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Kyle "Kle" Hudson

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Name: Kyle Hudson

Nicknames: Kle

Date of Birth: 28/05/1982

Date of Death: 30/07/2015

History: Kyle's parent's were star crossed lovers. His father was an Illuminati and his mother was a Phoenician. Both factions frowned on this and when Kyle was born he was put into care. His father was taken in by the Illuminati and his mother was brought in by the Phoenicians. The last records for them is when a woman matching her description attacked a prison convoy transporting Kyle's father. Neither have been seen since.

Kyle was brought up in care for most of his life and was led to believe that his parents were dead. While Kyle was in a hostel Kyle fell in love with a man called James Hemsworth. Although their relationship was above board the hostel intervened and Kyle left James to save him any more trouble. Between being moved around various care homes, the loss of his parents and the man he loved he became a very angry young man and eventually fell in with a gang. It was here that he got his nickname Kle. It means to kick someone. Kyle took great pleasure in kicking people, especially when they were down. 

It got him into trouble one day when two gangs were fighting and Kyle kicked someone so badly they became comatose. Normally he would face prison but the individual's family didn't want to push charges given the circumstances. The prosecution service did push for a conviction but were only able to get community service. Kyle was assigned a parole officer who got him a job in a call centre and a flat. He quickly lost the job in the call centre when it became clear he took too much pleasure in winding up the callers. It was discovered later on that the Illuminati were monitoring Kyle and the parole officer seems to have been the best way to do that.

Shortly after losing the job Kyle discovered his powers and was recruited to the Templars. After which all records of his misdemeanours were expunged.

In the field: During a training mission from Temple Hall (back when they did such missions) he found himself overwhelmed by Ak'ab. Much to his surprise he was rescued by a team from Sanctuary who had also been investigating the same case he had been sent on. After the case was closed it was decided that he should report to Temple Hall that he was successful. He could be trained by Sanctuary to help improve his skills and would not need to worry about having to undergo another "training mission" for Temple Hall. Since that time his skills have gone from strength to strength and he is now proficient in most weapons.

Known Associations: Kyle once tried to gain access to his records from Temple Hall. When they gave him a highly redacted copy he went into hiding and Temple Hall allocated an agent to try to negotiate with him. Sophia Rose found herself becoming attached to Kyle and was quickly demoted. Her relationship to Kyle has blossomed though and she became his fianceé, they also had a young daughter together called Felicia. Sophia was also kidnapped by the man Kyle put into a coma James "Kermit" Armstrong. Sophia Rose realised that Kyle did not return the feelings and reunited Kyle with his ex-partner James Hemsworth. Kyle married him shortly afterwards.

Notable Incidents:

  • Kyle accidentally killed a Maryian while in Egypt after an argument with Sophia.
  • Most recently he broke into Sanctuary facilities to attack Hikaru Sato and escaped from his own prison to add to his problems.
  • Kyle was shot by an James "AngryKermit" Armstrong at his wedding party. The incident was notable because Kyle did not revive and was brought back to life by unknown parties through unknown means


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