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Sword/Ele build

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KierDrakeson    21

Hey everyone just a fun build I came up with to show some oni how annoying it is to have your target disappear in front of you. :P My thanks to Ciritty for the helpfull suggestions to improve it.



1. martial discipline

2. Forking paths

3. clearing the path

4. Blaze

5. flicker

6. spiral of death (changed from surging blades at Ciritty's sugestion)

7. Molten earth


1. double dash

2. regeneration

3. blood sport

4. iron maiden

5. immortal spirit ( changed from circulation at Ciritty's suggestion)

6. sudden return

7. gross anatomy

Right now i am useing Dragon's breath and searing magnesium as my aux.

So far haveing no issues in Tokyo. I am in mostly 10.1 dps gear with a health head piece.

Helpful suggestions are all ways welcome.

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Pclav    33

I'd swap Blaze for Flame Strike to keep all my attacks at 1 per sec which would line up with Bloodsport and GA procing.

Ok, I just hate Blaze in general, but it sounded like a solid argument ;)

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