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The story so far [OOC]

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The Langdons

Vera Langdon was the lead scientist on the Extant project many years ago and Clementine Jones is her wife. 


Vera Langdon was born on January 15 1952 in Salisbury and Clementine Jones on December 12 1970 in Winchester. They met at the university of Winchester where Vera was giving a guest lecture about molecular biology.

In the year that followed, the two worked together closely on several research projects, and they soon became romantically involved. Vera also introduced Clementine to the keepers, an organization that she had been working for since 1987.

In 1993, Clementine was in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Vera was unharmed, but developed a case of mirror-touch synesthesia as result of the accident. Vera kept her condition hidden from the public, and continued to work for the keepers, while also struggling with her mental health.

In 1995, Vera and Clementine signed up for the Extant Project, which they were working on until the project was shut down in 1998, after rumors of human trials had surfaced. Evelyne believes that Vera was using the project in order to gain access to resources that would help her to cure her wife through any means necessary. 

What happened to them after leaving the project is unknown, but both were presumed dead until Vera resurfaced as Iscariot in 2016.


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thechosenone    112

Kane Goldberg

Kane is the captain of a Sanctuary vessel known as the Discordia.

Kane has previous worked together on a mission with Evelyne Ryan and Jimmy Freeman, but specific details about this mission are still unknown.   

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thechosenone    112

Season One

The first season introduced the players to a secret organisation called the Keepers. Over the course of three different missions, the players joined the Keepers and worked together with Jason Haskins and Eloise Cortez to overthrow the corrupt interim Leader of the Keepers and restore the organisation to it's former glory.


Mission 1 - The Secret of the Keepers

Communication from the buzzing and several 'text messages' let to the players tp finding a woman named Evelyne who was trying to find more information about an organization called the Keepers. Slowly but surely the players learned more about Evelyne and the Keepers and eventually they received an email address to contact the Keepers directly.


The part of the mission was a call to action for the players and there weren't any special requirements to solve it, other than owning an account on the TSW forums and introducing them to the style in which the missions would be presented.



TRANSMIT - initiate anima signal - RECEIVE - initiate Dream Frequency - FORGET THE THREE - our wisdom flows so sweet - UNLOCK THE GATE - a voice speaks of disconcerted patterns - THE BIRD TWEETS - no one hears you - TRANSMIT - initiate the Bees - WITNESS - the ultimate test. Sweetling your time has come. INITIATE THE SECRET WORLD. Three voices have spoken. Only one was heard. Your quest begins here. Come and see the world. What is real? Reality blurs and dreams turn into nightmares. Everybody is searching for something. Open your eyes. Soon you’ll see. There is a secret world. Everything is true. INITIATE THE KEEPERS. They cover their faces. What is it that you hide? Your secrets are about to be revealed. We observed. We saw it all. A storm is coming. INITIATE NEW IDEAS. Zimbardo was wrong. Everyone makes his own choices. The devil cannot be blamed for our sins. They must be baptized in blood and fear. We are scared. Our wisdom flows so sweet. Come, taste and see.

-The Buzzing

The second part forced the players to investigate the lore journal. Zedabi noted that the bird tweets is probably a refference to Twitter. Zedabi also noted that the Zimbardo mention in the transmission might be Philip Zimbardo.


This doesn't ring a bell, but I've got a name for you: Evelyne "Krysti" Ryan. She is a 19 year-old girl who lives in Brooklyn. She should be able to tell you more. X

-First message from faction rep

Roraborealis also managed to find Krysti on chronicle. Element80 (Vegasmoon) also met with Evelyne in Brooklyn, New York.


Was talking with Evelyne "Krysti" Ryan. She said that gotta find Eloise Cortez to get more information. Also Eloise is one of the Keepers. Krysti doesnt want to meet Keepers. And she also said that Eloise Cortez doesn't stay at one place for long.

-Element80, TSW Forums

This prompted the two more messages from the player's faction rep as well as an attachment. This attachment led the players to believe that Element80 might be a target for the "other group".


Were you the one who talked with her? If so you gotta spill boy, we need the information. X

-Third message from faction rep

It seems like you are not the only one who is looking for Eloise Cortez. X

-Fourth message from faction rep

It seems like she has gone subterranean. She talked to several people before she disappeared, but most of the conversations seem irrelevant. Except for the one with a guy called Vegasmoon, he's the one we should really pay attention to. There are more people involved though. I have a list with names that I will send you shortly. It seems we are looking for Eloise Cortez again. Well there's a name I'd rather not hear again... The bitch ruined everything last time around. Worst part is it seems like she's gone viral. She didn't leave enough traces for us to track her down though. She is a smart woman, she is. The agents didn't find her yet, so we are hoping we can be there first and shut her down. I'll report back when I have more information.


The players started to look for Eloise Cortez, but had a hard time progressing. Eventually the fifth message got them on the right path again.


This is going in a wrong direction. The blog is unrelated and so are all the people you found. Our sources say that Miss Ryan has fled to Seoul. Find her, get more information. X

-Fifth message from faction rep

Right after that herrkahr met Krysti in New York. This meeting prompted the sixth message.


That is right, I ran across that young lady herself. She had quite a story to tell, and didn't feel like talking in the open. As for herself, she was apparently a bit confused, kept blabbering about "them" and so forth. Suggested we go to the hotel, and whoof, I keep thinking, an other extra special foot massage, possibly with headscritchies, but nope. Halfway down the hole, I catch a few mental guards, and that bird can't be older then 16, 17 at the most, so, no extra special foot massage. ((Damn... you move to seoul, and the first girl that invites you to a secluded love hotel just wants to talk.....))

Anyway, update. Turns out the keepers are an organisation, very secretive sorts. Better then the council, at all. She said that Cortez woman contacted her, as a headhunter for the keepers, told her some stuff, and left her hanging. Basic fill of the info, the keepers take only those pure of heart. 2 years later, an other call, very hush hush, she should come to ney york. Problem, nobody showed. Except a few "Goons", who just happened to ask her loads of questions about the keepers, which she couldn't answer. She was let go. Now, for the good part, she wants to know the keepers, and more, just for the heck of it.

When digging a bit deeper, she did not want to get burned, i.e. make herself not fit the recruitment schedule of the keepers. When pressed, she did not actively deny that it might have been the other way round, and that she is seeking to infiltrate the keepers. Handed me a bunch of info, which I will need a bit of time to sort through. To keep it fair, I will post the hints she gave me with a one day delay.

-Herrkhar, TSW Forums


Good job on finding Miss Ryan. Just be careful. She doesn't have a completely clean record. Nothing major: she stole some things, trashed a bus shelter. Still just saying, be careful. X

-Sixth message from faction rep

One day later the following information is posted by herrkahr:

  • A with 4 .txt files and 4 images taken from security cameras.
  • An email adress to contact Eloise Cortez (thekeepersrevealed@hotmail.com)



04-01-2013, 21:29:13 KST - BLACKHOLE PC CAM

Subject created twitter account: https://twitter.com/EvelyneRyan.

Subject accessed profile: Vegasmoon.

 -BlackHole PC.txt

The seventh message is send to the players. People also found Evelyne's twitter account in one of the .txt files. It is revealed that Evelyne is being watched by an unknown group.


Good job on finding the Keepers. Keep it up and don't forget to report back if your discover something. X

 -Seventh message from faction rep




Mission 2 - Candidates

After the players finally managed to got in touch with the Keepers, Jason Haskins and Eloise Cortez put them through several tests in order to see if they were ready to become members of the Keepers. 


After contacting Eloise via the email adress and telling her that they were interested in joining the Keepers, the players were registered in the Codex and promoted from a Seeker to a Candidate.

At this point Jason Haskins was put in charge of the new candidates. They were then asked to do an interview on a now defunct chat room. During the interview they were asked several question to determine whether or not they were "pure of heart" and fit to become a member of the Keepers. If they managed to pass this interview they were presented with the following riddle.

Godly disputes

Anapa will weigh your heart. If you're found wanting, our ways will part. The first test is now about to start. A test about widom, fitted for the smart.

The despair Of a loving Mother. Whose man craves for the was. She saw a dream, heard a thousand voices. What is written will come to pass.

Her dream took her past the stars. To a land of pain, and bloody scars. A pain her man could never heal. What is written will become real.

She brought the word, she brought the law. The children of Duat they were in awe. For they heard the stories told. What is written will unfold.

We know the world from which they came. All that remains is the husbands name.

The players had 72 hours to find the name mentioned in the riddle and Jasons told them they had to work alone. In the end it was discovered that Toth was the answer to the riddle. Then the Keepers Orientation powerpoint became available to them.

A more recent version of the Orientation file can be found here.

Next the players were tasked with recruiting another Seeker who was interested in becoming a Candidate as well. As soon as this new Seeker had been registered into the Codex the final part of the initiation process began.

The final part was another interview with Jason Haskins to find out more about the players' world views and personality. After the interview was finished the players were promoted to a Rank 1 Keeper and welcomed into the organisation.


 Mission 3 - The Fall of a Tyrant

After becoming a member of the Keepers, the player delve a lttle deeper into the past of some of the Keepers. They get involved in a political game that sees Eloise Cortez and Amber Skinner rise to power, but gets Zimbardo thrown out of the organization.


Emails between Jason and the players revealed that the Keepers weren't doing so well. It was revealed that James Zimbardo was currently leading the organisation and some light was shed on his questionable past. The players also received another message from their faction reps.

I am glad to see you are trying out new things by joining the Keepers and everything, but don't forget who you are REALLY working for. X

The players also started helping with the PR and marketing of the organisation in order to counter some of the bad publicity caused by Zimbardo's behavior. This led to, amongst other things, an updated version of the Orientation file. 

By the request of both Jason and the players more information was made available about certain individuals within the organisation. The players were granted access to the Archives where they discovered more information about Zimbardo and his relationship with Eloise Cortez and Evelyne Ryan.

It was revealed that Zimbardo was once married to Eloise and that they had adopted Evelyne together. Evelyne had lied about her intensions when she first met the players and she was already aware of the organization, because her mother refused to ler her join.

It was decided by the players that it was time to elect a new leader. The Candidates for this role were Eloise Cortez, James Zimbardo and Amber Skinner.

After a long meeting and Q&A session it was time for the players to cast their votes. Eventually it was decided that Eloise and Amber would be forming a joint ticket and would be leading the organisation together.

You can see a video of this meeting here.

Right after the new leaders of the Keepers were chosen, the players received a message after which they were asked to make a very important choice.

HQ wants to see some results asap they are getting tired of waiting. So gather as much information about those guys as you can and HURRY! X

Zimbardo had made another attempt at turning the factions against the Keepers and it seemed that he would succeed. He convinced some of the factions that the Keepers were dangerous to them. They players received the following message.

This meant that players had to choose between the factions and the Keepers and many players ended up choosing our side. Eventually Eloise managed to restore the trust between the factions and the Keepers.



After the third mission a message from Amber Skinner was posted on the forums. 

"I am truly humbled and honored to have been chosen alongside Eloise as one of your new Keepers. Eloise and I are going to work hard to continue the dream that The Keepers have had, and stay true to the mission statement that was established by our forefathers. We have a lot of work to do, so let's get to it!"

Evelyne also revealed on Twitter that she had finally been allowed to join the keepers. Jason also kept answering emails for a few weeks before going off the grid completely.


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Season Two

The Second season started after the creation of the Sanctuary and was spread out over several events over the course of 2014. The events introduced a new generation of players to the Keepers and esthablished Sanctuary as an organization.




Sanctuary 13: The Secrets of Solomon was an event hosted by the Sanctuary Network. During the event the players received four different missions: The investigation run, the dungeon runs, the item hunt and the faction cooperation pictures.

A letter from Eloise

Prior to the event a message from Eloise Cortez was posted on the Sanctuary Forums. The message gave more insight into the relationship between the Keepers, the Sanctuary Network and the Sanctuary Foundation as well as placing several restrictions on the event.


Dear Mr. Freeman,

I apologize for contacting you at this hour, but there some very important matters which we have to discuss. During a recent meeting on the Council of Venice, some very important questions were raised concerning the Sanctuary Network.

As you are well aware the Keepers and the Sanctuary Foundation are not affiliated with any of the Big Three and don’t answer to the Council, however we still operate under the Council’s Rules of Engagements to ensure that mutual trust remains. The Sanctuary Network however does not have to abide by these rules and therefore has free access to the Secret War, provided that Sanctuary members are still being monitored by their respective Cabals.

It has come to the attention of the Council that over the past few months some members of the Sanctuary have forsaken their duties as bestowed upon them by their Cabals, though they still remain loyal to the Sanctuary. In the event that a member of the Sanctuary would abandon his/her Cabal, while still remaining a part of the Sanctuary Network, the Council will most likely revoke all rights given to the Sanctuary Foundation on January 10 2014.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance that the relationship between the Sanctuary Foundation and the Big Three remains strong. Therefore it was decided during a private meeting by the Keepers, that the next event held by the Sanctuary should not take place in any of the Faction Cities (London, New York and Seoul), but should instead take place in one of the regions outlined in the Book of Secrets.

The event should not only encourage members to work together, but also highlight that they are still divided because of their loyalty to the Cabals. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and I can assure you that the Keepers are still in favor of the Sanctuary Network and that we will do anything in our power to protect it.

Kind Regards,

Eloise Cortez


Investigation Run

Evelyne Ryan attempts to commit suicide after discovering that her biological father has died. She is eventually stopped by the players and manages to let her father go. 


Rumor has it that our very own Evelyne “Krysti” Ryan has gone rogue. The beautiful representative of the Sanctuary Foundation has been having secret meeting all over Solomon Island and it is your job to find out what she is up to.


You receive a text message from Jimmy Freeman saying: “Evelyne has been seen entering the Portal to Solomon Island. Don’t lose her!"

-Agartha Enterance, (11, 166)

Location 1

Enter the Portal to Solomon Island and meet up with the other agents who are tracking Evelyne down.


Boone shakes his head disapprovingly when you ask him if he knows who Evelyne is. “The girl ‘s always in a hurry, she never even as much stops to look at me. She doesn’t seem to care much for the town or the people who live in it, she does.” You ask him if he has seen Evelyne today. He nods. “As a matter of fact I have. She passed by about an hour or two ago carrying a shovel. God knows what she plans to do with it.

-Boone, (60, 135)

Location 2

Find the place where Evelyne was digging.


When you arrive at Pyramid Point you see a freshly dug whole. There is no trace of Evelyne or the shovel to be found, but you find a torn piece of paper lying on the ground with all kinds of weird notes on it. The notes seem to indicate that something was buried on your location and that Evelyne is currently looking to find ingredients to make a potion of some sort.

-Pyramid Point, (502, 23)

Location 3

Follow Evelyne's trail.


A faint smile appears on the face of Madame Roget when you ask her if she has seen Evelyne. “My crystal ball may have picked something up, but it’s gonna cost ya sweetie.” After you give her some money she hands you a list of the items that Krysti bought. “It’s like the weirdest shopping list ever, if I didn’t know better I’d say she was going to--” Roget shakes her head. “But no, she wouldn’t…” You ask Roget if she knows where Evelyne was headed, but all she can tell you is that Evelyne was doing research into the occult. Now where would you be able to find that kind of information?

-Madame Roget, (295, 336)

Location 4

Find the place where Evelyne went.


By the time you arrive at the New Colony Span Bridge, Evelyne is long gone. The personnel claims they haven’t seen anything, but you are not sure if they are speaking the truth. When you investigate further, you notice that one of the computer screens in the nearby work station is still active. The browser history tells you that previous search queries include an ancient dagger and some type of poison which can easily be made with the ingredients that Krysti bought from Roget. Could she actually be trying to kill someone? Then you notice another search query. When you click it, it reveals a picture of an angel with a sword, which looks vaguely familiar.

-New Colony Span Bridge, (372, 999)

Location 5

Find the angel with the sword.


When you arrive at the statue there is no trace of Evelyne, but you see a piece of paper lying on the ground near the statue and there is a poem written on it: The skies themselves smiled when the maiden reached out to pluck such beauty. The earth opened and out burst Hades, the son of Kronos. Who took her by force, on his chariot of gold. To the place where so many long not to go.

-Graveyard, (284, 502)

Location 6

Find out who Evelyne wants to kill and why.


You find Evelyne’s spirit standing in the graveyard, locked in an embrace with an old man. When she notices you she lets go of the man. Then she looks at you and smiles. “It was the only way—“ She hesitates for a second. “It was the only way I could ever see him again.” She points at the man in front her. “My father…”

The man in front of her looks at you and shakes his head. “Tell her she shouldn’t— tell her shouldn’t do this. The ritual of Hades...” Evelyne looks at the man in surprise. “But father, this is the only way—the only way for us to be together, to live the life that was stolen from us.” The man shakes his head again. “I love you Evelyne and I always will. But everything-- everything happens for a reason my dear. And this--”He makes a wide gesture with his arms. “This just isn’t right.”

A tear appears in Evelyne's eye. “But what will I do—what will I do without you father?” The old man smiles at her. “You are stronger than you think my daughter.” He places his hand on her heart. “And you will never be alone. I will always be with you, in here.” As he finishes speaking this words, he disappears like smoke blown away by a strong wind.

-Graveyard Anima Form, (284, 502)

After her father disappeared, Evelyne explained that she had been trying to find him for a long time. Shortly after he died, she received a message that finally revealed his true identity. But she wasn't able to cope with his dead, she wasn't able to accept it. She figured out that she was able to see him while 'between worlds' and had attempted the ritual of Hades in order to join her father permanently. 

She says that is now finally ready to start healing and will attempt to let her father go. 


Dungeon Run 

Solomon Island is known for its many secrets, every closet has a skeleton here. A ghost ship has stranded on the shores of Solomon Island, the motel has a door that goes straight to hell and an old man tells stories from a time gone by. It is up to you to go in there and discover the many Secrets that Solomon Island is hiding.


Faction Cooperation Pictures

It’s not all about fighting and conflicts on Solomon Island though. While you are on Solomon Island, take pictures that show off cooperation between the different factions. The Council of Venice might just reward you for your effort.


Item Hunt

The Phoenicians have found a treasure chest on the shores of Solomon Island. The factions are most interested in the content of this treasure chest and they have started negotiations with the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians may be pirates, but they aren’t unreasonable. They have decided that will they sell the treasure chest to the faction that provides them with the most metal, weapons and gear.

The Illuminati managed to provide the most resources and acquired the chest.


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thechosenone    112

Operation Chess

The next part of Season Two, Operation Chess started with posts in the Sanctuary Forum RPG that re-introduced Eloise Cortez and teased the escape of a villain that would soon turn against Sanctuary.


A Storm Approaches

The ARG officially started on july 4 2014, when Eloise Cortez joined Twitter and the Sanctuary Forums.

A new generation of players was introduced to the Keepers via an orientation powerpoint and a video from the 2013 elections. Eloise also promised that there would a Keepers Q&A from July 7 until July 13 to give the players even more information about the organization that is behind the Sanctuary Network.

A series of messages were intercepted that hinted at an attack on the Sanctuary Network.


On july 7 2014, a transmission was intercepted and posted on OpChess.com.








--- Fp qefp ifkb pbzrob? Lc zlropb. Dlla. Al vlr exsb qeb xaaobppbp? Vbp. F'j pbkafkd qebj ql vlr klt. Qebob xob cfsb. Ilkalk, Kbt Vloh, Pblri, Sbkfzb & Oljb. Buzbiibkq. F'ii pqxoq illhfkd fkql qeb ilzxqflkp qljloolt. ---


It wasn't long until the #HiveHum took notice. Both Kirsten Geary and Saïd encouraged the players to find out what the transmission said and soon the Buzzing also got involved.

It wasn't long until Aeloth figured out the answer.


We're dealing with a so called Caesar cipher, which is a widely known letter substitution cipher. In this case, every letter is shifted three spaces: A becomes D, B becomes E, C becomes F ... and so on. The message reads:

Is this line secure? Of course. Good. Do you have the addresses? Yes. I'm sending them to you now. There are five. London, New York, Seoul, Venice & Rome. Excellent. I'll start looking into the locations tomorrow.

A second transmission was intercepted and posted on OpChess.com soon after.












010100100110010101100011011011110111011001100101011100100110010101100100 010001000110000101110100011000010010111001001111011100000100001101101000 01100101011100110111001100101110011000110110111101101101


The binary code led to a link with recovered data from this transmission as noted by MsBehavior.











08012 20525 15210 80104 01030 80114 03052 01512 15151 11522 05182 00805 20011 80705 20190

09080 12205 09200 31521 12040 20501 03080 11212 05140 70500

14152 02114 05241 60503 20050 40000

25152 10801 22050 70922 05141 30501 22051 82519 16050 30906 09032 00913 05200 10212 05061 51820 08051 90501 20200 10311 19000

25051 92008 01202 00913 09140 70919 05191 90514 20090 11200

20080 51618 15021 20513 09190 11919 15151 40119 15140 51215 03012 00915 14091 90120 20010 31105 04200 80515 20080 51819 23091 21219 09071 40906 09030 11420 12250 91403 18050 11905 20080 50918 19050 32118 09202 50000

14152 00205 25151 40416 05140 52018 01200 91514 03051 82001 09141 22500

06151 82008 05131 51920 16011 82014 15091 30715 09140 72015 08012 20520 15200 11807 05201 40523 25151 81106 09181 92000


20080 52501 12180 50104 25080 12205 20080 50718 05012 00519 20190 50321 18092 02501 14040 90620 08052 50914 03180 50119 05092 02008 05180 52309 12120 20514 15230 12520 15180 50103 08200 80513 19081 51820 15060 11309 19190 91205 01140 40522 05142 00801 20130 90708 20141 52023 15181 10621 03110 91407 09121 22113 09140 12009

08010 80108 01140 52325 15181 10920 09192 30514 05050 42015 20011 21101 02152 12004 05120 92205 1825

23050 41514 15200 91313 05040 90120 05122 52008 15210 70809 23011 42020 15191 60514 04131 51805 20091 30501 20200 80512 15030 12009 15140 60918 19200 92301 14202 01511 14152 30524 01032 01225 23080 12023 05011 80504 05011 20914 07230 92008



It wasn't long until Cassandra provided the solution.


Each set of two digits goes from 01 to 25. Noticing that, I realised that it was a simple alphabetical transfer. 01 is a, 25 is y, and so on.
It's fairly common for encrypted codes to be padded with pointless junk and then made into multiples of five. In this case, it's the extra 0's on the end of the lines, pretty easy to spot once you realise they almost all end with zeroes.

Then it's just a case of transposing the two-digit numbers to their associated characters. I cheated and used technology for that though because I have better things to do, frankly. Here you go:

Have you had a chance to look over the targets?

I have. It could be a challenge.

Not unexpected.

You have given me a very specific timetable for these attacks.

Yes. That timing is essential.

The problem is, as soon as one location is attacked, the others will significantly increase their security.

Not beyond penetration, certainly?

For the most part, no. I'm going to have to target New York first.


They already have the greatest security, and if they increase it, there will be no way to reach them short of a missile, and even that might not work. Fucking Illuminati.

Hahaha. New York it is. We need to talk about delivery.

We do. Not immediately though. I want to spend more time at the location first. I want to know exactly what we are dealing with.

After the second message was deciphered, Eloise contaced the players and asked them to join a meeting with her in the Albion Theatre. This starts the second part of this mission.


The Return of a Tyrant

It is revealed that the person who is planning the attacks on Sanctuary is James Zimbardo. It was also revealed that all Sanctuary buildings have been build on top of inactive Gaia Engines and that Zimbardo was looking for the keys to activate those engines. After attacking the Seoul Sanctuary and kidnappng Evelyne, Eloise gives Zimbardo the first key in exchange for her daughter. 


The players joined Eloise for a meeting in the Albion Theatre. During the meeting it was revealed that James Zimbardo was most likely the person behind the planned attack on the Sanctuary Network. It was also decided through a vote that the New York Sanctuary would not be evacuated, but the security would instead be increased and new guests will no longer be accepted. Eloise also released a file containing information about Zimbardo.


James Zimbardo (1859404) was born Jonathan Williams in Manhattan, New York on May 15 1973. He is the son of Theresa Williams (16859403) and Jacob Williams (1685940).
Jonathan joined the Keepers at the age of 24, and changed his name to James Zimbardo shortly after.

He got in a relationship with Eloise Cortez (1578092) at the age of 25. Together with Eloise he adopted a foster child named Evelyne Ryan (1907248).

In 2003 Zimbardo was send to negotiate with the Council of Venice (0285471), together with 10 other Keepers, because of a vote against the Keepers that was arranged by Illuminati Council Members. Eventually Zimbardo and his team convinced the Council to drop the vote, with help from the Dragon and Phoenician Council Members.

Zimbardo was also in command of Operation Breakdown (00917842) in 2005.

In 2010 Zimbardo began to mention dreams about the End of Days (00038751). On January 12 2011 the Orochi Corporation found proof that what Zimbardo had seen in

his dreams was accurate. Zimbardo was also responsible for the preparation of the End of Days Ritual (00038271).

Eloise also gave some insight in the relationship between the Keepers and the Sanctuary:


The Sanctuary Network as an entity has no real power. The Sanctuary Foundation however has both financial access to the funds of the Keepers and the right to bear arms. The Keepers could not create the Sanctuary Network, without creating the Sanctuary Foundation first however because we don't have the right to bear arms, nor access to any of the locations that are marked for the Secret War. Therefore the Sanctuary Network is technically governed by the Sanctuary Foundation.

The following day, another transmission was intercepted and posted on OpChess.com for the player to deciper.








Ni gaxs r ivnspdm

Yvrmw vismg

Vvv Lemtxtatm ytw hexdresgmic frd oh hyxwd tsmvgfjtxhfrr

Sjwk Ws vv omoy kybgg frd

Io bfm gdixzip Wk llnlpc nqh sx e oisalga Rep nlv booaj aeuv fdep sevvxgxdd Vvv Lemtxtatm nhrs deje vvv xjefvs tq pixej zx

Zgtsvw Ms ner ptcstfkp ntsv frghnd ggapqv trxnex Tjsp aeuv xn ggh cngjp wnmghzfir imfhv

Wewidu Emyyop mld uiuies

Z cyrk rdef o thyoci lots utcr sieots dr tkrr hs kb geebv M'kl ecemebk cnu curbr syim

Vgfp pikc Ad wkzc mekb efakb zg e eva caag



MsBehavior managed to break the cipher within 12 minutes.


Zimbardo is getting wiser to us. No simple Caesar cipher here, look at that "VVV" string. Probably a Vigenere


Bingo! And I was right about them being onto us.


-- MESSAGE w/Key #1 = 'rezacortez' ----------------

We have a problem

Whats wrong

The sanctuary has intercepted one of these conversations

Shit do we know which one?

I'm not certain it should not be a problem all our comms have been encrypted the sanctuary wont make the effort to break it

Agreed it was probably just random chance anyway they have to get lucky sometimes right?

Indeed anyway the device

I just need a couple more days before my plan is in place I'll contact you again then

Very well we will talk again in a few days

On the next day, a Gwisin (ghost or evil spirit) was summoned in Seoul and was used to attack the Seoul Sanctuary. Eloise proposed three possible solutions: creating a ward, summoning a second spirit to fight the gwisin or do a dangerous blood magic ritual to banish it.

Eventually it was decided that a second spirit would be summoned. The Gwisin was defeated, but a lot of damage was done to the Sanctuary building and everyone had to be evactuated. At the end of the day, a total of 15 people were unaccounted for among which were Roman Sheerman and Evelyne Ryan.

Meanwhile, a new transmission was uncovered and solved by pesticide78.


I used frequency analysis and some educated guessing to replace each number with a letter.

Good news about the intercept.
Go on.

It looks like the copy that the Sanctuary intercepted was corrupted. They were unable to recover any data. I'm taking additional precautions anyway, just in case.

Excellent. We need to talk about the device.

I've completed my final assessment and I am now just finalizing the details.

What device are you going to use?

I considered explosives, but both the target and the Illuminati would be swarming over me like bees within minutes. I'm going to be using an experimental nerve gas designed by Orochi specifically for killing Bees permanently. Becomes harmless fast, so nobody outside the kill zone should be harmed, but it is extremely deadly while active.

Estimated effectiveness?

100% within the kill zone.

How do you plan to deliver?

I'm arranging for lodgings next door at the moment. I'll crack into the ventilation system from my rooms, and set the device on a remote trigger so that I can get clear.

Good. What do you need the Department to get you?

I have a contractor providing the device. All I need from you will be several perfect identities while I eliminate the targets, and then one more for me after I complete the jobs.

The Department can arrange that. I'll put some people on it. I presume you have no preference of name while you actually do the operations?


Good. I'll arrange the first identity to be couriered over to you tomorrow.

Excellent. We are almost ready. I'll be in touch.

Shortly after the Transmission was decoded, several bodies were found near the Seoul Sanctuary, reducing the list of missing persons to six. It was also decided at this time, that the New York Sanctuary should be evacuated and the security of the other locations increased. Meanwhile, Eloise got approached by a mysterious man. The man told her: "The stars are aligning my dear."

It was revealed to all Sanctuary personnel that the Sanctuary buildings were in fact build on top of the Gaia Engines that Reza and Alexandra sealed a few year earlier. In light of this revelation, all Sanctuary locations were put in complete lockdown and everyone inside the Sanctuary buildings had to be indentified.

Eloise also received a voice-mail from Zimbardo, who requested that the keys from Operation Breakdown would be handed over to him or else he would harm the hostages that were in his possession. The keys that Zimbardo was refering to are ancient artifacts containing a lullaby that allows to user to activate one of the Gaia engines.

Another transmissions was received, but the community had problems with deciphering this one. The Council of Venice also got involved, blaming Eloise for the current situation and taking away her status. This means that the Sanctuary was no longer a part of the Council of Venice. After the Council meeting, Eloise receives another voice-mail from Zimbardo and decided to send him the first key which will allow Zimbardo to unlock one of the gaia engines. In return for this, Eloise would get Evelyne back. 

Agents Asmod and Aeloth went to New York where they found Evelyne, who was brought to the Rome Sanctuary. There was also a phone lying on the ground next to Evelyne. Aeloth had a short conversation with Zimbardo who asked him to switch sides and come work for him instead. When he refused, Zimbardo taunted him and said that "New York would be Aeloth's fault". Evelyne was brough to the Rome Sanctuary, but she remained unconsious. Meanwhile, a corrupted file was found on the phone, revealing a distorted image.


Zimbardo also revealed that he has poisioned Evelyne and wouldn't help her or the other hostages unless he would receive the remaining keys.


I had someone clear up the picture, this is about the best they could do. Anyone know where this is? - Eloise

Shortly after that, Zimbardo started making threats to destroy the New York Sanctuary if the next key wouldn't be handed over to him before mightnight. The Council of Venice threatened to shut down Sanctuary if Eloise would give ZImbardo another key.

Then Eloise refused to hand him another key, the New York Sanctuary was destroyed. Zimbardo also managed to get a hold of the New York Key and activate the Engine. The key was then recovered by Jimmy Freeman. 


During a meeting it was revealed that the location of the picture was from one of the houses owned by Zimardo. The place in the picture was on Wood Lane in London. People were concerned that an attack or event might take place there and several teams were send to that location.

Zimbardo then asked Eloise to meet him at his apartment. 


The Kingdom Falls

With two engines activated, a race against the clock begins to stop Zimbardo from activated the final three engines. Zimbardo activates the Venice key and Eloise disappears with the final two keys. Then the remaining two engines got activated. Eloise briefly resurfaces to show a few documents that she found in a safe in Zimbardo's apartment which hinted at a mysterious ritual.  The players reluctantly provide Eloise with all the information they can find in the documents and Eloise disappears again.


Before Eloise went to the apartment another transmission was intercepted and decoded.


Are we ready?

We are. I have the device in place,

 And the trigger is set. I can be ready to initiate within 10 minutes.

Excellent. The date is only a couple of days away now . Is your exit strategy secure?

Of course.

There is one thing that we need to be clear about the department cannot have any of this traced back to us. Am i making myself clear?

Of course. I will make the arrangements. Is there anything else?

No, that should be all. I will contact you again after the first target is neutralized on the 14th.

Agreed. The sanctuary network is not going to know what hit them.

Eloise met with the Council of Venice and managed to regain her seat on the Council. The Council also supported her decision to go to the apartment and gave her access to all security footage in the area. 

At the apartment, Eloise was forced to hand Zimbardo the second key. In return she received the key for Zimbardo's apartment where she found a locked safe, as well as a mastercard and passport under the name of Peter Clough. Peter was one of the people who was missing after the attack on the Seoul Sanctuary. 

Then Zimbardo asked to be put in contact directly with Sanctuary members through an anonymous email address. He told the players that if they would be able to find him, they would find the code for the locked safe. 

The players managed to access the anonymous email account where they found the code for the safe: 42, 23, 16, 15, 8, 4. Eloise send someone to take a look at the safe, but this person never returned.

Zimbardo then activated the Venice key he got from Eloise and released a virus in the building. Eloise left the building after scanned herself for infections. Then she went off the grid with the remaining keys. People slowly started to become suspicious of her actions. 

While Eloise was gone, the remaining two engines were activated. Then Eloise returned and it is was revealed that she went  back to the house and found three documents that were clues to an ancient ritual. She asked for help with the documents, but the player hesitated because Eloise seemed unwilling to provide a lot of information. 

Eloise told the players that she figured out what the stars meant, but that she also needed a sentence and a name. Several players provided the solution to this puzzle. 


Off the top of my head, Ianua Patet means "A door appears" or, in this case, "The door is open"

42: Cancer / 23: Aries / 16: Cepheus / 15: Eridanus / 18: Columba / 4: Camelopardalis

A list of 28 names, all beginning with the letter "A", sorted alphabetically. Every name with a dot at the end, except for the 10th one - Adrastaea.

If you take the word preceding each dot, it says "the voices the say dead name". Perhaps the sentence is "The voices say the dead name"? Or possibly "The dead voices say the name." I really doubt dishwashers are involved.

Eloise posted an omnious message that she had all the information she needed. 


That's it. Now I have everything I need. I am going in and don't know if I'll be back. Thank you for everything you guys did for me. It means a lot. Goodbye and good luck on your journey.



It was revealed that Eloise activated the remaining two engines together with Zimbardo, who she was pretending to work with. Then Eloise killed Zimbardo and sacrificed herself to seal the engines once and for all, not unlike her parents had done a few years ago. Evelyne was appointed as her successor.


Eloise posts a final tweet and disappears for good this time.

Later, Jimmy Freeman posts on the Sanctuary forums that a man approached him with a vial containing medicine. Then man also had a letter from Eloise. 


My dearest friends,

Over the past few weeks you have stood by me, watching the chaos created by the power of one man. You have supported me through thick and thin and you never doubted our cause. When my daughter got sick, you were there for me. When our homes got destroyed, we sticked together. Because together we can make a difference, can’t we? Together we can change the world, we can make it a better place. 

But that doesn’t take away the fact that I must do this alone. I couldn’t sit by and watch idly while Zimbardo activated the engines and planned to destroy everything that I spend my life creating. But the only way to save the world was to destroy it and the only way to save lives was to give one. 

I convinced Zimbardo that I wanted to help him. That I wanted to activate the engines and rule the world with him. He believed me. When we turned the last key together, when we activated the last engine… I killed him. I killed my own husband. 

But that isn’t where the story ends. When the portal opened, someone had to go through. If no one would absorb the power it would release a tremendous amount of energy that could destroy our world. We were running out of time.

So I am going in. I will face the trials. I will take the gift. And then… then I will die. 

This energy, this power, it does not belong in human hands. And the only way to save lives is to take one. It’s the only way to keep this universe, to keep this world in balance. So I am leaving, soon, but I am not afraid. I don’t know what waits on the other side, but I have faith. I have faith that things will be ok. And I have faith in all of you. 

In the past few weeks I have met some of the most amazing, most helpful people I have ever known in my life. You guys are amazing. I love you.

So go out there. Live your life! Be happy, spread the joy. And don’t mourn me, I have lived a long and fulfilling life. And I believe no matter what we do, no matter where we go, that our dreams remain behind.

Goodbye and good luck on your journey.


This message caused some confusion amongst the players and some people were still not sure whether or not Eloise could be trusted.

After this all the engines became inactive again. No bodies were found for Eloise or Zimbardo. The medicine managed to slowly restore Evelyne's health. Following her death a memorial service was held for Eloise and it was decided that Evelyne would take her place as the leader of the Keepers.

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Season Three

The Keepers: Season Three (Also referred to as Operation Extant) is the third part in the storyline involving an organisation called the Keepers. Sanctuary 13: Genesis was an introduction to this season. The season later continued during the Serenity event and will conclude with the Extant storyline. 




Sanctuary 13: Genesis was an RP event hosted by the Sanctuary Network and Radio Free Gaia. During the event, players participated in a live investigation mission that continued the story of Operation Chess. There were also several trivia questions and a party.


Council Investigation

The Council of Venice got involved and took down the Sanctuary website as part of an investigation into the Sanctuary Network.


On the 11th of October 2014, the Sanctuary Website was taken down by the Council of Venice. Players were asked to fill in a survey with questions about the Sanctuary, The Keepers and their own activities.


Evelyne later revealed the charges against Sanctuary on Twitter. This started a discussion amongst the players. 

The following day the official forums were opened again and Jeremy Cross became a member. A discussion thread was opened to discuss the ongoing investigation.


Down The Rabbit Hole

After a murder in the Tabula Rosa, it is discovered that a rogue organization is working from within the Sanctuary, led by somoneone who refers to himself as Iscariot. Evelyne eventually manages to talk with one of the rogue agent and she becomes more and more concerned about the state Sanctuary is in. 


The players were requested to come to London join Evelyne Ryan in Dark Side.


Evelyne glances at the people who just entered the room and smiles.
“Thank you agents for coming on such a short notice. I apologize that we have to meet under these circumstances, but as you guys are probably aware we are currently being closely monitored by the Council.”

Evelyne pauses and clears her throat. “What I am about to tell you is highly confidential. We have reasons to believe that a rogue faction has been formed within the Sanctuary Network.”

“At this moment we are unsure what the intention of this rogue faction is but we have received word that one of their agents is currently residing in an apartment in Tabula Rasa here in London.”

“Your missions is to find this agent and gather more information about the people who he is working for.”

Evelyne points toward a box that is standing on the floor. “These phones have been specially modified and will allow you to send and receive messages via the #GENESIS channel that will be used for communication for the duration of this mission.”

“Please wait here until mission control gives a green light and report back to us if you find anything.”

“Good luck!”

Shortly after this the players were contacted by mission control.


Hello agents, this is Jason Haskins. HQ has given a green light. Please get to Tabula Rasa as soon as possible and find the rogue agent. - Jason

After receiving the message from mission control, the players made their way to Tabula Rasa.


The first thing you notice as you walk in is the dead body lying on the floor. A knife is lying on the floor next to the body. A laptop is standing on the table. The screen appears to be frozen on a particular document and using the mouse and keyboard doesn’t trigger a response.

'Opening' the PC revealed the following.



Run-Girl was the first player to discover what the message on the laptop said.


Our operations have been compromised. Disengage. Roger that. Heading towards the safe house as we speak.

Right after that the players received another message from mission control.


It seems the body you found belongs to a Phoenician Agent. We’ll let the Council deal with that once we are done here. The IT department is currently going through the files on the laptop to see if there is anything in there that could help us. Please stand by. - Jason

Meanwhile Evelyne contacted the players via Twitter.


Evelyne gets in touch with the players through Twitter.

Then the players received intell from mission control that led them to find the next location.


We have received word that the rogue agent has fled London through Agartha, but as luck would have it we might know where he is headed. Even though we were unable to retrieve most of the data found on the laptop, we did manage to find the a picture in there. We’ve uploaded it here:


Please stand by.


Meanwhile, Galli-Frey, ThePsychoPomp and Kwikzotic were approached by the rogue agents to inform Jeremy Cross of what was going on. Galli-Frey and ThePsychoPomp accepted, but Kiwkzotic refused.

Once the players figured out where the third location was, another message from mission control was received.


It seems like we have a destination, down the rabbit hole we go! - Jason

The picture found on the thumblr page led the players to an abandoned house in the Savage Coast. Meanwhile rapports came in from Radio Gaia about police arriving at the Tabula Rasa and finding the body.

Upon ariving at the Save House, players received another message from mission control.


Ah you’re arrived, good. We are currently trying to find out who the house belongs to, but that isn’t an easy tasks given the current… circumstances. Please stand by. - Jason

While inspecting the area the players found a note on the ground. ThePsychoPomp was the first one to point out that the note was written in Norwegian and provided a translation.



They know. Evacuate the building. Leave no traces.

After the translation of the note was complete, another message from mission control was received.


They were expecting us... It seems like they are always one step ahead, doesn’t it? This trip wasn’t entirely a waste of time though, because we managed we managed to intercept a transmission that was send from this location about 10 minutes ago. You can find it here: http://pastebin.com/NXcXwUVB - Jason

On the page the following was found.



Urbos was the first to discover that the transmission used Base64 and was in fact a riddle.


Follow the purple clouds

Past the cry of children

Through the hellish fire

Into the water

Meanwhile Auroris made a shocking discovery.


Mission control soon became aware of the existance of the riddle and contacted the players.


It seems like the riddle might be pointing to a location. Go! - Jason

The players soon realized that the riddle hinted at the beach near the Overlook Motel.


A small radio lies half buried in the sand. It still appears to be working. Once you press one of the buttons, the screen lights up and the following words appear: Establishing connection to HQ, sending transmission.

After pressing the button, the Broadcast by Radio Free Gaia was interrupted and several numbers were repeated a few times.



After the transmission, Evelyne took to twitter to reveal some crucial information.


The players figured out that the numbers from the transmission were actually coordinates and they decided that Seoul was most likely the next location.


You are good to go. Please report back asap. - Jason

After the players arrived in Seoul, mission control got in touch.


It appears that someone forgot to log out properly after using one of the PC’s here. How about you take advantage of that and have a look what he – or she – was doing? ((Download link: http://www.filedropper.com/customgame1 You have to download the file (.xml format) and put it in the folder: ...The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\TextGames)) - Jason

Meanwhile Radio Free Gaia reported about the money that was stolen from the Sanctuary. Galli-Frey was the first one to find out that that the money was in fact transfered to an unknown location in Stockholm. Mission control got in touch twice more before going silent.


Good work. We are currently deploying agents to Stockholm. I hope to have more information soon. - Jason

It appears there is a traitor amongst us. The Council has just been informed of what is going on here which complicates things quite a bit. We need to move fast. Evelyne is currently being summoned to Venice. I will get back to you shortly. - Jason

After Jeremy found out he posted on the official forums.


I have just been informed that the Keepers are leading unauthorized Sanctuary missions all around the world. The Council is not amused. Please stop what you are doing right now.

Jimmy Freeman got in touch with the players shortly after.


Jason just told me that Evelyne has left for Venice. There is one problem. The Council never summoned her and frankly we have no idea where she is right now. We worry for Evelyne’s safety, but our options are limited right now and the Council wants us to blow this whole thing off. Please come join me in London.

Upon arriving in Tabula Rasa, the players were greeted by Jimmy.


Jimmy looks at all the people who just came in.
“Thank you for joining me everyone, my name is Jimmy Freeman, I am with the Sanctuary Network.”

“One of our agents just found this:”


“This has us very concerned. Both the Council and the Keepers have order us to remain in Tabula Rosa though, so right now there is not much we can do.”

“I will be back once I have more information. In the meantime please remain inside of the building.”

Two text files were found on pastebin.


The seed has been planted, but it will take time for the tree to grow.

Be patient brothers and sisters. Our time will come.




On 17-10-2014 the monarch loses his crown. Iscariot

The players took this as a threath to Evelyne's life. Evelyne was reported missing by Radio Free Gaia. While a trivia contest was done by Radio Free Gaia, Galli-Frey and ThePsychoPomp were revealed to be the traitors. Eventually it was decided that the traitors would remain unharmed for now, but they would be questioned by Sanctuary Management. Shortly after that Evelyne resurfaced again.


Evelyne reaches out on Twitter again.

These tweets wrap up this part of season three.

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thechosenone    112


During a party hosted by Evelyne and Sanctuary on February 13 2015, Iscariot, who was discovered during Genesis, started communicating with players on Twitter. The mysterious leader of the rogue agents began interacting with players and started giving several hints to the future. An ancient artifact was also found in Trinity Park and several clues towards Iscariot's true identity were also revealed.

Below you can find a full overview of all the tweets and interactions from Iscariot during Serenity.


He quickly got the attention of the community when he started engaging with several community members.

As soon as Evelyne noticed Iscariot she began directing players toward the account.

Starting with his third tweet, Iscariot started adding numbers to his Tweets. 

The players quickly noticed that the final number corresponded to New York area codes and from the numbers in the tweet they found co-ordinates located in Trinity Park. 

Iscariot also reached out to two players.

There was also this familiar quote.

And some prophetic messages.

There was also a message in morse code.

It reads: 'have you found it yet?'

The next two tweets causes Evelyne to deploy agents to trinity park.

The next four tweets all have something in common.

All tweets so far have consisted of capital letters, but small letters in these tweets can be used to spell 'help'.

Anoter prophetic message in morsecode.

'We will meet again.'

Then the players took some time figuring out the clues. Once they realized that Trinity Park is the place they were looking for, these tweets appeared. 

Evelyne also posted the following tweets.

This Seems to be in line with the following tweet.

After that, Iscariot posted one final tweet.

After this, Iscariot disappeared again. Evelyne's team found an artifact in trinity park, but nothing has been revealed about the artifact since then. Evelyne also theorized that Iscariot is actually James Zimbardo, which would indicate that Eloise actually didn't manage to kill him.


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Over the course of 2015, Evelyne has been struggling to earn the respect of the Board as some her methods are seen as unorthodox. She also got in a relationship with Jason Haskins and has been critized for her public behavior. There have been whisphers inside of the Keepers that she is due to be replaced. Evelyne also send Jimmy Freeman on a mission with a boat called the Discordia, but no futher information was revealed about this.

Furthermore, Evelyne has been busy investigating Iscariot and his agents. Most people seem to be convinced that Sanctuary is safe and clean again, but it seems that Evelyne doesn't share that opinion.  

Finally, Evelyne has also been fighting to create the Sanctuary Initiative as a way for Sanctuary to defend itself and conduct missions.


October 15 2015

After Evelyne posted this tweet, Iscariot returned to Twitter, opening some old wounds. Some information was also found about a research project that goes by the name of Extant. 


The poem posted by Evelyne reads:


time flies by

at the speed of light

tick, tack, tock

towards that dark cold grave


the dark truth

behind humanity

we live, we die

by death enslaved

Iscariot began to attack Evelyne shortly after.

Over the course of the day, he kept attacking Evelyne and he kept talking about a mysterious project called 'Extant'.

Evelyne admitted that she did not have much information about this project, but she gave the players quick explanation.

The pastebin reads:


Extant was a research project ordered by Reza Cortez in 1995. A team led by Vera and Clementine Langdon explored different uses of anima in order to cure diseases. The project was shut down in 1998 after rumors of human trials had surfaced. The organization then broke all ties with the Langdons, though they were never officially convicted.

This triggered the following response from Iscariot. 

Evelyne promised to launch an investigation into Extant and also posted something a bit more personal about her role in Sanctuary and the Keepers.

Her confession reads:


My name is Evelyne Ryan.

I am nobody special, one amongst millions. Today I am doing what I should have done a very long time ago. I have been put in charge of a large organization known as the Keepers.

Alongside that I am also taking care of the Sanctuary Network. A little group you might've heard of. This is an enormous burden to carry for a 28 year-old. So many people depend on me. So many people have big expectations from me.

What I want you to do is sit down and listen.

My track record isn't spotless, ok? I have made mistakes. Done things I am not proud of. I am not my mother. Eloise was born to do this. She was perfect in almost every way. She is someone that I can't live up to.

I am a human being. With flaws, fears and desires. I am not some kind of robot that you can program and give instructions. If I am to do this I am going to do this my way. Do what I believe is right.

And I am trying to do the right thing. Trying my very best. Working my ass off every day because I believe in what I do.

I believe that you guys can truly change the world. Make it a better place.

That is why I am still here. That is why I haven't given up. I know I am not what you guys were expecting. And I know I can't live up to the people who came before me.

But I will make sure that together we can make a difference.

Because in the end that is what it comes down to. Both for the Sanctuary and The Keepers. Together we are stronger and together we can beat the darkness.

Thank you for listening.


October 31 2015

Evelyne discovered an online blog where someone started posting anonymous messages about Sanctuary and Sanctuary personnel. There was some debate about the owner of the blog, but nothing has been revealed so far. 

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Ghosts from the Past

In January 2016, a new event called Ghosts from the Past continued the story of Season 3, and introduced new player to the story of the Sanctuary and the Keepers through the Sanctuary Initiative.


During this mission more details were uncovered about the Extant Project, and the people behind it. Evelyne revealed that her real father, Owen Ryan, was the leader of the project. Iscariot was also revealed to be Vera Langdon, Extant's lead researcher. 


The event started in Seoul near the PC Bang where Evelyne Ryan provided the new agents of the Sanctuary Initiative with a mission brief about their upcoming mission. The mission brief contained information about the current situation of the Sanctuary Network, and provided the agents with instructions for the upcoming mission.

Click here to read the mission briefing.

The mission focused on the raid of a warehouse owned by Iscariot, the leader of a rogue faction within the Sanctuary Network. The warehouse was discovered after Damien Cross reached out to agent Kyle Hudson, the creator of the blog that was discovered three months earlier. Kyle was working with Evelyne to bait Iscariot into reaching out to him, and this time they finally succeeded.


The agents were stationed in Seoul and were tasked with hacking the warehouse’s security system, using the application provided by the Initiative, and forwarding the footage to HQ. This would provide the field agents with a huge advantage during the raid. A total of four security keys were required, each tied to a specific account and IP address.

One of the security keys however could not be activated, and per Evelyne’s suggestion, the agents contacted an admin via MaggieLlyod@gmx.com. Maggie provided the player with the remaining security key and the agents were able to generate the security code needed to access the footage.


Then they forwarded the footage to HQ. A few minutes later, they were contacted by Evelyne, and told to abandon their location in Seoul and travel to Venice. Once they arrived in Venice, Evelyne told the agents that the warehouse they found was completely empty and that some of Evelyne’s agents had disappeared. Soon after Iscariot reached out via Twitter and asked Evelyne to play a game.

There was some discussion among the agents whether Evelyne should agree to this or not, but eventually it was decided that Iscariot could not be ignored since the lives of the agents were at stake.

Iscariot then released a video targeted at Evelyne, which also contained several frames with letters and binary code.

Evelyne talked to the agents about the death of her adoptive parents, and what she believed some of the images represented. Each of them connected to her life in some way or another. One of the agents found binary code in the video which translated to pastebin and the players soon suspected they were looking for an url.


Combing the letters PUKIUYSQ and the pastebin clue, the agents got to http://pastebin.com/pUkiuysq.


You have been lying to them. Omitting the truth. Again. But that is a trait that seems to run in the family, isn't it? Your adoptive father was a psychopath. Your adoptive mother murdered him, and then committed suicide. But how about your real parents?

I don't believe you know who your mother is, and I would hate to spoil the surprise, but you did talk to your father once. Granted not when he was alive, but still. What did he tell you? Did he give you the answers you were looking for? Do you know why he gave you up, and do you know how he died, or did he fail to mention any of that?

See, you're no different than he was. I know you figured it out. I know that you know the truth about what he did. But once again you decide to withhold this information from the world. Do you never learn?

But you're not the only player in this game. I have your people, as I'm sure you've figured out by now. No harm will come to them, and you will see them again soon. On one condition.

No more lying. Tell them about your father. Tell them what you have learned. It is time to show them you can change. This is your final move, Evelyne. Be sure to make the right one.

Evelyne started talking to the players about Exant, a research project from the 90s, ordered by Reza Cortez in order to cure diseases. She then told the agents that rumors had been going around about human trial, and that the Extant Project was shut down once the body of one of it's patients was discovered. She also told the agents that Iscariot told her that the goal of Extant was to bring the dead back to life, and create 'mindless soldiers'. Iscariot reached out again. 


Evelyne then revealed something that she had discovered a while ago, but not yet revealed to the public. Owen Ryan, her real father, was the man who led the Extant team. He was responsible for the experiments that happened. Once she admitted this to Iscariot, she got the following response. 

The second pastebin reads:


Members of the original EXTANT team:


Aaliyah Hathaway †

Clementine Langdon

Eugene Stanford †

Harry Benson † J


Jacob Williams †

Lyn Sawyer †

Madlyn Crawford †

Owen Ryan †


Roxanne Weisman †

Troye Shyan †

Vera Langdon


We’re alive, and we’re coming for you. The world will tremble. Hear us roar.

Evelyne then realized that Vera was Iscariot. Next she told the agents about Vera's past.


Vera Langdon was born in Salisbury back in 1952, 53… something like that. Brilliant woman, great scientist apparently, not sure what field she was in. In 1993 she met a young woman named Clementine Jones while giving a guest lecture in molecular biology at the University of Winchester. Vera saw potential in her. They started working together, and soon… fell in love. They did several projects together, but then… Clementine got in car accident. Paralyzed from the waist down. Vera was also in that car. She was unharmed, but she… Their lives were ruined. Clementine couldn’t progress what had happened and was slowly driven insane. Vera on the other hand developed a case of mirror-touch synesthesia as a result of the accident. Somehow they still got invited onto the Extant Project though. I believe... I think Vera might have been trying to fix Clementine by any means necessary. She was the lead scientist after all, this project would give her access to the resources she needed. Maybe Cortez found out and shut down the project.

Soon after, Vera reached out on Twitter, and also retweeted Evelyne's tweet to confirm her identity.

Vera kept her word and Evelyne's missing agents were released. The agents had done a failed escape attempt before being released by Vera and had managed to get a hold of some files. The files mention an island and provide a set of coordinates. 

Evelyne told the agents that she would go through the data and contact them again if needed.

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