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New player seeking tough builds

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Adromaedis    0

Yeah, I'm new, I'm still trying to figure out how to make a good build that I can agree with but getting there seems to be quite the issue. 

I'm aiming for a DPS Tank - I want to do as much damage to enemies as while being able to take a considerable beating. So is there a combination of skills (Active & Passive) that could help with that, and which ones should I focus on (Guns, Melee, Spells, or a mix of them)?

And just in case, my current setup is Blood + Rifle (one rifle skill to help build my blood resources, the only real useful Blood I've found is Cardiac Arrest (heart crush that causes impaired - ranged) + Exsanguinate (draw blood from enemy adds Afflicted if Impaired) but for the other actives only really used them in desperate situations). For my gear I've been focusing more on Defense stats & Damage stats while not caring much about Healing stats. 

The Runes, Glyphs, and Signets though I dunno anything about - tried looking for guides that explain Runes & Glyphs, but not really any luck. 

So can anyone help me on this one or is my desired build impossible right now?

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Frici    7

No build is an impossible build (save for a few situations).

To be able to help you with your build, and create a good build for you, we'd need to know how you want to use the build and the situations you want to apply it in (solo? dungeons? scenarios? etc.)

For 99% of the roles the weapon combination doesn't really matter either, so we can start by those that you like more (either in feel or some other reasoning).

To answer the glyph setup question, the answer to the first question i asked matters a whole lot (where do you want to use the build).

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