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Kle    122

The inbox had remained largely unmonitored while Hudson had been away. Even if he had been checking it he wouldn't have seen the messages. 

He looked at the latest message. The sender had more information for Hudson. It was good information. Hudson would not see it though. Not just yet. He would add it to the file he was keeping. When Hudson was ready then he would get the information. 

As he had done with so many of the emails to this secret email address he changed the content so that Hudson would only get the slightest hint at what the original message contained. 

He sighed. saving Hudson from himself was a full time job. And he still had enough to be getting on with. He hoped that the roadmap he'd been left worked...

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Kle    122

James watched Kyle as he sat by the window in the first class compartment he had booked. Kyle was so excited it made him chuckle. The glee on his face as he watched the islands melted away beneath them was a joy to see. He seemed almost disappointed when they had gone.

James had also been amused by Kyle's attitude  toward the flight staff. He seemed confused by the idea of complementary food. Each time they asked him if he wanted anything he would ask how much it costed. It had got to the point where they began greeting him by saying "Everything is free sir, what would you like?"

After a while one attendant leaned over to Kyle and said "May I offer you a word of advice sir?" Kyle looked perplexed but nodded. "Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to organise this trip. You are obviously well thought of. Maybe you should stop worrying about the free food and attend to your friend" Kyle blushed. James just laughed out loud.

"I hope you are not suggesting what I think you are suggesting?" he said. "That would be most improper of you" he laughed again. The attendant looked at James and replied, completely poe faced

"I would not suggest anything of the sort sir. Just making sure the customer gets the best out of their journey." He smiled. "Will there be anything else?" James looked at him and laughed. "We will be fine thank you."

Once the attendant had left Kyle looked at James a little worried. James smiled and said.

“Don’t worry Kyle, I have no intention of joining the Mile High Club. I have a reputation to uphold.” Kyle looked a little relived. Feeling a little mischievous James added “Although…”

“James.” Kyle said quickly “You can’t really be thinking about doing something like that?” James laughed.

“We are in first class, it’s a long flight and there is a bad. I will be sleeping but I’d rather enjoy that at home. Besides knowing your luck the attendant will record the whole thing and you’ll be on the news. Again.” Kyle blushed. “Come on relax and ask the attendant for a drink”

“You are too good to me James.” Kyle said. “I am so lucky to have you”

“I missed you Kyle. I’m just making up for lost time”

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RecordKeeper    27

Sophia walks into Auroris room. She didn’t know what to expect, but somehow she hadn’t expected to see him like this. Everything about him was faded. He was wearing his usual clothes but they looked shabby. And Auroris himself looked exhausted, like he hadn’t slept in weeks. It was slightly unnerving to see him in such a state. She closed the door quietly behind her.

“Good evening, Sophia. How is Kyle?” Auroris said, his voice hiding any hint that there may be something wrong.
“He's happily distracted.” Sophia replied  “James should keep him from causing too much hassle. Obviously he's doing better than you are though.” Auroris smiled a little
“Appearances are what is important, for something like this. And anywhere it is important, I appear perfectly fine.”
“I am not so sure. People have noticed a difference in you since you came back. Little things, but they soon add up.” Auroris scowled. 
“And what do you think it means?”
“I think it means you don't know how to deal with this.” Sophia said simply  “At least not by yourself.” 
“Deal with what?” Auroris said defensively
“I'm no psychiatrist but I would guess you are struggling to deal with people.” She thought for a while then continued “After all you've been through it's no surprise but I get the impression that it's more difficult now than before.” 
“So what. You think I am afraid of the big wide world?” Auroris smirked. “Please.”
“Maybe.” Sophia smiled a little. “But then again what do I know? I have been out of my room in the last few weeks.” It was a low blow but Auroris was not the sort who you could use a gently gently approach on. 

“I know. I read the reports.” He replied almost ignoring her comment “It doesn’t really matter what you think, in any case. It won’t change anything. That’s not why I asked you to come. It occurred to me recently, that in the event I have to rely on others to retrieve me in the future, that my survival would be by no means guaranteed. More importantly, some of the things I have learned would also die with me. Specifically, Sceadu.”
“Wait. You only now appreciate your mortality?” Sophia sighed. “As for Sceadu, short of actually learning it I know all there is to know. It is fascinating I admit.” 
“And if you could learn to wield it?” Auroris asked her, his hands steepled together.
“If I could learn to use it? Well that would be quite a challenge.” Sophia replied “Although even in your current state I doubt you'd share it with me.” 
“Or I’m more likely to share, while the danger is fresh. I do not intend to repeat the mistakes that my family made with their knowledge. The last person to successfully wield Sceadu managed to disintegrate himself into fragments of shadow.” Auroris said quietly. “I have had to teach myself everything about it through piecing together fragments of information, that they reluctantly wrote down. I do not intend to do the same. I’m not going to teach just anybody though. Only someone relatively sensible and at least a little intelligent.”

“I'm almost flattered. You make an interesting point. Although I have to ask. Why not your children?” She asked curiously
“I will teach them in due course, certainly.” He replied “But they still do not have proper control over their power yet. Sceadu requires much more mental focus than most anima-based magic, and they currently lack that mental agility. Besides, if I am…” Auroris paused, before continuing. “Unavailable, when they are old enough to learn, then someone else needs to be there to teach them instead.”
“Plus if something goes wrong and I turn myself inside out you'll know where you went wrong?” Sophia smiled. 
“That had occurred to me, yes. Much easier to run an experiment with a dispassionate observer.”
“You are such a charmer Auroris. But right now you aren't much used to anyone. Despite your arguments to the contrary. There's not much point in you teaching me if you can't even leave your room.” 

“I choose not to leave my rooms.” He said simply “Besides, I am quite capable of teaching you here.”
“Really? You seem to forget that I have a daughter and a job. As much as I want to learn I am not relocating. No Auroris you need to work on yourself as much as you need to teach me.“
“Hmph. I might move to London, but you forget. I have two daughters, and several jobs. I’m sure we will find some sort of compromise.”
“You are like a child at times Auroris. I am not asking you to move. I am telling you that you need to do something. It doesn't need to be drastic. Get out of these rooms for a while. Do something other than work. I don't mind coming here if you are doing something. I already have a child. I've just finished sorting out Kyle. I really shouldn't have to talk to you like a child.” Auroris sighs. He appears to be considering something. He refocuses on Sophia again.

“Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be able to see the whole of the internet, all at the same time? What that does to a person. There is nothing there. Just an emptiness. Lights, all around, but a vast expanse of nothing. Something like that. It sticks with you. The vast emptiness, all around…” He shudders, just slightly, trying to hide it, and seems to shrink into himself, as though hiding. Sophia watched him a thought struck her. It wasn't that they hadn't brought him back properly. It was that they hadn't done it soon enough. She sighed. 
“No Auroris. I don't know. I can't even begin to imagine. But I do know this. The internet isn't real. You are real, your children are real, Sanctuary is real. You need to concentrate on reality. You need to fill that emptiness with real things. You need to remember what is important. Right now you are letting the emptiness keep a grip and it isn't healthy.” 

“Hm. You may be right.” He conceded “So then. It looks like we are to be teaching each other for now.” He smiled. “Well I have my homework. Here is yours. Before you can begin learning Sceadu, you have to have a focus for it. I hold one. The other, which I created in case of emergency, is hidden. Find it, and bring it to me.”
“Do you care to give me a clue?” Sophia asked sarcastically. “You have not been forthcoming with information about the creation process let alone where you would keep a spare.” 
“You’ll probably find it right near the end of the day, if you think outside the box.” Auroris said cryptically with a grin on his face
“Oh fun. Riddles.” Sophia sighed “Unlike you Auroris I have not spent a large amount of time looking at pictures of cats and reading wikipedia.”
“I have no time to look at cat pictures unless it’s relevant to something. And Wikipedia? Please.”
“I refuse to believe you didn’t spend some time looking at cat pictures while you were in there. It’s the internet for Gaia’s sake.” She said with a grin on her face “Still you wouldn’t be you if you weren’t cryptic.”
“I looked at several million while waiting for you to wake me up. There wasn’t much else to do at the time. Half of Wikipedia is wrong though.”
“Do you have any actual information about the location of the focus or are we going to make small talk about the net? I would like to get back to Felicia?” Sophia asked snappily. He was getting to her even in his current state and she was annoyed that she was letting him.
“It’s somewhere you’ll find it. You get to look for it while I try and resolve my fear…” Auroris makes a disgusted face at the notion of being afraid of something. “...of more open spaces.”
“Then we each have our homework. I’ve got a riddle to solve and you’ve got a fear to overcome. This is going to be an interesting journey.”

“Indeed. I shall talk with you more soon. Oh, and Sophia, if you tell anyone about any of this, I will make you spend the rest of your life regretting it.”
“Do not threaten me if you want your phobia to stay between us” she grins evilly. “Besides, give me some credit. Who would believe me?” Again it was a low blow but he was hardly playing fair
“That was not a threat, merely a statement of fact. However, you make a good point. Nobody would believe it if you told them.” He smiled a smile that did not reach his eyes.
“They would believe me however about your phobia. There are already rumors… But we are going over old water. I have no intention of talking. So your “not a threat” threat is moot.”
“So it would seem. Don’t take too long to find the focus. I don’t intend to take long at my task.”
“Of course you don’t. But you cannot rush these things Auroris.” Sophia added with caution
“I won’t. I will take all the time it needs. But it won’t be long.” Sophia sighs and walks out. “Good bye Auroris”, she says as she leaves.

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Auroris    160

Auroris watched her leave. He sank back into his chair and sighed. He rose and opened the safe that contained his spare sceadu focus. Focusing, it vanished from his hands, as he sent it to a hiding place for her to find, and sat back to deal with his fear.

He decided to deal with the fear of his own shadows first. The shadows were his. Nobody else had access to them, nothing within them could hurt him. He had control of them. Therefore, what was there to fear. He focused on this idea for a while, letting it sink in, before creating a shadow portal. He moved towards it, but as he touched it to enter, he shuddered, and stepped back again. The portal evapourated.

Auroris sighed. This was going to take some more time.

I just wanted to apologise to people waiting for this and the preceding post. We were having the conversation in a Google document, and there was a gap of a couple of weeks, due to me getting distracted and stuff. Hopefully I'll manage to not do that as much in future.

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Kle    122

James watched Kyle as he sat cooing over Felicia. It was odd to watch a man who was a self confessed killer turn to mush at the sight of a small child. Although he had to admit she was quite an adorable little baby. Kyle hardly noticed James' phone go off and given the amount of time he spent on Twitter that was pretty impressive.

James looked at the caller. Sanctuary, London. It wasn't his office hours and he had given strict instructions to be left alone unless it was an emergency. He answered it and a familiar voice greeted him.

"James?" Sophia asked.

"If you are calling to check up on Felicia Sophia there is no need. Kyle has not let her out of his sight and he hasn't dropped her once. I on the other hand..."

"Actually it's you I wanted to speak with although it is reassuring that my daughter is well" Sophia replied coldly.

"Me?" Asked James asked curiously. "I don't usually do telephone appointments but I suppose I could make an exception for you"

"Very droll James. Actually I need to discuss business with you."

"As I said Sophia I don't do telephone..." but she cut him off mid-sentence.

"I have a mission for you" She said simply. There was an awkward silence.

"I'm sure you are aware that I am not sanctioned for the field" James said carefully.

"I am" she replied "But this requires a specific talent that I can't find elsewhere."

"You have a pool of the UK finest, most of which are imbued with Anima and are almost immortal." James said quietly. "This mission must be quite interesting if you are unable to find a more suitable candidate..." There was a slight sharpness to his tone. Enough to let her know that he had a fair idea of what was going on here.

"No Mr Hemsworth I could not." She replied sharply. There was no disguising the annoyance in her tone. "The mission is to extract a prisoner who is being held captive. The prisoner is not one of Gaia's chosen. He has no idea of who we are our what is happening. All he knows is he is being held by terrorists and being asked some very odd questions." James said nothing. Realising this Sophia carried on. "When he is rescued by the team he will need a trained physician. One who he can trust. Preferably one who doesn't tend to his wounds by pointing a shotgun at him."

"An interesting and valid point." James conceded. "Carry on"

"Your job will be to attend to him, calm him down in whatever way is most suitable and persuade him to come back to Sanctuary." James thought about this for a moment and asked

"Why does he need persuading Miss Rose? One would assume that he would gratefully assist his rescuers in any way he could..." Sophia said nothing. "So it is like that is it?" He said. "When did Sanctuary start taking on the work that is usually reserved for Phoenicians?"

"Our reasons are our own Hemsworth. We do not have to explain ourselves to you."

"Why Miss Rose, you sound like you did when you used to run a certain faction twitter account" James chuckled.

"You... Wait how do you know about that?" She demanded angrily.

"Please. If it's online anyone can access it. That is even more true when discussing social media. Not to mention that it was as a result of that account that you and my partner met. Your ex-fiancé I should add" James almost let out a laugh but thought better of it. "I take it that there is no way of changing your mind on this matter?" He added quickly before she had a chance to reply to his comments.

"The team is ready to depart. You will meet them in an hour at the pick up point. Agatha is not an option due to the prisoner's inability to use it. Not too mention yours." She added "This is an expensive operation. It had better work."

"Then I will say my farewells and meet up with the team. For Kyle's sake please try to put a note positive spin on my involvement then you did for me." He heard Sophia grunt.

"You have your orders" She hung up the phone.

James sat in silence for a while. Eventually he said out loud, to nobody in particular.

"I get the impression she's not happy with Kyle's new boyfriend. Odd given that she went to all that effort to match us up..."

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Auroris    160

Auroris sat at his desk and leaned back, eyes closed. He had managed to transport himself through shadow again, responding to Sophia's request for assistance. He had had to do it with his eyes closed, but he had managed it. He pondered what that meant. So long as he could not see the void, he was OK. Even though it looked exactly the same. He scowled. It made no sense. It looked the same, but felt so different. Why? Why? He hated not understanding things. Especially things to do with himself. Still, he was able to travel, even if it was slowly. He would not be able to jump around rapidly yet, not like this. But he could travel. It would be enough for now.

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RecordKeeper    27

Sophia sat in her study at home and sighed. The mission with James had not gone as planned. She had anticipated a little resistance but not for him to be taken hostage too. Now Kyle was even more agitated at Sanctuary. Maybe he had been right, maybe she shouldn’t have let someone like James go into that situation. Not being blessed by Gaia put him at a significant disadvantage. She hadn’t expected Auroris to answer her call for assistance. Getting there must have taken a lot out of him, he’d used his skills to travel through the shadows after all. He still had a way to go though.

And Auroris wasn’t the only one who had work to be doing. She needed to find his spare Sceadu focus. A simple task if your were a madman. She mentally cursed him. She had put out feelers but the problem was it was difficult to explain what people should be looking for when she herself didn’t know.

She wandered into the playroom with Felicia and watched her playing with her toys.

“I always hated riddles, yes I did.” She cooed to Felicia “And Uncle Auroris is just trying to test my patience isn’t he? Yes he is. He is isn’t he?” Felicia looked up at Sophia and grinned. Sophia picked up her daughter and returned to the study where she went to check up on the contacts she’s asked to look into things for her.

The screen was empty. Not an email, nothing. She put the phone on loudspeaker and called one of the contacts. Elizabeth, she’d sent her to Auroris’s old Basement. It was a long shot but worth a try. The phone rang and eventually it was picked up.

“Well thank you I must say” Said Elizabeth snappily.
“What’s up?” She asked

“What’s up? Are you kidding me? This place is in the middle of nowhere. It’s pissing it down and I’m out here surrounded by rubble trying to find “something that may or may not exist to the naked eye”. Everything is just fine Sophia” Elizabeth snarled.

“Well you could have sent your trainees”

“And you could have sent your own agents, christ knows you have enough at your disposal.”

“I couldn’t. This is personal. I can’t use Sanctuary personnel for personal matters”

“And there you go again being vague.” Elizabeth snapped “What is this all about Sophia? Is this about Kyle? Are you going to extreme lengths to get your own back on him?” Sophia laughed. “Don’t fucking laugh at me Sophia”

“Sorry, this isn’t about Kyle. He’s not a problem for the time being” she said trying to persuade herself as much as Elizabeth.

“That doesn’t sound like a no to me” Elizabeth said.

“I can’t explain. I’m sorry. I just need to find this item”

“Which may or may not exist to the naked eye” Elizabeth prompted

“Yes. I know it’s a lot to ask but if anyone can find it then you can” Maybe stroking her ego would help a little.


“I’m giving it an hour Sophia” She said “It’s mostly just rubble here. I’d say there’s ashes but it’s raining so badly it’s tough to tell.”

“Thanks Elizabeth, I appreciate this”

“What ever it is you are up to this had better be worth it.” Elizabeth said “and even if I don’t find anything you owe me” She hung up. Sophia sighed. She made a few more calls but they all turned out pretty much the same. Where had he hidden the damn thing? What did he mean by You’ll probably find it right near the end of the day, if you think outside the box. A safe on a time delay somewhere? No too obvious, besides where would he keep it?

Felicia was crawling up her leg.

“Mummy is tired darling” Felicia looked at her doey eyed. “Oh come on then, Uncle Auroris can wait a while. Lets have a nap.” Sophia took Felicia to the bedroom and curled up on the bed cuddling Felicia. The two nodded off content.

Sophia woke up and was surprised to find Felicia wasn’t next to her. She sat bolt upright expecting the worst. But was reassured to hear the sound of Felicia gurgling happily on the floor. Carefully she got out of bed to see her playing with a small toy she didn’t recognise. It gave off a faint silvery light with strands stretching out everywhere. The pattern looked familiar, almost like a design of the blood vessels in the brain except more etheric. Felicia giggled contentedly as she touched it again and parts of it responded and glowed. Carefully Sophia got up and picked it up.

“I’m sorry darling.” She said as Felicia gave her a look of sadness that only a child can give. “If this is what I think it is I can’t let you play with it. I’ll see if uncle Auroris can make you something special though.” She put the curious item in a box and made sure Felicia was safe. She grabbed her laptop and emailed Auroris.


To: Auroris

From: Sophia Rose

Subject: Training


Under my bed? Where anyone can find it? I’ve had to take away Felicia’s new toy. She wasn't impressed. I hope you have a suitable replacement. We need to talk,



She sat at the laptop for a moment and thought about the focus. It was beautiful in it’s own way. For something associated with shadows it was very bright. But this was Auroris’ spare. She wondered how much the appearance of the focus took on the characteristics of the maker. Auroris was an extremely curious man, so much was unknown about him. Did this design show a side of him that people didn't really get to see?

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Kle    122

The shopping trip had gone well. Kyle and James sat in a cafe drinking coffee. Kyle looked at the bags and then to James. For a moment he had a look of concern on his face.

“Is something wrong Kyle?” James asked him

“Nothing” Kyle shrugged and went back to his coffee. James laughed.

“Come on Kyle, I know you. What is it?” Kyle hesitated and eventually said

“I actually proposed to you didn’t I?” James smiled

“Yes. Over Twitter, it was quite sweet.”

“And we have a date for the wedding now.”

“We do.” James said simply.

“And I ‘ve just brought a suit”

“Which you look very handsome in. You seem troubled Kyle.” James leaned forward

“Troubled isn’t the right word.” Kyle said thinking to himself. “It just all seems so real” James let out a loud laugh. The people at the tables nearest them looked over.

“It is real Kyle.” He said reassuringly “But don’t worry, it can seem like a lot to take in. My brother had the same reaction as you when he was preparing for his wedding”

“That really doesn't make me feel better James” James tried not to laugh.

“It’s ok. It’s normal. You’re making a huge commitment but don’t worry, I’ll be there.” He leaned forward and reached out for Kyle’s hand “I’ll always be here” Kyle looked back into James's eyes and smiled.

“It’s really difficult to explain.” He said. “I’m making it sound like I’ve made a huge a mistake or I’m about to run you know?” He looked nervously at James “I’m not going to” He added quickly “It just all seems so real”

“Don’t worry.” James said “You’ve killed zombies, you’ve fought gods I’m sure you can handle a wedding” Kyle laughed.

“When you put it like that”

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Kle    122
He looked at more of Hudson's emails. He had agreed to keep Hudson protected but his actions of late were becoming quite tiresome. Unknown to Sanctuary a small group of Agents from the secret world were working on a heist on Faust's headquarters. Kyle was part of the group as was he. He was there for two reasons. Partly for the challenge but mainly to make sure Hudson didn't get everyone killed. His behaviour on the mission was beginning to annoy him. It was time to stir the pot a little. 
He looked at a particular email. Yes this one should do nicely. The agent wanted to share information with Hudson but wouldn't it be a shame if they accidentally BCCd Miss Rose and Auroris? 
To: Kyle Hudson
Sender: Jennet Campbell
Subject: Information 
I will keep this brief. My station within Sanctuary means that this cannot get out. If my name is associated with this in any way not only will I deny all knowledge I will make sure that you pay dearly for it. 
Many people in the organisation are unhappy with Auroris and his way of running things. The problem has always been getting hold of evidence to bring him down. The Council is unwilling to do anything without any real proof that he is in the wrong.
That evidence exists Mr Hudson. Bank statements, curious transactions, companies set up in other people's names. He has it covered. I know you are not known for your thinking but if you are serious about bringing him down then I suggest you find someone who can tie all these together for you. 
If you have the evidence The Council will have to act. 
I can't provide you any more information. Please do not try to contact me. I have already risked too much. 
Jennet Campbell
Yes. That should do it. After all, what is a fight if you don't have a challenge? For a moment He thought about Miss Campbell. There would be trouble in her future. He made arrangements for a large sum of money to be sent anonymously to her bank account. He sent a message to her mobile device carefully making sure that it couldn't be tracked. It simply read "They know. Hide. ;P"

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Kle    122

Kyle and James sat in the flat they shared. It was a stone's throw from Sanctuary's London headquarters. Kyle sat on the sofa with a look of frustration on his face. 

"So tell me everything Kyle" James said calmly. "The whole dirty business, I can't help if I don't know everything" Kyle looked at him. A look of sadness crossed his face. 
"I'm sorry James. I didn't want you to get involved. Not like this"
"Kyle I've been involved since Sophia first tracked me down. I don't mind. I'm with you for the good and the bad. That's what relationships are about. So tell me what this is about" Kyle sighed. 
"Auroris. It's always about him. It doesn't matter what he does Sanctuary turns a blind eye. The man tortures people, he's a smug self satisfied bastard and they just ignore whatever he does" James looked up at the ceiling as if gathering his thoughts. Eventually he said 
"He is annoying. But this is the man you called a friend. You went after someone and beat them senseless because of what they did to him" Kyle looked at the ground. "It's not that clear cut is it?" James asked
"No. At first I had wanted to kill Sato. I broke into that cell and I was going to do it. Then he told me that he knew where my family where. He had information even Auroris didn't. That's when I realised that Auroris wasn't the all powerful man that Sanctuary were making him out to be." James just sat in silence. There wasn't a great deal he could say. "When Auroris came back he just went on as normal. He carried on picking on me. I was stupid to think that he would have changed. Normal people are changed by being kidnapped and tortured. For him it was probably a holiday." 

"But Auroris has helped you in the past hasn't he?" James asked cautiously. 
"Only when it suited him" Kyle snapped. "He has markers you know." He fiddled with a cigarette. "He thinks everyone owes him. Nobody has a marker on him" Kyles hand burst into flame. "He has no idea" James watched quietly. Kyle generally didn't smoke in the flat. Knowing James was not chosen by Gaia he usually avoided doing anything that might cause him harm. He also avoided using his powers indoors too. Auroris must be really getting to him. 

“This isn’t about what he does is it?” James said cautiously “It’s not even about Sanctuary when we get right down to it.” Kyle’s fists curled up into a ball and began to glow. James carried on nevertheless. “This is about your relationship with Auroris isn’t it?” A ball of flame sprang from Kyle’s hands as he stood up and loomed over James. James sat there unmoved.
“What makes you think that?” Kyle demanded angrily the flame hovering at the end of his fingertips.
“You ended up in a gang after we split up didn’t you?” James asked. Kyle looked at him nonplussed. 
“Yeah.” He replied simply. James nodded.
“I imagine you were one of the people who helped organise things am I right?” James asked carefully. Kyle seemed completely phased by this new line of questioning. 
“I did do most of the planning” He said carefully unsure of where this was going.
“People had a certain level of respect for you then?” James continued.
“Yes, I don’t see what you’re getting at though.” Kyle snapped. James sighed.
“You’ve never really had a stable figure to look up to in your life Kyle. You believed your parents were dead and were moved from home to home as a child, our relationship was cut short, Temple Hall were less than supportive of you. The gang was your attempt at becoming your own stable figure. It all backfired though. Then Sanctuary and Auroris came along and Auroris seemed like the perfect person to fill the gap. He seems to know everything, he could get you out of any scrape, he was supportive in his own way.” The ball of flame was growing gradually bigger and bigger as James spoke. “But he never saw you as an equal. Sanctuary never treated you as an equal.” The ball of flame flew across the room and set a painting on fire.
“Are you suggesting that Auroris is some kind of Fucking father figure?” Kyle shouted
“Not quite.” James replied calmly “But he was someone who you could rely on. Except that when he went missing you couldn’t, and things spiraled.” Kyle looked at James and laughed.
“You’re fucking kidding me?” A huge grin crossed his face “Seriously, how much is he paying you? Auroris the father figure? Fuck off James.”

“You can swear at me all you like but even if I’m not 100% on the mark I’m fairly certain I’m close. This is about your relationship with Auroris. You don’t want to bring Sanctuary down. If you did then you would have done it by now. You certainly wouldn’t be looking for support from within the organisation.” James sat back and watched Kyle, knowing him there were two ways this would play out. He was hoping for the way that left less of an impact on the structure of the building.

“What do you want me to say James?” Kyle said his anger seeming to deflate a little.
“You don’t need to say anything Kyle.” He replied reassuringly “The thing is how do we get Auroris to understand all this?” Kyle looked lost and beaten.
“If I knew that I wouldn’t be in this situation” He replied.
“I suggest talking to him. Just him and you. No one else and somewhere neutral.” Kyle rolled his eyes.
“We are talking about Auroris here. I have been trying to get through to him for ages” Kyle sighed
“That was before you threatened to take him down and bring down Sanctuary too.” James smiled. “I think you have his attention. Either way the two of you need to talk. Properly.”


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