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Stats question.

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Vanor    21

First off, thanks to everyone for all the help so far.  Being part of this community has really improved my experience in TSW.

I'm about to head into the The Shadowy Forest and I was wondering what stats I should shoot for.  The Farmlands have gone pretty well all in all, so maybe my stats are good. But I was thinking I might try to tweak them a bit and see I can't get them a bit better.

I may have more Hit then I really need or something, but I'm not sure how much I should have so it's hard to say for sure. :)

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Pclav    33

250-300 should be ok, but I try to keep at at 350-ish for Trans/elites, just because if I see a glance i go -.- As a rule of thumb I go +50 hit for each zone.

SC 50, BM 100, SD 150, CotSG 200, BF 250, SF 300, CF 350


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