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Integrating Mods


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Glaucon    62

I generally try not to roll GUI mods into the game. I do look at what is out there, and if they are valuable features, I try to replicate them in a way that makes sense for the way the game works. 

It may seem like there's not really a difference there, but there is. The biggest part of that being that I have access to the C++ side of the GUI code, as well as access to our server and database code if I really need it. This enables me to do things in ways that GUI modders simply can't. Because of this, I can do things "the right way" instead of creating workarounds and shortcuts that make it work, but in unstable or low performance ways.

The other part of this is that our default GUI has to be accessible to the largest portion of the playerbase possible. Even our most popular GUI mods are only used by a small percentage of players, so they can go all out and focus in on very specific use cases that might not fit the needs of the 90% of players who aren't using the mod. So anything we add, we have to consider ways to have it not interfere or detract from the players who just don't need or want it there.

This is really the best space for GUI modding, as it allows players to get UI features that are super specialized to fit their exact needs, without interfering with players who don't need or want those features, or spending lots of development time on replicating feature sets in a dozen different ways for a dozen different types of player.


EDIT: For more on this, I made a response to a similar question here: https://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?79359-Why-don-t-Mods-get-Incorporated&p=1752348&viewfull=1#post1752348

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