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Castle mission

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Hi folks, I recently did the Castle for the first time and found after the fact the guide was unclear or wrong in a few places. Mr. Pyre finished it this weekend with difficulty so I did it again yesterday and I have some notes I'd like to see incorporated into the existing guide. I don't see the typical "edit page" wiki function so I'm leaving them here with inserts in braces and suggested removes struck thru. Notes when needed in asterisks. I only mentioned the lore I missed on my first run (because the guide told me to not open the door to the room it's in, ha) but the other 2 should probably be mentioned in here too.

Objective: Find the servant’s keycard (red)
Head through the doorway to the left of the window and up [two flights of] the stairs.  *my graphics were dark and I got stuck here for a bit before I saw the 2nd flight.*

Tier 2
Objective: Find the guard’s keycard (green)
With the red keycard in hand, head back the way you came. If you want, you can open up a shortcut in the event that you get caught later. {There is another keycard locked door in the hallway but you can ignore it as it's just to stairs down. Trying to unlock it from the hallway will probably cause you to be captured.]

Head back to the staircase you originally came up and go back down [just one flight of stairs to the landing with] it. At the bottom, but before you get back to the room with the window, you will find another keycard locked door.

Tier 3
Objective: Find the bodyguard’s keycard (blue)

There are two ways through this room. The first is to wait until both vampires disappear from view to the right, count one full second and then quickly run through and to the left. The second is to use the chair to the left of the doorway to jump over the bookshelves. This method is tricky and can take some practice, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s far and away the safest way through this room. On the other side of the bookshelf, unlock the door with the green keycard and quickly duck through.

Wait until the vampire patrolling the room has walked back around from behind the bookcase and moved a bit to the right, and then simply dash behind him and around the corner.

*Chair is no longer jump-able; only 1 vampire now. He's pretty blind.*


You will find yourself in a large room with several vampires on the far side. [one vampire in the far corner.]

down the stairs and then walk to the far wall [close to the open doors to the courtyard] before you head up.

*seriously don't wait that long as soon as he's 10' away from the stairs you can slip behind him and you're good to go*

When it’s safe, continue [to the next room, duck back into the hall past where the vampires are guarding and then enter a third room] past where you will find another room with a security camera and another blackboard you can hide behind. [Note that if you are caught at this point you can come back to the main room with the crossover balcony by taking a shortcut from the security room into the courtyard, as detailed below.]


Tier 4
Objective: Gain access to the main hall
At this point, you have two choices on how to proceed. For brevity, this guide will only cover the faster of the two methods.

[Returning to the start of the long hallway that lead from the main gallery room,] Wait for the vampire to leave this hall and then you will find two doors that are unlockable with the green keycard. The far door just opens into a small room that contains a lore, and that’s not good for anything but hiding in, but the closer door opens to a stairway [down].

*after Gray fight notes*

If you do get killed during this fight there is a shortcut back. In the [security] room with the window that you first entered is a door locked with the green keycard. Open it and you will find yourself in a courtyard with a lot of vampires, with 1 vampire patrolling toward the door and then toward the back. [Wait for his back to be turned and you can dash out into the courtyard and hug the right wall and go up the stairs to the small ledge. When the patrolling vampire is heading back toward the security room door, just jump down behind the servant vampires and go into the main hallway -- just keep alert for the vampire who patrols across the balcony and down the stairs.

Head up the stairs to the right where you will encounter several Servant vampires that you can easily kill. Once you’ve done that, head across the small ledge on the far wall and hop down when above the doorway to the inside.



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