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The Sanctuary Council

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thechosenone    112

Hey guys,

 So today we started with something new that we like to call: The Sanctuary Operators or alternatively the Sanctuary Council. These are people in Sanctuary chat who have Operator rights. These people are there to make sure that Sanctuary is a fun and save environment for everybody. 

Sanctuary Operators have the rights to kick / mute or ban people from the chat, but they will of course only use this if it is absolutely necessary. The most important thing is that the chat remains a Sanctuary for everyone, but that we have a defense against people who cross the line.

You can find Sanctuary Operators by typing /chat list in game. People with an @ in front of their name are active Operators.


So what does this have to do with me?

Because of the way the system works we need to have one operator in the chat at any time. It is because of this that we are currently looking for more people to join the Sanctuary Operators. We are mostly looking for people who operate from either the US or Australia.


So, are you interested in joining the Sanctuary Operators?

This is what we need from you:

- Your in-game name.

- The times you would be available and the timezone.

- How long have you been with the Sanctuary Network?

- Do you have prior experience with moderation?

- Additionally you need at least 5 current Sanctuary members to vouch for you before you can become an operator. These people have to own forum accounts that are at least 3 months old, or older.


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Mr-Pyre    17

And yeah, I'm willing, am on various times of day depending on whether or not I'm off of work or not- if working I'm on late night EST (9PM to whenever I pass out) and have a bit of experience with moderation.

Mind you, if anyone of my old mates from other games that I ran on IRC knew that I was getting OP status in a game they'd shit bricks (I was known for 'rick kicking' people-- create a script to kick everyone progressively from the channel, each person got a line from Rick Astleys 'Never Gonna Give You Up'-- so over the course of like 10 seconds I'd kick everyone from the channel with each one having a line :D)

Hey! It was absolutely hilarious!


And, no, I won't do this in Sanctuary.  If I did, I'd expect a ban from Funcom :)

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Mr-Pyre    17

The High King, ArdRi, might be good for this-- misguided child that he is from my brother div. He's with Group W and is always helpful and sane (as much as a misguided child can be)

Not gonna try to conscript him, but is another person I think would fit.

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