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Daedalus7    5

Cool, thanks!  It looks like I left Elemental Force out of my passives up there... EF is definitely in there.  Again, it was kind of an afterthought to put it in since I wasn't going for any sort of special rotation, just an easy one.  But sure enough, it out performed everything.  The other passives I've tried in as many combinations I could that didn't make the cut included Sudden Return, Bloodsport & Gross Anatomy, Fatal Flourish, Lethality, Fortunate Strike, Criticality, Expose Weakness, Pattern Recognition, and Street Fighter.  I also experimented a little bit with the blade and pistol 10% boosts, as well as Seven Samurai and Closer, but not thoroughly I guess.  Still... I was running what I thought was a fairly vicious Blade/Fist setup for Tokyo, and switching to this sent my DPS up nearly double (I think I was around 1200 DPS single target, this is giving me 2300 DPS single target consistently).

My other current main build is also Rifle/Ele, great minds and all that.  I'm finding Shellshocker to be CRAZY good, and I've added the signet for the extra hinder time and start the fight with Anima Charge, then Shellshocker, then spam Conditional Force for like 6 seconds... It's kinda ridiculous.

Anyway, thanks again for the input and help.  Let us know how it goes!

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CrazyDogLady    14

Interestingly, a couple of the passives you took out I still have in my build, but I was going for Afflict proc.  Bloodsport doesn't do much on its own, but if you can use it to trigger everything else so you have multiple hits each time, and they all crit and/or penetrate, it can be pretty sweet.  I think you need high enough crit and pen for that, though, and it's much nicer if the mob has stacks of Expose.

Hey - if you don't have any objection, so we don't hijack this thread, I'm going to start a new one to track what we test and figure out, and we can post whatever we figure out here after we test it.  I definitely like the idea of testing the new vulnerabilities with different combos.

Now we just need some people that are into healing and tanking to join in.  I know how to leech heal myself a bit, and I've done the duo leech heal each other thing (which can be tons of fun.  Bouncing aggro is a riot once you get the hang of it.)  I haven't tanked or healed for a group in TSW, though, so I'll stick to testing the dps stuff for the moment.

Ok, starting the new thread....

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CrazyDogLady    14

I did a quick test, and I was getting around 2k on the dummies, so 2300 seems like it might be reasonable (since you probably have your gear set up a bit differently.)  It does seem to work well with the vulnerability, but I was wondering about Shake and Bake.  Since you're not doing the Running in Circles/ Double Dash thing, might it be better to replace that, or were you keeping that for situational use?  I did a bit better swapping it for Marked, but I'm sure there's probably something else that would work.

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Raamiah    0

Required data:

  • Weapons ( Primary weapon/secondary weapon)
  •      Pistol / Elemental
  • Gear quality level (Blue QL10 Epic, 10.4.4 maybe even for beginners which QL1 could indicate!)
  •      QL10 Greens
  • What content the build will be used for.
  •      Survival/Solo
  • Anything specific you'd want in your build.
  •      Nothing specific. A medium to high AP build that can translate to QL10 Blues/Purples at some point.

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CrazyDogLady    14

Hmm...I'm not really a theory-crafter, but I've been trying to test out builds after the meta changes in 15.5, so I'll help out if I can.

A couple of questions first:  Is this for Tokyo or no?  Aegis changes things a bit.  Also, do you want an AoE focused build, solo focused, or a bit of both?

In the meantime, have you tried Railgun? http://www.tswdb.com/builds/solo/railgun

There's also an interesting build by StoneColdDrunk halfway through this reddit thread (which also explains why hinders and impairs are bad in dungeons): https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSecretWorld/comments/41t8k7/elementalpistol_solo_build_where_to_go_beyond_the/

Here's a direct link to that build in tsw-builder: http://www.tsw-builder.com/#86v800672802606631831813p612210830730662834236

If you have trouble with running around while fighting and want to stay still a bit more, or have any other specifics you need, let me know.  It might take a bit for me to get back to you, since the semester's starting, but I've been playing around with the old builds a bit, trying to take advantage of some of the changes in elites.  Some of the revamped elites really work better in a group setting, though, or in longer fights.

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Raamiah    0

Hello CrazyDogLady,

Not specific to Tokyo. I haven't got that far, yet. I've only just got to Transylvania, today. I primarily do solo play, so that's the sort of build I'd be most interested in. I've recently moved onto QL10 Blues from the auction house, so I've been able to brute force my way through the content so far.

I have tried the railgun build but it didn't have a whole lot of survivability built into the kit and at the time, I suppose I wasn't doing enough damage, so I just kept getting myself killed. I've been temporarily using Rifle/Blood because I can double it up as a healer.


A Solo focused build designed to take out the majority of "World Map" content.

It isn't Tokyo specific.

I don't mind moving around or complexity to the build rotation.


Additional Note:
I prefer pistols as the primary to the build but it isn't absolutely necessary that it is. I've also recently fallen in love with with Blood/Elemental but I've been having trouble with survivability with that as well. So if you have a Elemental/blood build that you think would do well (That is AoE centric), I'd be all for that, too. If it matters, I play with a tank and a healer friend, on and off.


Take your time. I appreciate your attention as it is. I'm getting by, so whenever you got /spare/ spare time,

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CrazyDogLady    14

Ok, sorry for taking so long.  I don't use pistol much, except if I have to DABS in dungeon, so it took a little messing around with.  Let me know if this doesn't work for you.  I tested it in the NM area in CF, but I had a couple of Issue purples.  The rest of my gear was QL10 blue.

By the way, if you're using big AoE's, I would suggest not using them in the monastery in CF unless you can handle 10 or so NM Deathless at once.  Those guys are packed pretty close together.

I had a friend point out to me that the best builder for Pistol is something that isn't Pistol (in other words, something that builds resources in general instead of on a specific mob.)

This has Bloodsport in it as an afflict toggle.  If you Pen a good bit, and you want to replace it with Third Degree, that also works.  Bloodsport is primarily there to proc Iron Maiden, which improves your Pen chance.

You may find there's too much healing in this build.  If you stop having trouble and want to do more damage, you can replace one of the healing passives with Sudden Return or One in the Chamber.  My default panic button is Turn the Tables, simply because it's so easy to get.  If you're in a group, you might want Win-Win instead.

This uses a good bit of Hinder, so you might not have to run around quite as much.  Just be careful about the AoE's.  You did say you wanted a lot of AoE, right? :D

Uh..."Hot Lead"?:


  1. Wildfire (replace with Arc Flash if you like Chain better than TAoE, or Ignite if you want single target)
  2. Set 'Em Up
  3. Shootout
  4. Shake and Bake
  5. Coldwave
  6. Turn the Tables
  7. Molten Earth


  1. Bloodsport (Third Degree if you Pen often enough)
  2. Iron Maiden
  3. Immortal Spirit *
  4. Elemental Force
  5. Critical Control
  6. Advantage Me *
  7. Live Wire

* replace one with something like One in the Chamber or Sudden Return if you find you have too much healing.

This should give you some HoT's as you're fighting, and a Panic Button if you need it.  Coldwave is a good "I need them to stop following me for a minute" hit.  You'll have 3 hinders, a passive that increases crit chance when you hit a hindered target, and an AoE that gives you more resources if you hit a hindered target.  You have one HoT when you crit and another when you Pen, and an extra damage ability when you crit.

If you don't mind sacrificing the extra damage with Live Wire, you can always swap it for Running Circles.  If you do that, you'd probably be better off getting rid of one of the HoT's for Double Dash so that Shake and Bake is up twice as fast.

I tried to make this a relatively simple and extremely high survival build.  Like I said, though, I don't use pistol that often anymore, so if you have trouble with this, let me know, and I'll see if I can come up with something else for you.  I have used Ele/Rifle, although I mostly solo with Chaos/Rifle now.


Edited by CrazyDogLady

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