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Thinking of returning

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Pclav    33


So I missed a few issues now and I'm thinking of returning.

I quit right after the daily mission stuff. I see it as a choir and unfortunately at that point it was the only reliable way to progress your gear.

I have a few questions.

1) Is there a way to progress your gear at least slightly faster then those dailies? It's not even speed I really want, just something I can do once or twice a week to get a decent reward without having to do a bunch of small choires.

2) Any new fun gear like CiB or something with unique procs?

3) Is there new team content or just the old raids upgraded to a NM version?

Follow up question if there is new content. Is it usually done the tank/heal/ 3 dps way or there's something thrown into the mix, like dps have to impair etc



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Auroris    160

First, I have to ask, I'm fairly certain that the daily missions have never sang to me in unison. :D

Regarding content, all content in the game now gives BB, so anything will give you that. Shambala matches will normally only last a couple of minutes, and the consolation prize is 25 BB, so it's currently (I think) the fastest way to earn BB, and is actually quite fun to boot.

Shambala also has a collection of gadgets and stuff.

I can't actually remember when dailies started, however after the penthouse, there are two dungeons in Orochi tower with two difficulties, and 3 raids, with two difficulties each.

Regarding all that new group content, I've not done any of it to comment on what is needed.


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