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Drop Bear Lair!

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Hreb    48

So, we had an idear the other day, and it's fecking brilliant.  Anyone know how to submit stuff to the devs?


Welcome to #Sanctuary

[#Sanctuary] [*Sageza]: anyone else having frames fluxuation? i got between 12-190....

[#Sanctuary] [Alessar]: that's pretty normal.

[#Sanctuary] [Alessar]: This game is far from optimized

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: yeah, I feel pretty happy to survive lairs causa that

[#Sanctuary] [*Sageza]: damm to bad, does lowering settings help with the stutter?

[#Sanctuary] [Alessar]: Sometimes.

[#Sanctuary] [Alessar]: Different areas seem to have more variability.

[#Sanctuary] [SBlackheart]: haha nice

[#Sanctuary] [*Sageza]: had a mayor spike when i just entered illuminati base

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: survive lair? you gotta make it a smoking ruin :P

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: I leave lead and lightning all over, but I spend the entire time in grave danger of lagging into more Bad Shit than I would normally step in on my own

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: we just call that teh "Cama Effect" Karma Gods are pleased when cama dies for them

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: ah, you're the key to it then!

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: so before all lairs I gotta throw a lil effigy of you into the swamp?

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: yes....its the only way to be sure :P

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: crafting Cama voodoo doll

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: rofl what could possibly go wrong xD

[#Sanctuary] [*Miyumin]: mh, drop bears?

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: Drop Bear Lair!

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: Needs making!

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: damn straight it does

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: Shadowy Forest, only shit drops outa the trees on you!

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: hehe think of the wave defense mission; shit dropping outta trees everywhere

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: D:

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: us poor Deeps

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: hehe ALL the circles to dodge

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: the tanks desperately waving their swords

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: the healers cussin'

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: cant fight deathless....laughing too hard

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: oops

[#Sanctuary] [*Miyumin]: in the drop bear lair you have to collect eucalyptus leaves

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: what else would you collect?

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: the more you have the more aggro you get

[#Sanctuary] [*Miyumin]: baby drop bears?

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: and there could be the giant drop bear rare

[#Sanctuary] [Daemoniac]: Say "drop bear rare" 3 times fast

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: *pushes tank forward* yep, you go get the leaves

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: collecting baby drop bears summons World Boss tho miyu, you know that

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: Well, look no further Devs, Drop Bear Lair, it practically makes itself

[#Sanctuary] [*Miyumin]: A giant fluffy koala

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: Can it yell NIK NAK!

[#Sanctuary] [*Miyumin]: the koala? yes please!

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: it can now *notes*

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: Ambush Bug reference woo!

[#Sanctuary] [*Miyumin]: cleave attack with a giant eucalyptus tree

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: Immune to everything!

[#Sanctuary] [*Miyumin]: bombardment with drop bear poop which hinders you

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: And to make it real nasty, the NM version can shed a cloud of spiders and snakes

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: hehehe ohh the 'Jennet aint gonn beat it' attack

[#Sanctuary] [*Camazotz]: ebil hreb

[#Sanctuary] [Al-Maut]: Anyone in SD for a meetup?

[#Sanctuary] [Hreb]: We gotta submit this

[#Sanctuary] [Daemoniac]: <- SD

[#Sanctuary] [Al-Maut]: Thank you!


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