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Leech+Hammer build

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DarkMoonrise    17

-= Introduction =-
You're an HL player, you like too leech but you're bored because you're overstuffed and 50% of you're healing is for nothing? Here is a solution : the leech+hammer build : http://www.tsw-builder.com/#92v911954222200235961976a30p612421845210905932916a31

-= The problem =-
Standard leech build is composed of 2 abilities: "Anima shot" (AS) and "Transfuse Anima" (TA). 7xAS - 1xTA - 7xAS - 1xTA... Boooooriiiiiiing. And when you're overstuffed, 50% of your heal is for nothing because you're overhealing.

-= The solution =-
Take another builder, "smash" (S) and a consumer, "Molten Steel" (MS). Use S to build without healing and AS when healing is needed.

-= Rotation =-
There is no specific rotation here but are the rules:
1. Wathever happends, always cast TA on EF! And at each rotation. Almost all the heal comes from here (when your glyph are ok, you can almost instant full heal the tank with this attack so don't be afraid to let the HP of the tank goes very low)
2. When you don't need heal, build with S
3. When you need heal, build with AS
4. Use MS when you got 5 hammer resources
5. "Reap and Sew" and "Energize" are no longer emergency abilities, they are part of the rotation because you need buff to sustain leeching while DPSing a lot.
5. Don't forget you have Full momentum for more damage

This is a standard rotation I use for an easy figth in Polaris. If something goes messy, I let this rotation burn in hell and I go back to standard leeching (7xAS - 1xTA).
1xMS(damage) - 1xFull Momentum - 1xMS(damage) - 5xAS(heal) - 1xTA(heal) - 3xS(damage) - 1xAS(heal) - 2xS(damage) - 1xMS(damage) - 1xTA(heal) - 2xS(damage) - 1xEnergize - 1xAS(heal) - 3xS(damage) - 1xMS(damage) - 1xTA(heal)

-= Remark 1 =-
At the beggining of the fight you have this timing:
1. 1-2 seconds before the first hit on the tank
2. a lot of damage due to the fact that debilitate is not yet applied
3. standard damage

That's why you have time to cast 2xMS, then you need a lot of heal (5xAS, 1xTA) and then you can go back to normal DPS-leeching.

-= Remark 2 =-
With this build, you can have a standard DPS of 2-3k on POL and DW, a little bit lower for for HR (don't forget to slot fever pitch and perjury), HE and SH. I personally leech POL1..5, HR1..5, DW1..6, HE1-2-5-6 and SH1-3-5-6bis with this build on a daily basis. The tank has always an heart attack at the first boss of POLA but after that it's alright.

-= Stats =-
Here are my stats when using this build:
Hit : 473
Penetration : 911
Critical Rating : 279 
Critical Power : 460

Heal Rating : 664
Attack Rating : 3397

-= Augments =-
In the same order than the VDM link
1 Piercing
2 Ferocious
3 Brutal
4 Accurate
5 Curing
6 Inspiring
7 Restorative

-= Signets =-
Head : Laceration
Majors : Coney - Violence - Violence
Minor : Token - Thirst - Equilibrium

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Xila    1

I posted a hammer-leech deck for tswdb that can and will out-dps people a lot in short fights like Polaris 1,2,5 HE 1, DW1,4, SH1,2,3,5. I can't update or comment  it though and PMs to admins here won't help either:

Nice to encounter another Hammerleechlover! I am running Hammerleech for a long time quite effectively (11k dps on Pol1+2, even more on Pol5 is possible) and out-dps even good procc-based builds at least once per evening running 30s :).


You have to always do 5 builders first or you will not get the buff benefits for your double MS so using MS in the beginning costs a lot of dps. You only need RaS in HE so use Do or Die instead to get a massive DPS Increase.

Smash also will do less dps than AS when using experience instead of Seal the Deal. Also I get equal DPS results running Experience+Eagle Eye or Seal the deal+closer. Using Smash as builder will help with an additional full Momentum MS but you can also achieve this by using full momentum after resetting Elemental Force at the end of a fight. It should be ready again at the beginning of the next fight and by using AS as a builder you keep the momentum stacks.

Lethality will always do more dps than closer.

In HR only switch lethaltiy for accuracy. You also need 650 hit to get the best results anyways.

 With the ASx5-DoD-MSx2-Energise-TA-Chainsaw-Lock&Load-TA rotation you will get maximum DPS - if the fight is over with you EF TA you will most certainly do more dps than Pistol/Shotgun, Hammer/Sword or Fist/Sword builds since they will not have finished their first rotation xD.

Healing with high-end-gear will be sufficient in all fights this way. SH6 with squishy tanks can be a challenge though.

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Pclav    33

Just curious, why do you guys use Eagle Eye and not TTK.

StD will OD Exp in short fights especially if you use hammer ambrosias.

Forget crit, you'll have DA in short fights. In long ones most of the healing comes from EF'd TA, so...

Edited by Pclav

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Xila    1

TTK is a nobrainer - didnt realize it wasnt in his build. The passives are Lethality, Experience, TTK, Eagle Eye, IM, EF, Brawler - and StD will only be viable if you use ambrosias since Experience also buffs the second TA. In fights that last under 10 seconds or slightly longer AND if you use ambrosia you are right - then StD is better by a short margin when paired with Closer. But if the fight isn't finished then you loose dps.

Crit is totally irrelevant for this build though. If the fight lasts much longer longer you will get better dps with Double BS rotations or even Fist builds because of the added Damage through the reckless buff. I get better results on Ur-Draug with Hammer though.

I don't see the point taking StD+Closer any more: You loose a ton of healing that may be important on some bosses but only get a really tiny dps-boost on some bosses and only in a group constellation where everybody knows what he is doing or if your burning Ambrosia. With Experience+Eagle Eye you increase your healing dramatically and can maybe even heal 200 evade "fun-tanks" through SH6 and Urdraug in random groups while out-dpsing some of the DPS. Just use a "hard healing rotation" with (AS-L&L-Energise-TA-ASx5-TA-MS-MS-ASx5-TA) in the beginning with the MS's after TA to keep the tank topped and it should be ok.

Edited by Xila

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