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Update and Complete TSW Rare Spawns

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Vyxenne    0

I tried to find info on rare spawn Adramelech,, Chancellor of Hell but neither the 'Rare Spawns' page nor a search on his name returned anything on him.

Last night, using info from several online sources, I finally found him and killed him, but he is no longer where the other sources said he was- he was moved due to Issue 14.. Then, as I browsed around the tswdb Rare Spawns links, I found at least 2 of them were broken and did not lead anywhere.

I have a complete list of all of the Rare Spawns for the meta-achievement and reward (the Monster Hunter Jacket) that I compiled from various sources. It includes exact coordinates of each mob, but I'm not sure how to convey the information to y'all, or even (based on the broken links) whether y'all are still maintaining the site or would even be interested in updating the info.

Please let me know if I can help by providing the info to complete and update your rares list..Meanwhile, thanks for the helpful info that is here.

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