concerns me, something has snapped. But right now I need to concentrate on things closer to home.

Well then, you can concentrate on Kyle. You will be assigned as his surveillance, most likely. I will watch Rayne.

As long as he doesn’t know. He has to think that we’ve let bygones be bygones and welcomed him back wholeheartedly. If he is up to something and he suspects anything then it could cause trouble.

Well duh.

She sighed again. I forget that I’m not talking to Kyle occasionally. I just hope that Felicia is safe. I don’t think he’d do anything but I’d hate to see any harm come to her because of a decision I’d made.

She is protected. In any case, I expect that Kyle will be a corpse before you let him hurt your daughter.


Well then. Shall we return.


Shadows surrounded them again, as they returned to Kyle...


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Kle    122

Kyle watched as the three of them reappeared in the room. It fascinated him in a way that it never had done before. If Auroris wasn't there how could he transport people? Did it hurt? Did they notice? He didn't recall noticing but he had been playing attention to the armed guards at the time. Still there was time for that later. For now he had to pretend to be sorry. 

"We've talked about this and we've reached a decision" Kyle looked at the ground. He knew that she was going to accept him back but it didn't hurt to play the part. "Do you realise how much trouble you've caused?" She asked

"I'm sorry Sophia. I honestly didn't mean for all of this. He was just supposed to take me to my parents then I was going to hand him over" He said in a pathetic tone. 

"Don't try that on me Kyle Hudson. You could have come to any of us and you went to him instead. Your actions were brash and put a lot of people in danger. They put Felicia in danger" Kyle suppressed a smirk. She was really going to haul him over the coals. 

"Sophia. I didn't mean..." He turned to Auroris "help me out here" he pleaded. Auroris just shook his head. This was surprisingly fun Kyle thought to himself. "I don't know what I can do or say Sophia." He pleaded. 

"Neither do I." She sighed. "But I know you weren't doing it for malicious reasons. You were a fool for not trusting us and believe me you're going to find yourself paying for that for some time to come. But you were nieve." There was an akward silence. Come on woman. You know you want to say it. They've taking me back... "You are being aloud back into Sanctuary but on probation" 

"It's more than I desreve. Thank you." He turned to Auroris "I promise I won't let you down."

"It's not us you need to persuade Kyle. Your actions have brought a lot of unwanted hassle onto Sanctuary's doorstep. You are not popular. This won't be a popular decision."

"I promise it won't be one you regret" he gushed. Well that's half the battle. Time to seal the deal he thought. "Where does this leave us Soohia?" He asked. Suddenly very serious. He noticed Auroris roll his eyes. 

"I don't know Kyle. How can I trust a man who doesn't trust me?"

"But I do Sophia." He protested. 

"That remains to be seen. Let's not rush things. You'd be in the shed if we had one Kyle." She smiled. "As it is we don't." 

"I'll wait for you Sophia. If that's what you want." Kyle said. This was tiring. But if she was going to be around it was better to have her not asking questions then curious. 

"Let's take it one step at a time. This is something we can discuss when you get home". 

"I still have a home?" He asked. 

"For now" She said gravly. 

"I promise Sophia. You won't regret this."

"I had better not" She said "Unless there's anyt you want to add Auroris I'm getting fed up of this place."

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Auroris    160

Auroris looked at them both, before narrowing his eyes at Kyle. I know you're trying to play us, Hudson. You're walking a very thin line. Be careful not to fall off.

Felicia, Kyle and Sophia were again surrounded by shadows, and were gone.

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RecordKeeper    27

Sophia sighed. She would never get used to the sensation of the shadows. She looked around and was surprised to find that she hadn't been returned to the nursery where she had started but was in the entrance to the London Sanctuary safe house. She looked around and saw that Kyle was there too. She quickly clutched Felicia closer to her as armed guards approached them.

"Where did you go?" One of them barked at Kyle

"I have no idea." He answered "I was here then I was in a basement" The guard scowled at him. Another approached Sophia

"And you" He said waving the gun in her direction "Where did you come from? Are you with him" Thank you Auroris, I really needed this Sophia thought to herself.

"Will you put that thing down for the love of Gaia" She snapped. "There is a child present and I don't want some imbecile with a gun to cause who knows what damage" She looked over at Kyle and noticed him grinning. She also noticed that he had taken a step back. Oh very brave, she thought, let the woman with the baby deal with the armed guards. The guard looked slightly embarrassed but stood his ground. "I am Sophia Rose, I work for Sanctuary. I have just finished an unscheduled meeting with Auroris and I intend to have some serious words with him about his sense of humour. Should I add his guards threatening a newborn to the topics we will be discussing?" She snapped

"I'm sorry but you have to appreciate, Hudson suddenly disappeared and then he returns with you" The guard spluttered. "He could have been holding you hostage..." Sophia heard Kyle snigger. Shut up Kyle, you are not helping the situation.

"Hudson can be an idiot at times but if he was holding me hostage I doubt he would return here to show me off" She said sharply. Kyle actually burst out laughing at this point. "Shut up Kyle"

"Sorry Sophia"

"But Miss Rose. He has been exiled, we have orders" The guard continued. This guy really was beginning to try her patience.

"That is why we had a meeting MR?..." She left the question hanging there but before the guard could reply Kyle stepped in.

"Can I sophia?" He asked. She shrugged, he could hardly make the situation worse.

"Look I made a big mistake. I thought Sato could help me and I didn't think it through. I almost lost Sanctuary and more importantly my Family. I've been an idiot. But they've both given me a second chance. I guess you could say I'm on probation with both of them" He smiled. "So please, put the gun down and if you don't believe me go check with your superiors. We'll wait" The guard frowned, but mumbled something to his colleague and wandered away. 

"Are you Ok Sophia?" Kyle asked. 

"I'm fine" She said. "It's been a long day and I want to get home that's all" The guard returned 

"You are correct Hudson. I can't say I'm happy about it."

"A lot of people won't be, but everyone makes mistakes. I intend to make up for mine." The guard shrugged and wandered off. "Come on Sophia, lets go home." 

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Kle    122

The woman sat at the laptop and checked back over the email. To say she was uncomfortable with the idea of sending it was an understatement especially given that its contents could get her into some serious trouble. 

But she was loosing patience with the current state of things. Maybe he was just the kick that Sanctuary needed. Eventually she hit send. She just hoped she had done the right thing. 

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thechosenone    112

The effects of the portal slowly started to wear off as he entered the Inner Sanctum. Jimmy smiled. It wasn't often people got to see the inside of this room. Whatever Evelyne wanted to talk about it must be important. He walked to through the room and found Evelyne sitting in a chair next to the windows reading an old book. "So it is real? I didn't believe it existed." Evelyne turns around and smiles at him. "They call it a secret room for a reason, don't they?" Jimmy shrugs. "This place is unbound from time, stuck in a time and place that once was or that may never be. It is everywhere, it is nowhere, it impossible to find. What we discuss here will not leave this room, it is the safest place I could find. Even he won't be able to see it." Jimmy raises an eyebrow. "So... why am I here?"

Evelyne waves her hand, indicating that he should come closer. "The Council approved our request." Jimmy smiles. "I am glad to hear that. It has been a long time coming." Evelyne nods and looks out of the window. Jimmy shakes his head. "But that is not why you called me here is it?" Jimmy looked at Evelyne. She had changed since the last time he saw her. She was different. "There have been rumors. Wisphers...." Jimmy walked closer and sat down on a chair opposite of her. "We've known for a while know that there are still rogue agents inside of the Sanctuary and that they have infiltratred our ranks." Jimmy nods. "I think we did the right thing by not telling anyone. There is no need to cause panic." Evelyne grimaces. 

"Some of the Board Members are getting concerned that we wont be able to contain the situation. What happened with Kyle, Auroris-- That shouldn't have happened." Jimmy shakes his head. "No... no it shouldn't." Evelyne sighs. "You do realize what the consequences will be once the Sanctuary Council becomes active, yes?" Jimmy nods."The Keepers will take over much of the daily tasks that you and Auroris have preformed up until this point. Sanctuary management will lose much of it's power and Sanctuary resources inside of the Foundation, owned by Auroris, you and me, will all be controlled directly by the Inner Circle." Jimmy nods again. "I have a feeling that he won't be happy with that." Evelyne picks up her book and smiles. "I am sure he wont, but there is nothing he can do about it. If he doesn't suck it up, the Sanctuary will be no more..."  


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Kle    122

He looked at the email. Hudson should be more careful. Hudson  had taken precautions. It wasn't like it was addressed to kylehudson@sanctuary.net but given the level of surveillance he was under it may as well have been. Even after being bounced through a number of other addresses it was still too easy to follow the trail. It was just as well he had picked it up at the source. 

The sender need not have worried about the contents though. Oh it was certain to get her into trouble but it wasn't anything that was not already common knowledge. Still the last thing Hudson needed was this landing in his inbox. Time for some creative writing. 

First he started with the original document. He was fairly confident that she would not be in contact with Hudson directly. She would certainly not be questioning him about the contents of the email. Under normal situations he avoided tampering with original emails but in this case he did not see any repercussions. At least as far as the sender was concerned. He began typing 

Dear Mr Hudson

Thank you for your interest. While I can confirm that there is a position available, unfortunately you do not meet the criteria. 

We have had a lot of interest in this position and would like to thank you for taking the time to apply. Good luck in your future endeavours. 

Janet Smith. 

If Hudson had any sense he would see the code. If the others saw it he would explain it as an attempt to try to find work elsewhere when he thought Sanctuary had abandoned him. Of course a bit of digging would show that it was a fake company but he could not know that when applying. If Hudson did not think on his toes then he was not going to get far. 

Now onto Hudson's reply. That was going to be a little more difficult. He was tempted to go along the same but Sanctuary may get suspicious of two of its members getting similar rejections. No he decided to go down a different route. 

Dear Suzie. 

Thanks for for getting in touch. I haven't heard from you for years. I hope they're keeping you busy. We'll have to get the old gang together again at some point. Although I'm not sure that Sanctuary would like two troublemakers in its ranks ;) 

I'll try not to let it be as long this time. It's good to know you're still around. 


Of of course she might get a bit confused at this response but she will discover a message to Hudson in her outbox reaching out to him after a long time apart. And Hudson would have a similar exchange. And all sign of the message she had originally sent would be long gone. The wonders of the Internet He smiled to himself. Hudson would know about the contents in time. But for now there was no point in putting both of them in danger. 

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