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Blade/Elementalist need feedback.

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Vanor    21

Thanks a ton! :)

Chaos/AR was what I was working on when I quit, was trying to build off of frenzy healing, but never really liked it.

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Vanor    21

Just wanted to let those who helped me know that I've gotten all the abilities for this build, and Egypt is a bit of a breeze now.  Sadly it's almost too easy, stuff just seems to melt so far.  Not that I really feel bad for the mobs, just saying the difference is pretty stark.

So thanks! :)

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Evalithia    4

If you're still interested in an ele/blade build, I have one that I'm using in solo Tokyo, which I've had since Kingsmouth. However, it's very reliant on how well you can avoid big AoE and such attacks. My philosophy: burn them down before they can get too many hits in. Tested with 1970HP it works great unless I accidentally pull too many mobs. Worked in Orochi tower, and story mode Uta.  If low HP is cutting it super close, bring along an HP talisman, you don't really need heal rating for this. But most of it relies on having as much attack rating as you can have.


  1. Electrical Bolt, or your favorite looking Ele builder of your choosing.
  2. Arc Flash, for ranging multiple enemies.
  3. Chop Shop
  4. Dancing Blade
  5. Last Resort, at 1970HP and ZERO heals (and massive amounts of DPS), this is your "oh shit" button.
  6. Electrical Storm, swap out for a manifestation if you wish.
  7. Blaze
  8. Death from Above, for an extra dodge, or your favorite auxiliary skill.


  1. Elemental Precision, swap this for any other +damage% skill if you wish.
  2. Sudden return. You will, or at least should be, penetrating very often. This is just more added damage when you do.
  3. Elemental Force, this is the biggest part of the build, note that Blaze requires only 3 resources. This is also why Aidelon isn't here, EF will give you a theoretical 50% crit chance on Blaze vs 40% with Aidelon.
  4. Bloodsport, the other half of the build all depends on this skill. Forget about the damage over time, you want it for the Afflict state.
  5. Twist The Knife, added damage, you will pen very often because...
  6. Iron Maiden, swap this out for Dark Potency if you're just starting out. Once you have like 500 pen, you want IM over DP. Makes you pen more.
  7. Gross Anatomy. Added damage every time any DoT you apply expires or refreshes. With Bloodsport, you are refreshing your DoT every hit. This is a big part of your sustained damage.
  8. Your favorite auxiliary passive, I have rocket science because I use rocket jump.

How everything works:

Builder x3, blaze, builder x3, blaze. The second blaze WILL be on EF, giving you a crit, and sometimes a lovely pencrit.

For multiple targets (such as mob groups with 3 dot icons), chop shop will shred them easily. Use Dancing blade for single targets that you can safely be in melee range of. When that happens, use your blade consumers on EF. This is what I love about blade focus/channeling skills, every hit of it will crit on EF.

If for some reason a fight is taking longer than 15 seconds, or you accidentally aggro too much, or you couldn't avoid a big attack (dodge and rocket jump help with this), that's where Last Resort comes in. I would recommend Turn the Tables, but LR heals much more than that. The 8 seconds of doing nothing doesn't quite matter since you will be invulnerable, and it will at least help you clear your mind and plan your next move when the cast ends. Keep in mind there are a few things that CAN hit through the invuln, so read up on that.

In dungeons, of course you can ditch last resort because as DPS you shouldn't be getting hit, and if you do you're getting 1 shotted.

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